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  1. Good stuff. Got my heart pumping like I was apart of the chase.
  2. You guys are out of control with this.
  3. Bummer. That always sucks. When ever I hurt myself or slice Myself open it is never the pain that bothers me. It’s the fact that I just permanently dinged myself for life. Good luck with that and heal up soon.
  4. Wife and I went and looked at a Moho that was priced at $65k but probably should have been more at $35k. The carpet was stained and dirty, paint pealing and scratched all over. Pee pads for a dog inside. I was so bummed. I drove 5 hours round trip for 15 minutes of disappointment. Mechanically it was in great shape, but I’m not looking for a cosmetic project. On to the next one.
  5. …it depend on why I’m using a firewall? I use my firewall to keep fire on the otherwise of that wall. 

  6. I don’t know about any of that stuff. It all sounds gay.
  7. I started reading the Bosch series by Michael Connelly. They were so good it took me into the Lincoln Lawyer series by the same author. That took me into the author John Grisham who has a lot of lawyer books. I’ve half way through the second book of his, but so far they have been really good. A few of his books have been made into movies, pelican brief and the firm and a few others I think.
  8. I made the same switch from dewalt to Milwaukee and I’m very happy. I have that blower and it works great. I have their big impacts, 3 different sizes and they work as well as the pneumatic impacts I used before. nice psd by the way 😉
  9. This is one of the guys that left his contact info for Grindings. I might have grindings coming off a job, ill keep you updated if anything progresses.
  10. Not specifically. Just been keeping an eye out for a diesel truck with a box on it.
  11. I had rigid pods on my last car, clear on the pillar and ambers on the front. I loved them. I always lead at night and they worked great I thought, and the price wasn’t bad. On my new car I installed BD HID lights on the top because I love the look and will be putting the amber xl80s on the front and maybe wire and install them on the pillar also. They are more pricey for sure though
  12. US bank is usually pretty good to deal with. Thank you! Oh I keep my pinky’s out always. 😂😜 And I need to get ahold of you and get some more whips. Getting ready early for desert season 🤘🏽 Thank you, this is good info.
  13. That’s almost how I feel as well. Entering my email was a mistake, I have been getting flooded with financial and credit score emails.

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