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  1. That car screams “ I like to party!” love it. Panty dropper 🤘
  2. That is way more work than adding holes but both ways work
  3. Jason at Alper motor sports has modified WW beds to raise them. PM him. He can make new brackets that raise them 4-6”
  4. I use extensions. I got them from CBM
  5. Such a good post Davy, thanks for it, this is why I am on this forum. To hear real world experience, and when you keep it objective, it is priceless. I’ve always wanted to run dune sports but I can never find the 17x16.50s. The 14.5s would be too small for my car but i can never find a set of 16.50s. Air450, that’s a great comparison pic. Confirm the 16.50s are similar to 35.5s in height? Does anyone sell new 17x16.50s?? If so I’ll order and try them. Great post Davy
  6. Ha yes I did. Getting 1k miles not towing with a F450 was painful. I drove the truck to work for two weeks, which I would never do normally, but just to get the miles and heat cycles. After the heat cycles I basically just took the family on a road trip to rack up miles. I got just short of 1k miles before towing.
  7. Alex dyno readings can be all over the place as well as all the environmentals and the tire size. I dynod a truck on same day same dyno and switched 33s to 37s and it was 50 hp difference. CBM ran an LS7 in my Racer on donut tires and it made high numbers. My point is there are a lot of variables. You just like to argue. You don’t add $#it to the learning or sharing that is supposed to take place. You are a F#{€Tard
  8. Rhinos are the best. Ended up selling ours now we have X3. Miss the rhino lol
  9. It can be a real battle to get the water to start circulating. Alper can sell you a modified thermostat or modify yours to allow some flow through regardless of temps. I had the same issue once resulted in lost dyno apt. With Alper’s modded thermostat that cannot happen. Such a must-have upgrade. It will run a probably-not-noticeable bit cooler than before as some small amount of water will be bypassing the thermostat — so worth it
  10. Original owner still has a loan Your price point is $10k plus high. 2009 WW is the model and year to beat, set the industry standard. So it’s a great trailer that will last forever. Best of luck
  11. Odyssey has their own specific charger and say your supposed to use. I have thier fancy one and always have my car on charger. I did a full rebuild tear down on the FP car three years ago. The batteries are very hard to get to. Like 10 hour job lol. So even though the two odyssey 925s were perfectly good with 2007 date stamps, I replaced them with two new 925s. I’ve never had an issue and it’s hands down the only battery brand I can say that about in my 30 years in the sport. I still have these 2007s in my garage I randomly throw a “not odyssey” charger on and they still fine. No leaks no mess no maintenance...What the heck it’s unbelievable. I use them to charge winches and jump start cars. They are going to seemly outlive me. I am blown away and will use nothing else in my off road cars for life
  12. Kartek has really good diagrams and instructions on how to measure in the body of their axle links. Helped me when I did mine

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