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  1. nickman123

    Pictures from last nights Midwest storms.

    I was in a midwest style sorm in Chino yesterday
  2. nickman123

    SxS's - Street Legal - Townships - Drama

    2 different issues here. There are areas that have extensive roads/trails that are legal for OHVs but that don't allow legal OHV access on the paved roads all the way into the local towns or campgrounds. This means that in order to legally access the OHV roads/trails, you have to trailer your stuff from the town or campground to a trailhead. It's a pain, but these areas are still usable. And I can see how an arguement could be made that letting people ride their stuff right into the town or campground might cause problems. Then you have areas with huge networks of dirt roads but those roads are declared to be open to "street legal only". This would include Big Bear and most of the Sierras. This makes no sense to me. How does a SxS or a quad damage a dirt road any more than a jeep? If they are worried about people going off the roads, make THAT illegal. And how is a SxS any easier or more likely to go off road than a jeep? In my experience, the main culprits for going off road are motorcyclists. In that case, dudes on dual-sport bikes can ride in these areas but a SxS can't. It makes no sense to me.
  3. nickman123

    Game Of Thrones

    100% agree. How would anyone even know Danerys was dead unless John told them? Why wouldn't he just quietly slide out of Kings Landing without saying anything to Grey Worm? The other Starks agree to banish John to Nights Watch supposedly so Grey Worm and the unsullied don't kill him. But then, Grey Worm and his dudes get on a ship and leave the continent. Why does John still need to be banished? Sancer refuses to let the North be ruled as part of the seven kingdoms, even though her own effing brother is the king, but the other 6 rulers just say "sure, no problem"? Why are John and the wildlings going to the far, far north to settle with winter supposedly coming? Isn't there a whole lot of territory further south that just got basically depopulated? The story had more holes in it than Nancy Pelosi's head.
  4. nickman123

    SxS's - Street Legal - Townships - Drama

    Kennedy Meadows is non legal
  5. nickman123

    RIP Tim Conway! Always enjoyed his comedy

    His stuff on the Carol Burnett show was some of the graeatest clean comedy bits ever.
  6. nickman123

    How friendly are Glamis people?

    Or the new SxS people are out in the dunes lost, stuck, broke down, etc.. and looking to you for help. Don't get me wrong, we are very friendly and don't mind helping others that are truly in need, but if you're gonna go out in the dunes maybe get a GPS? Maybe carry a spare belt and tie rods and learn how to change them? Or at the least, ride with a group that does.
  7. nickman123

    Obama, millions given to him illegally.....

    How ironic. Dinesh D'souza made some documentaries ripping on Obama. Then it was found out he made $20,000 in contributions to a friend of his who was running for office when the limit is $10,000. Even though such minor cases are NEVER criminally prosecuted, Obama had the justice dept. prosecute him for a felony and he had to spend 6 months in a minimum security facility.
  8. nickman123

    Jim Fowler RIP

    Me too.
  9. nickman123

    Shooting at Pismo

    Always wondered why only Glamis gets the bad rap regarding crowds, drinking, partying, and out of control behavior. Based on the summer weekends I've seen at Pismo, it's every bit as bad, if not worse, than Glamis is on a big holiday weekend.
  10. nickman123

    New backyard/pool build.

    Can't be San Bernardino. I see no homeless, hookers, or tweakers
  11. nickman123

    Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

    Regardless of how it started, seems unbeleivable to me that with such a priceless , ancient, WOODEN building, they didn't have some sort of super intensive fire prevention program in place.
  12. nickman123

    SRS XP900

    Or Dumont?
  13. nickman123

    SRS XP900

    Do you ever bring it down to Glamis?
  14. nickman123


    Anyone know a good gunsmith in IE area? Mine apparently retired.
  15. nickman123

    Will Trump shut it down?

    You are correct about the social security. Many of them do pay into social security with fake numbers and then never collect and it does help prop up the social security system. You are very wrong about the refunds, though. Regardless of whether they use a fake social or just a taxpayer ID number, many of them get refunds and much more. Many of them use child tax credit combined with their low income to end up collecting actual net tax payouts every year that amount to thousands.

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