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  1. From everything I've read, most paper products made in this country may use "virgin" wood but it comes from certain areas (mostly down south) where the trees are essentially farmed. In certain wetter climates, the trees grow like weeds and they can basically regenerate themselves every 5 or 10 years. They just keep cutting the same areas over and over. Nobody is cutting down pine trees, redwoods, or sequoias to make TP.
  2. I just put a plug in the end of the original line that was connected to faucet
  3. I had exact same problem with a used motorhome I bought. Since the kitchen sink was only about 3 ft away from water heater, I just added a tee fitting coming out of water heater and ran a steel braid water hose directly to hot water input at back of kitchen sink faucet. Problem solved.
  4. Gecko closed but washes open? Makes about as much sense as everything else the government is doing. Have they barricaded gecko road? What about campers or ghost campers currently out on gecko road?
  5. I just heard today they were gonna give SBA type "loans" to small businesses that had to close in an amount equal to 2 months overhead and payroll. At the end of the 2 months, if you paid your employees their wages, even though they aren't working, the loan would be forgiven. Supposed to keep the business and the employees around for when the business reopens. But wouldn't that amount to them getting unemployment equal to their full pay?
  6. I'm a dumb ass who never went to college but maybe some of you smart college boys on here can set me straight. As I understand it, our fearless leaders are trying to pass an "aid" package to help people put out of work or out of business by the Corona virus. Very decent and noble idea. Wasn't their fault all this crap happened. But if you "aid" them to the point that they receive the exact same money that would have got if they were still working, why the eff would anybody want to still be working?? I mean they are talking about unemployment benefits equal to the full amount of your pay? Plus $ cash payments to every taxpayer? I mean if you're working some crap job in an "exempt" category (janitor at a hospital, clerk at a grocery store, etc..), you gotta be feeling like you are the one who got hosed, right? Other people are sitting at home binge watching net flicks with the family and still getting full pay and you're out working and maybe getting the virus? If they really go thru with this shit, isn't everybody in an exempt job just gonna try to get themselves unemployed? Say they think they got a fever or they got nobody to watch their kids now that school's closed and try to stay home too? Or am I missing something?
  7. I don't want to see anybody die, regardless of whether their old, weak, compromised, whatever. But the measures they are putting in place are starting to look like cutting off a persons arms and legs to make sure they don't die of cancer. If they keep this up, they are going to destroy the economy. At the very least, when this is all said and done, somebody (Trump?) needs to have the balls to put a price tag on what this fiasco cost the U.S. , present it to China, and announce we are deducting that amount from the debt we owe them.
  8. I've been trying to ignore all this crap and keep working. Today, I go to one of the property management companies I do work for to pickup keys to a property so I can fix their shit. Front door of their office is locked. I look inside and see the receptionist, who I know by name, at her desk so I knock on the door. She comes to the door and tells me THRU THE GLASS "we're not letting anyone in today". I tell her that's just swell but I need keys for such and such property so I can do their repair. She says to wait a minute, then goes back to her desk and comes back with the keys. She then cracks the door, sticks her hand out, flips me the keys, and locks the door again. I can't wait till I take the keys back. She'll probably take them from me with a big effing pair of tongs and dip them in bleach before she touches them. People have lost their freaking minds.
  9. Heard there has been a big run at all the gun stores.
  10. Was in Lowes today buying stuff for work.. Every other person there was buying water, cleaning supplies, and paper towels (Lowes doesn't sell TP). Guess they think their gonna wipe their ass with paper towels.
  11. To me, the crap will really hit the fan if they start closing the schools. So many people now use the schools as day care for their young kids that if they close the schools, 30% of the work force won't show up for work. I got 4 employees I know are in this situation. I'll have to hire someone to do a freaking day care at my work and watch their kids so they can come to work. Also, I basically took my 401k out of the stock market at the end of last year. I told my wife (who was against it) that the only way they were could make sure Trump lost was to crash the stock market. I was gonna take the chance that they would be successful.
  12. Don't bother bringing cash. In San Berdoo, everything is paid for with EBT, meth, or a BJ
  13. I've never hunted javalina but when we were elk hunting in arizona, I had them walk up on me 3 or 4 times. Could have beat them to death with a tree branch.
  14. OK. Let me start over. Strictly hypothetical question. Say you "found" a gun. This is my hypothetical situation, so just go with it. As I understand it, in Calif. now, any firearm transfer has to go thru an FFL and be recorded. However, if the firearm was never registered, the authorities will never know any "transfer" took place. However, if said firearm was registered to any prior owner, you are now in possession of a firearm that's registered to someone else. Again, as I understand it, that is against the law. Soooo, what I was wondering is, can you somehow quietly determine if the firearm had been registered to any prior owner.

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