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  1. That’s what it looked like at good ol Los coches when I was there last too. Yeah man, I usually buy a couple five gallon buckets every month or so for the equipment. I’ll just go back to delo, that stuff was great for years. maybe even just try the Costco oil. It’s probably delo anyways, that’s what they were selling before.
  2. What happened to bring it in, pack it out??? That thing , In my opinion, is trash. You can’t do that at the national forest, right? Why do it here? And why can or would you dump off trash and call it a destination? Stupid Idiots.
  3. For Sale: B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch. It’s a turnover ball setup so the rails aren’t stuck in your bed with a bunch of holes. Sold my 5th wheel trailer and buying a motorhome so I don’t need this anymore. $500.00
  4. I’m putting together that it’s a guy named Ryan and his screen name is toy collector. He sounds like a peach.
  5. What Johnny said ^^^ This is what is funny to me, I notice them clicking most when just barely puttering while leaving camp or going slow with low throttle. My motor is so loud I probably don’t notice them if I’m romping on it, but I don’t have enough body roll when going 3mph and turning. They increase in sound the sharper the turn, from non existent while going straight, to loud with the wheel turned all the way. no. And I feel like you’re mad at me because I haven’t… 😎😂 Tried what you suggested. They are quiet. I was kinda hoping they made noise so maybe it would narrow it down. So what would you suggest? I follow your IG and have seen that you do a lot of these. Does anybody come back to you and say they are still clicking even after you change out a set? If so, what remedies it?
  6. Replaced last season when the shocks were rebuilt and tuned. You like those huh!
  7. Pretty sure it’s consistent both under power and off the power. 2 days of riding since last prep, which included new cv’s and grease.
  8. My CV’s click when the car is turning. Is this normal? I have had professionals tell me conflicting points of view. I have had them replaced already and done professionally, and they still click, quite loudly. I just wanted to get they general consensus from you guys on here, maybe @J Alper will chime in, I always respect his knowledge, and others as well. LS1, 2D, 33 Stu sand blasters, and I believe they are 930’s (?) Geez, I love this car! I just want to make sure I stay on top of everything and keep her in the best shape possible. Thanks in advance.
  9. I was checking your car out yesterday, your group is next to ours. I had the exact same car but in Grey. That car handled insane through everything but the whoops.
  10. I went out just for the day to ride with my group. I have a 2 year old and 2 week old at home and my wife wasn’t ready to go camp yet. It was windy driving out there and it was windy all day, but that’s what goggles are for. I wish I had taken more pictures, as it was a full adventure! One car in our group hit the witches eye that was pretty unavoidable and wasn’t able to throttle out. Nothing broke but it took awhile to get him out. We became a spectacle, as other groups parked up above and watched. One guy even came up and started directing us to do it completely opposite to how we were about to do it. It was pretty funny. 30 seconds later it was out, after an hour of preparation. I don’t mind all that stuff, it makes for good stories and good adventures, as it’s all apart of being out there. Dunes were very very soft in a lot of areas. Weather was beautiful. My car ran absolutely awesome. I was out with my buddies. A lot of work for just a day trip but so worth it.
  11. Awesome! Keep us updated on your progress, thanks for sharing!
  12. Agree. This drives me nuts. Especially when It’s not running properly BEFORE going on the ride and you’re going to make everyone have to stop and fix it or tow you back.
  13. That’s what the “bacon” option was for 😂
  14. Been going to Gordon’s and glamis since I was 10. Stopped going to the sand and went to hard pack for a few years in my early 20’s, but I haven’t missed a year of sand in the last 12 years. I may take off time from this site, but I won’t take time off from glamis.

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