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  1. whats the latest on E85 in AZ? Have a friend looking into converting his to e85.
  2. someone needs this for the dune season thats about to start! Please save me from the Facebook scum!!!
  3. 2009 Yamaha YFZ 450r Wife's bike and doesn't ride anymore. Fuel injected starts right up every time. Brand new Jet Trim seat cover. Pipe, fuel management system, air filter. Brand new chain and sprockets. Also comes with stock dirt tires and wheels. $4500.00 Bike is in awesome condition. Located in San Diego Eric 858-864-8592
  4. I have a small towing business and have owned 3 Internationals in the past and on my second Hino. Hino has one of the best warranties out there. Personally I really like the Hino's and have been better for reliability than the Internationals were. I am the only one that drives them and keep a strict maintenance schedule. I put about 40-50K on them a year and usually get a new one every 4-5 years. I even got some prototype Fox Shox made for it. Should be a pic of them on my IG page somewhere. https://www.instagram.com/mesatowing/
  5. Check out Mirage Racing Products. They used to be in San Diego but moved up to Carson. Try this number (619) 562-5533
  6. Good to know they have e85 in El Centro now. Closest place from the dunes if you miscalculate. At the moment its 2.85 a gallon. https://pearsonfuels.com/stations/el-centro/
  7. Look at my install where the amber lights come into the bus bar. then it jumps a few times to everything it powers up. Tail lights, gauges, and both front amber lights
  8. My friend bought it, its a Dymo labeler, it prints on heat shrink.
  9. really just depends on the car and where you have room. Mine is up front under the hood in front of the passenger. You don't need a fuse block for the switch pro stuff. My fuse block is for everything else. Got rid of all the fuses that were pigtailed on the back of the radio, power steering, intercom etc.

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