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  1. I work at the Seal Beach Animal Care Center which is a no-kill shelter..... we have plenty of dogs that need a good home. Let me know if you are still looking!!!
  2. Do you think he would get along with cats?????
  3. I got mine from a friend... or you can order it directly from like amazon
  4. GrlThrowinRox

    My New Dog

    In a box at the park?!? WTF? How messed up. Cute pic of Giggles... Yeah I most recent one, Tiger, was in a box in the park with his sister and they had empty food and water dishes. If my brother and his friend were not walking by they most likely would have died. He is now so happy to just have people to call his own and the only threat he has is his tail because his butt fully wags back and forth when he is excited.
  5. GrlThrowinRox

    My New Dog

    I just wanted to thank you for adopting a pit. I have had 3 and all were either given to us because someone could not take care of it or the latest my brother found in a park in a box. I believe that how a dog acts depends a lot of who raises and trains it and it looks like your dog is going to have an amazing life with a wonderful new family!!! CONGRATS This is my first pit when I was in high school.... Her name is Giggles! My brother brought her home when she was about a month old. Amazing girl
  6. My parents put down my little baby last year and what was the hardest for me was that they informed me three hours before they were going to put her down and I could not be there with her. I had her since I was 5 (she lived for 15 years). I knew we were going to put her down soon but I thought I would at least get some warning from my parents. When they took her in my dad held her and she went very peacefully. What was the worse for me was that my dad took a picture of right before they put her down and I still have trouble looking at it. Just remember you can never replace a family member and they will never be forgotten. My heart goes out to you.
  7. I hate p90x when I don't feel good. It is so hard to workout when you feel like someone is taking your stomach and shaking it like a fricken tambourine!!! Plus im home alone... this sucks!!!!!!!!!! Stupid needing to lose weight Ok rant over
  8. I work for one part-time in Huntington Beach, CA. He has clients all over the country so if you aren't in the area I know he is used to doing telephone conferences. I'm helping him teach a class on retirement right now. He is really good and very trusting. PM me if you would like his information. -Katie
  9. I want one!!!! So cute!!!
  10. Way too sore right now!!! Stupid Kenpo and leg and back dvds!!
  11. Lost about 4 lbs so far!! Ab ripper and arms tonight!
  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!! I'll have a shot of patron in honor of your birthday!!! Miss ya
  13. So I am not a fan of the yoga.... I don't know if it is just cuz I have had to do yoga for so many years cuz of school or what but I think I am going to try to take a yoga class so I have a instructor sitting there making me accountable for the yoga
  14. It was his fault for getting under my foot. But yesterday was shoulders and arms and Ab ripper........ now everytime i cough my stomach hurt
  15. Today was cadio.... I accidentally kick one of my kittys though...... woops! Feeling the pain but still pushin through!

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