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  1. There was singing in the halftime show???? Didn't even notice. Thought is was some sort of ass shaking contest.
  2. Few things bugging me about this. Shouldn't the pilot check weather along his route and at his destination before the flight? Shouldn't he have known there was heavy fog at his destination? Can't helos fly on instruments like planes? If he knew to expect fog, couldn't he have flown on instruments? Was he not trained for that? Seems that if you can afford your own helicopter you could afford a pilot that was instrument rated.
  3. I think any one with a brain who's looked at the facts realizes the rape charge was bogus. On the other hand, he' d been out of town for all of a couple hours and was screwing the chick who checked him in at his hotel. So they way he presented himself as a quiet "family man" seems pretty fake. But from what I saw, all things considered, compared to most of the other modern day overpaid athletes, he seemed like a pretty decent guy.
  4. The number for the snowcat is 800- HOWMUCHUGOT?
  5. Look it up. When she was a new, aspiring actress in hollywood, she shows up at the oscars with marilyn manson wearing literally nothing but a thong. Then she claims Harvey Weinstein took advantage of her. Shes a total nut job.
  6. Was just considering staying here as well and was talking to people about it. One person claimed that the campground is open to anyone but that they also sell "memberships" that get u some sort of preferred status. This person claimed that if u were camping at Glamis North and a "member" showed up and wanted your spot, they would make you vacate it for them. Seems unbeleivable to me. Anyone here heard of this?
  7. Son's gone off to college and it's time to sell his quad. 2006 Yfz 450 special edition. Motor is stock. Has following; nerf bars, GTYR exhaust, K&N air filter, jet kit, oil pump mod, full set holeshot dirt tires on rims, full set skat trak sand tires on douglas blue label rims. Grips are worn, typical minor scuffs/scratches on plastics, otherwise it's been well maintained and is in great shape. Starts right up and runs great. $2500 If u want pics, call or text me at number below and I will text pics back to you. Cannot get pics to load on here. Just keep saying pics are "queued" but won't actually put them in the post. Sorry Call or text Nick- 909-908-7125
  8. Absolutely mindblowing. If he'd punched a little old lady in the face he'd have got a fraction of that sentence. And Federal prison doesn't have all the BS early release crap. You have to serve pretty much the whole sentence. On the other hand, he's clearly a moron (he apparently admitted doing it because he hates gays) so it's no big loss to society.
  9. Finally broke down and bought a razor. It has a car to car radio and traditional headsets like you'd use in a sand car. Previous owned said he had half helmets that he wore with the headsets over the top of them. Anyone know where I can get such a helmet? All the ones I've looked at do not seem like they'd accomadate a headset
  10. So how did they know you actually paid 11k?
  11. If a person was going to purchase an OHV, and that person paid the seller with a cashiers check, is there any sort of record of that kept at the bank? In other words, could it be used later to prove the price a person paid for said OHV?
  12. Decided I wanted to take my two boys for bull elk. They had both shot cows when they were 12 years old, wanted them to take next step. Got tags for Arizona late season limited opportunity hunt. Easier tags to draw and it allowed us to hunt Thanksgiving week when they were off school. Hired a guide since I didn't know the area. I was a little worried cause the guide was kind of a "discount" deal, but it worked out real well. Younger son shot a big spike. Actually downed it at 710 yards. Older son dropped a nice 5 point at 500 yards.
  13. It blows me away that people use LAX out of habit or just to save a few hundred dollars on the fare. I fly out of Ontario whenever possible. Half the time, its like a ghost town. You just drive in, park right accross from the terminal and walk right thru.
  14. Having to use readers or "extend your arms" while reading should have nothing to do with your ability to read the dunes. Thats just your eyes losing the ability to focus on near objects due to old age. Happens to most people. I haven't been able to see for crap inside arms length for a long time but my distance vision is still fine. In addition to time of day, another thing that affects your ability to read the dunes is how smooth they are. If the sand is ridged or tracked it makes it way easier to read them. When they are completely smooth, like after a big wind, you lose your depth perception when looking at them and they are real hard to read.

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