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  1. Try him on a raptor 250. If he's tall enough to reach all the controls, and his hands are big and strong enough for the clutch, the raptor 250 is the only way to go. They are way superior to the other bikes mentioned and he'll be happy with it until he's 14 or 15. Put some light weight paddles and rims on it, he'll be blasting China Wall on it with no problem. If you get one of the other bikes, it will be too slow for him in just a few years and you'll be buying him a bigger bike again.
  2. Roof looks awfully low. 6ft dude with helmet on fits in there ok?
  3. He just totaled his 20k to 30k razor and escaped serious injury and he's worried about his effing cooler and toolbag?????
  4. Where you located? Paddles are or are not included?
  5. Use to work in the aoutomotive oil business. I know for a fact that that Ford requires its dealers to use all Motorcraft parts when servicing any vehicle that's still under warranty. Includes use Motorcraft oil and filters. If they don't, it voids the warranty. Don't know for sure if all other auto manufacters do the same thing but I'll bet they do.
  6. Have an 06 trailer with that same generator and alot of hours on it. Never had an any problems with carb. Did have fuel pump issues. It would get hot and lock up. Had to replace it.
  7. LIbs say that it is a undisputable scientific fact that CO2 from fossil fuel use is creating global warming which is going to cause human extinction if not halted immediately. They also call anyone in this country who dispute these "facts" an inbred, science denying moron. Meanwhile, it is an absolutely undeniable fact that China and India continue to build more and more fossil fuel power plants so that they can bring electricity to their citizens. Therefor, the libs must think the people who run China and India are inbred, science denying morons. Hmmmm.
  8. Next, you're gonna need to buy a local dog license if you travel with your pet.
  9. Colorado has required out of state peeps to buy a temporary permit for their OHVs for at least 10 yrs now.
  10. I read that, because China's electric grid is mostly coal, if the electric car battery is made in China there is more CO2 produced making the battery, than an economy gasoline car would produce over the whole life of the car.
  11. Just wait a few years until the California $15/hr minimum wage goes into effect. BTW, what the hell is moshiani pignu? Some sort of Japanese sex act??
  12. Sorry Sausage, but I'm not buying it. Those are some bad ass kids for sure but I did see anything in either video that even remotely compares to jumping the canal. And as far as statistics, I saw a statistic recently that more people die every year from hammers than from assault rifles. Even so, I'd give a 10 year old a hammer to go play with any day. Don't think I'd give one my AR though.
  13. Jeff, maybe we're looking at it all wrong. My niece Madi is 6. You can build some ramps and we'll strap some effing rockets to her big wheel and blast her across the canal. Rockwood can work out all the engineering details for us. We'll put it all on youtube and maybe she'll get sponsored by Mattel
  14. I already posted once on this, but the more I think about it and the more I think about the people posting on here supporting this crap, the more it pisses me off. That sort of jump over the canal is nothing but a "dude, hold my beer" type endeavor. The only way it's not is as follows. You build yourself a takeoff ramp that you know to be firm, flat ,level, and at a certain angle of trajectory. You then have a math whiz calculate the speed you need to be at to go with that angle of trajectory that will guarantee your exact vehicle and occupant will travel sufficient distance to clear the canal. You then make sure your vehicle is traveling at that speed on takeoff. Even with all that, there are still variables beyond your control, but without it, you are just hucking it and hoping for the best. If an adult wants to do that, it's his business and I admire his balls, if not his brains. The ADULT in the trophy truck had probably jumped similar distances many times before (just not over water) and had a pretty good idea of what the truck was capable of. Plus, that truck probably has 10 times the protective capabilities for the occupant in a crash than does a razor. To compare that trophy truck jump to the kid's jump is just stupid. Any parent who would say to his 10 year old son "let me hold your beer" as the kid launches into that type of jump that , if it's unsuccessful, could easily cripple or kill him, is an effing moron and should not have children. If there are any other relatives in this kids life (mom, grandparents, etc..), I would not be surprised if they bring some sort of child endangerment charges against the dad.
  15. Cruise around the camp area and collect up all the Mexican flags and use them to skirt your trailer.

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