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  1. Rhinos are the best. Ended up selling ours now we have X3. Miss the rhino lol
  2. It can be a real battle to get the water to start circulating. Alper can sell you a modified thermostat or modify yours to allow some flow through regardless of temps. I had the same issue once resulted in lost dyno apt. With Alper’s modded thermostat that cannot happen. Such a must-have upgrade. It will run a probably-not-noticeable bit cooler than before as some small amount of water will be bypassing the thermostat — so worth it
  3. Original owner still has a loan Your price point is $10k plus high. 2009 WW is the model and year to beat, set the industry standard. So it’s a great trailer that will last forever. Best of luck
  4. Odyssey has their own specific charger and say your supposed to use. I have thier fancy one and always have my car on charger. I did a full rebuild tear down on the FP car three years ago. The batteries are very hard to get to. Like 10 hour job lol. So even though the two odyssey 925s were perfectly good with 2007 date stamps, I replaced them with two new 925s. I’ve never had an issue and it’s hands down the only battery brand I can say that about in my 30 years in the sport. I still have these 2007s in my garage I randomly throw a “not odyssey” charger on and they still fine. No leaks no mess no maintenance...What the heck it’s unbelievable. I use them to charge winches and jump start cars. They are going to seemly outlive me. I am blown away and will use nothing else in my off road cars for life
  5. Kartek has really good diagrams and instructions on how to measure in the body of their axle links. Helped me when I did mine
  6. Car turned out awesome 👏
  7. Get the tool to press on the balancer. They cheap and work. Do not use the bolt to pull it on
  8. ARP is not torque to yield so you can reuse it. For those that replace the arp will you send them to me? Alper has them in stock normally with best price
  9. I’ve had bfd, scu, racer now full potential. I was the guy that put the NA LS7 in DZRTRUNs racer. That was a sweet car I coulda kept forever. I think you buy and sell looking for the perfect car. When I seen a FP car come up I had to cash out and try it. I wanted a half prerunner half sand car. The FP wasn’t perfect I went from big block 496 to LSX454, replaced everything in the car but the trany, redid shocks two times and went bigger. Now it is my perfect car and I don’t even look at the buggies for sale section anymore! So true happiness exits. But then I just spent an insane amount on my new truck and trailer over Last year so your attention just redirects to another part of your life lol, never ends. Always jealous of coworkers who have so much saved in the bank with no hobbies. Then I realize that’s not the life for me!! Live good, have fun, no regrets
  10. No service CVs! Yay! Lol, you have a lot to learn son. Just repaired my long travel rhino after it locked a cv and sheared a front axle. Love your optimism though! They all wear out. You come off smug when you state your opinion as fact. Its just an opinion (yours) and there like a$$holes, everyone has one.
  11. I dunno. I have an X3 too and the wife drives it in dunes in 4wd but I prefer two. I prefer The handling and so I break less crap. Would be same in Sandcar I’m sure. I’d not use 4wd so I didnt need to service the front cvs as often lol
  12. These trucks run hotter. Checkout Powerstroke dot .org or Powerstrokearmy. The new trucks were engineered to run hotter so as long as your under 250s your doing fine. Banks has some good videos on YouTube too. The 6.7 doesn’t even start to defuel till 260 coolant which seems crazy. Times have changed.
  13. Ya I dunno bud. The new 6.7 pretty complicated but let’s just take your word for it. Here’s s pic of the dual cool system. Clearly there is a thermostat directly Before the trans cooler. It’s all beside the point, clearly the new trucks were designed to run in the 230s and beyond. If you want to tout your diesel mech maybe try Powerstrokearmy dot com they would love to entertain you
  14. Totally correct the other dude is off his rocker. My 19 f450 is thermostat controlled to keep trans between 220-235 and the motor 220-250. Oil has improved as well as everything else. Things evolve and we can’t stick with rules of Thumb your dad Taught you. The late vettes throw the CEL at 325, with Mobil 10-30 synthetic that’s where gm calls concern I’ll follow suit. I personally run an CBR oil water cooler which is top dog but you have to have a big radiator to cool both systems, check. Anyway modern oils are fine up to 300. Only a fool wouldn’t change oil after every trip in the desert dust and sand so that covers that.

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