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  1. So America is a hell hole for minorities, especially people of color. Racist white people , especially racist white cops, hunt them down and kill them for sport on a daily basis. They have to live in constant fear of the evil white boogey man who hates them and does everything in his power to hold them down. And yet, every year, about a million people of color, including many blacks, immigrate to this country. They leave their home countries where they are part of the racial MAJORITY, risk life and limb, break the law if necessary, to get into this country to become part of a horribly oppressed racial MINORITY. Meanwhile, because we are a free country, any person here who wishes to do so can leave at any time but no one ever seems to go. Hmmmmm
  2. Went to buy ammo today at Bass Pro. Second time buying ammo since background check on ammo BS started. Bought ammo late last year- no problem. Waited almost an hour, get to front of line, my background check gets denied. Kid at counter gives me some papers with a transaction number and CFARS website. He says to go home and go on the website, enter the transaction number, and it will tell me why I was denied. I do that, all it says is I either don't have an AFS account, or the info I gave at Bass Pro doesn't match my AFS account info. I go thru more BS setting up an AFS user account so I can see my data, then it starts asking me to name one gun I own that's registered with the AFS system? WTF??? I don't know if I own any guns that are currently "registered" with anybody. All my guns were either given to me by my dad or purchased when registration wasn't required. You telling me I can't buy ammo unless I have a "registered " firearm? How come I was able to purchase ammo last time? I really gotta move out of state.
  3. I have to admit, I'm really starting to agree. The people behind it, plus all other dems, are simply saying this is a hoax and a conspiracy theory and that your eyes are lying to you when you look at the evidence. Hell, alot of them are STILL saying Flynn is a traitor and a criminal and should go to jail for life. And the media is backing them 100%. It's like being told that some nursing home deaths is an apocalypse and we should all crap ourselves and hide under the bed till the government saves us. Seems anyone with common sense could see thru it. But then I drive down the street and see some retard in the car next to me wearing a mask as he's driving alone in his car.
  4. nickman123

    #Stay Home

    Took two minutes and pulled up some stats off internet. 10.1 million people in LA county, 33,000 confirmed cases, 1600 deaths. That's .0033 of the population getting it, .00016 dying from it. Half the deaths were in nursing homes. Take those out and it's .00008 chance of dying. And please don't tell me how the lockdown stopped it from spreading. It was here way before the lockdowns started in March. Pretty much everyone agrees it was here at least in early February, maybe in January or December.
  5. Seems risky. As they're beating and choking each other, they could catch a virus. But I'll be watching.
  6. I have a Chevy work truck with a harbor utility bed. The truck's been pretty good, the utility bed is basically a POS. It's rusting out pretty bad in the bed despite the fact that I had it rhino coated when I got it. It doesn't drain right and it holds water in the bed and on some of of the channels underneath it. Looked into a new bed and they're 6-8 grand. So I'm hoping to fix this one somehow for a lot less. Probably would need to dismount the bed from the truck, cut out the bed and replace it and some of the side wall sections. Anyone know of a place in the IE I can take it to for this kind of work?
  7. We had a rare earth mineral mine out by state line. It went under cause the Chinese were doing it cheaper.
  8. She is really starting to look like Charlie Mccarthy
  9. 9th Circuit used to be the most liberal court panel in the country. Thanks to Trump's appointments, the libs now only hold a small advantage on the court. If Trump gets 4 more years, he'll replace more of the retards and the court should actually swing conservative and we won't get anymore of their ridiculous rulings.
  10. Looks like you went up Bowen Ranch road? Do you ride up there frequently? Officially, most of those road are designated "street legal only". You ever get hassled by any sort of LEO?
  11. nickman123

    #Stay Home

    Good point. How the eff are the congress people staying home. By definition, doesn't that make them non-essential? The grocery clerk, the gas station attendant, and the landscaper are all at work but they are at home while still collecting their pay???
  12. nickman123

    #Stay Home

    If you want this shit to all come to an end, start laying off and cutting the pay of the government workers. Lockdown will end the next day. Not bagging on government workers, I know alot of them and most are real good people. But I have not talked to a single one that has been harmed one iota financially by this. Many are actually being paid in full while they stay home or work reduced hours.
  13. Way back when I was young, went snowboarding in Big Bear with a buddy. Typical socal conditions-snow like white concrete with some shaved ice on top. He decided to "go big" on one of the large jumps, lost control in the air, and landed like a sack of crap on his left hip. I had to help him down to the car so we could leave. Next day , he had a bruise that started almost at his butt crack, took most of his left butt cheek, wrapped around his left hip, and came around front and slightly up on to the base of his pecker. Biggest bruise I've ever seen. Somehow, he didn't break anything though
  14. You hear this all the time but I don't necessarily agree. Almost half of people eligible to vote don't do so. Sometimes it's more about getting some of those people to come out and vote for you than it is about winning over the supposed "independents". Obama won twice cause tons of blacks who normally don't bother voting turned out for him. Hilary lost cause those same black folks stayed home when she was running.
  15. I disconnected battery for several minutes and reconnected. Check engine light is still on.

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