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    You must not be running a K&N filter???
  2. Four wheelers supply in Phx. They just rotated a bronco rear for a friend of mine for around $500. For a temp fix add two 4deg per side.
  3. T on fly wheel does mean it's on TDC, the cam can be installed 180 deg. out. If it was running bad before you pulled it apart how do you know it was just the head gasket that was bad? Are you sure the rings are good because if you didn't pull the cylinder there is no way the could have moved from just pulling the head off.
  4. I just repaired a broken piston in a 6.0 Ford. The cause was the end of the injector broke off and fell into the cylinder breaking the piston and bending valves. I only fixed one cylinder by having it sleeved back to the original bore and using a stock piston. I just thought that is how most diesel engines are fixed!

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