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  1. I was on my way to work as well listening to stern, had to suit up and stay on duty till don't remember when. I called my wife to wake her up and watch the news.
  2. Saw it at the Angel’s game on Sunday looks nice and well built. I just bought a jeep instead.
  3. 26k sticker good with a class c over that weight need to upgrade
  4. My daughter had goats for her projects in school and yes they are A holes! Freaking 1200 lb steer project was super easy compared to a 80lb goat.
  5. And like Nostradamus, 2019 lariat 4x4 6.7 super nice rig, but I'm still loyal to my Dmax.
  6. Thanks for all the replies my buddy ended up at the dealer where he felt most comfortable. I told him while He’s there get a new truck 😃
  7. Tried to search guess I’m not to savvy but thanks for the info
  8. Anyone know of a good ford 6.4 mechanic in the riverside area? Or can point to a standup shop?
  9. Price drop $350 pic of all 4
  10. 28570 17 toyo at2 load range e bout 50% left on tread. 17x9 mkw 26 wheels show normal wear asking $400 including lugs. Off 06 duramax lug pattern is 8x160 will also fit dodge. Will not separate pm me for any additional info im in the riverside area.
  11. Over length will get you caught with a commercial (for hire, for profit) rig need to go through scales, commercial strike force, etc... RV you can fly under the radar forever unless some strange circumstance you do get caught.
  12. Had the same issue turned to be the ATS (automatic transfer switch) Everything worked fine on the genny, plug in to shore power and house breaker pops. If you have one could be the culprit.
  13. Her boyfriend page is still up jarrod bluhmberg

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