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  1. Last I heard he hasn't given Billions of our tax dollars (our earnings) to the terrorists, or given a portion of our uranium production to the Russians, or fined us not not buying a product he endorses. I really haven't seen any negative effect or threat to my lifestyle. So far so good.
  2. I accidentally deleted the other topic due to a glitch with the new software. I'm still working with the mods and admins to see where it went. and make sure it cant happen again. Sorry, my bad
  3. Robbie

    Hillary Clinton

    She may not be the POTUS, but she'll always be the COTUS
  4. http://sxsblog.com/index.php/2017/02/01/the-longest-sport-sxs-ever-the-can-am-maverick-x3-max/
  5. just get 2 rigs and park one in storage and swap them out every 14 days, quit being so cheep.
  6. any opinions on the Polaris General for Dirt/Sand ?
  7. its embarrassing to have someone like that in any public office.
  8. I think they got to assange. Convinced him it would be beneficial to cancel the release. We'll see if Sweden drops the rape charges after the election.
  9. Robbie

    Name That Tool

    I just chucked 2 in the trash a few weeks ago. cleaning the garage

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