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  1. Anybody still looking we are going to list our 07 Cr3905 around Labor Day. Red and black billet. Frame supports, winch, dual land gear motors, axle flip. Zero problems have owned 10+ years
  2. Really like this model but not going to be the guy who buys first release year of a new model. But if I couod hold out for another year or two this trailer is it
  3. Jetjock15

    CV Grease

    I’m going to try them a whole season and see what I think. I do service them more often than most, probably more often than race teams realistically if they run mint 400 or Baja 1000. Mine get tore down at least twice a year and I doubt I put a total of 400 miles in a season. We will see.
  4. Jetjock15

    CV Grease

    You must run your car harder than all the class 1 teams having success with the cv savers. I run with Alper’s group, we just a bunch of old guys that just cruise, so no issues. As for your analogy, I’ll buy it. Pot on the stove, the water is the grease, the lid keeps the water from escaping. Regardless of temps the grease (water) is what keeps the cv alive. Cold engine without oil will not last as long as a hot engine with oil type of thing. So you ran a cv saver without luck and formed a opinion on this single data point? This might be flawed logic as $hit happens with cvs. I shattered a brand new fortin 300 cage on its first big jump out of camp and has to get towed back. Alper has a empi Cage we threw in, lasted the rest of the week. I try not to form conclusions based on any one instance. With cvs $hit happens.
  5. All true yes I’d love to drive one. I’d even wear a man purse for the opportunity! It’s like the ford raptor to me, while the econoost makes more HP than the previous Gen 1 with big V8, they lost some customers with the current weed eater engine. I hope the gen 3 brings the big V8 back. There is no logic to this I just like the big V8. Kind of the same thing here. But yes I get it my logic has many flaws. I’d love to drive a Porsche on a track day don’t get me wrong and concede no American cars would likely keep up
  6. Not sure which category I fall into based on that logic but I will say those that carry man purses get defensive also. I will concede I’m biased based on nationalism so if it comes to American versus other, I’m going American. So you don’t run an LS? I don’t drive Porsche nor wear a man purse but I admit my opinion is only my own and I support to no end the privilege for all to have their opinion and preference
  7. Ha I guess I’m abnormal but 18+ years active duty and counting I’ve acquired an affinity for violence to a degree. Don’t really recognize it as non standard till I read everyone else posts. I’d of engaged that dude as soon as he started hitting the women and I knew legally there wouldn’t be repercussions. Teach the kids a good lesson on sticking up for females. A human punching bag on the safe side of metal detectors in good cause! Dream scenario. I did get my nose and jaw broke and tooth knocked out in a similar scenario when the group attacked me once when I engaged one who was attacking another, so I could see that happening but doubt I’d hold back in the moment.
  8. Well man purses are unarguably convenient however most of us don’t use them.... why? You know why... same goes for Porsche products To the OP the blatant obvious answer is costs. Porsche parts cost much more then Chevy parts. As per CG the pic Is very telling and wow those engines look crazy but Alper and I run iron blocks lol so the CG is prob pretty similar to that sophisticated expensive man purse packing European motor
  9. Think they all blue tooth so no other cables out there. I called torque pro tech and asked if there were cables to hardwire it but they said no. Every time I start up after some down time I have to go through the reconnect process. Sometimes I skip it, as often as not since it’s a secondary display. But it would love it if hardwired that worked as soon as the key was on. I had My car at redline last month and all the new racers and funcos in there had beautiful big screen displays. They said that was the Motech computer, wiring, and display, I’m sure very expensive but looked amazing. That is the ticket
  10. Jetjock15

    CV Grease

    Group is going last week if July!
  11. Jetjock15

    CV Grease

    To anyone following to hear how the PME kit held up, It did fine. Ready for Idaho.
  12. Jetjock15

    CV Grease

    Yes at end of season we toss boots full of grease in n trash and start over. This is not an efficient process but we’ve learned it’s our best chance of getting through a whole season.
  13. I use the torque pro blue tooth to in dash iPad but I also have AIM dash and couple round gauges. I put the iPad in more for go pro and music but super cool all the displays I can run off engine since I use a gm computer. My biggest complaint is the blue tooth sometimes looses connection. If there is any obdII readers that can connect to iPad/iPhone via physical connection, I’d switch to that. Yes can be hard to see in sun. I don’t think a tablet would be good for your primary gauges

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