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  1. Jetjock15


    up 100hp from my run with the Kartek headers but there have been some other minor mods and it was a different dyno so they not really apples to apples but I’m guessing the headers were a big part of that. Thanks for all Dave.
  2. Jetjock15


    Eco boost, what gave it away, the Albins or the prerunner Square steel frame?
  3. Jetjock15


    Thanks Dave! Pleasure hanging out. Sounds mean!
  4. Jetjock15

    Kartek headers jet coated black

    1 3/4 ordered off their website. Coated jet black ran 3 seasons. Still look real good. 250 OBO no shipping. Have them in LA today but back in Vegas tomorrow.
  5. Jetjock15

    Spring rate and/or shock valving question

    With passengers makes more sense. I’ve just weighed a lot of cars and 750 per rear normally gets you around 2500 lb car which yours is not. The passengers answers my question. If you base all your calcs off “with passenger” than you’d need do have that weight on your testing sessions to get it dialed. Your on the right track. Just like you suggested I’ve put go pro on suspension and can watch replay frame by frame, need to see the tire and the ground, make your adjustments off that. Does the tire Bounce or hang (pack). It’s a lot of work but worth it in the end. Make sure your off the collars for all cruise situations but on the collars for last 1/3-1/4 of shaft travel
  6. Jetjock15

    Spring rate and/or shock valving question

    Yo Kansas you are getting very smart on spring rates and some good learning going on here. You said 750 per rear tire? That seems like a strech to me. What were the fronts? And total? If that weigh was inaccurate it could be throwing your calculations off
  7. Jetjock15

    2006 Desert Dynamics ++Price Reduced++

    Great car, Aaron why sell? Hope your getting another
  8. Jetjock15

    Who wears a helmet?

    Polarized lens might make racepack/AIM/IPAD hard to read... I was using polarized sunglasses forever for dunning till I got the IPad in dash that controls the music. Had to go with non polarized
  9. Jetjock15

    Who wears a helmet?

    It’s pretty obvious whether you should or should not. Strap your self down good, move around, if your nugget can get within 8-10” of any tubes you should wear one or get a new car. My scu and racer the front passengers had no issues but the rear did. If your nugget clears all tubes by a good 10” then the helmet will do nothing but increase the wiphlash effect and likely break your neck. Why the race cars have the neck restraint systems. Now if you wreck bad enough to bring your cage to your nugget, I guess all bets are off and you’d of wanted that helmet. But I try not to drive so hard that I would put myself in such a bind, and I’d get stoutest chassis I could find. You won’t find helmets on my kids. They have neck braces but no helmets. No way they can hit a tube and the helmets will snap there neck if it gets bad. It’s a personal choice just make yours from a logical standpoint
  10. Jetjock15

    Stock 2009 rhino suspension

    Found a taker.
  11. Jetjock15

    Stock 2009 rhino suspension

    I’m in Vegas cleaning out my storage shed. I put a HCR long travel kit on my 09 rhino years ago. Have stock suspension parts, shocks, and axles, A-Aarms ect. Done storing it going to dump in two weeks. Is there anyone in need of this stuff? Local pickup only im not shipping
  12. Jetjock15

    Buckshot X5 - Mendeola S4 - $37,500

    Seems like a lot of car for the money! Should sell quick!
  13. Jetjock15

    what oil to run in LS1

    I put a lot of stock in the report that Alper posted the link to, the author is legitimate. Thicker oil runs hotter, that’s a fact. Heat kills engines, that’s a fact. So if you believe those are true you could deduce the thinnest oil that provides adequate pressure will run the coolest and support engine longevity. I’ve ran 20-50 then 10-30 in same LS and seen 40 degree high temp difference with about a 20 psi diff. The author acknowledges and doesn’t really address the “adequate pressure” question. Whole different topic. NASCAR sets oil pressure from the pump around 5psi to enable every last HP, bad example though as they rebuild every race, point is they make it through 500 laps at WOT. I like to see 55 min at WOT, 65 better, above that I think it’s counter productive, maybe doesn’t hurt but it’s not helping and higher pressure takes HP and creates heat. But most don’t monitor the heart of the motor, I mean oil temp, so if your not monitoring it than your not worried about it! Cheers
  14. Jetjock15

    Large Stainless headers

    That is awesome. I need some of those!
  15. Jetjock15

    934 CV talk

    Think it just the camera angle. It’s swept back pretty good. Not sure why that’s a good thing but I’ve heard that too.

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