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  1. 467echo

    Spring Setup Advise for new 14" Shock

    Check out Mirage Racing Products. They used to be in San Diego but moved up to Carson. Try this number (619) 562-5533
  2. https://www.genesissupremerv.com/GenesisFifthWheels
  3. 467echo

    E85 things to know.

    Good to know they have e85 in El Centro now. Closest place from the dunes if you miscalculate. At the moment its 2.85 a gallon. https://pearsonfuels.com/stations/el-centro/
  4. 467echo

    Switch Pro (tips needed)

    Look at my install where the amber lights come into the bus bar. then it jumps a few times to everything it powers up. Tail lights, gauges, and both front amber lights
  5. 467echo

    Switch Pro (tips needed)

    My friend bought it, its a Dymo labeler, it prints on heat shrink.
  6. 467echo

    Switch Pro (tips needed)

    really just depends on the car and where you have room. Mine is up front under the hood in front of the passenger. You don't need a fuse block for the switch pro stuff. My fuse block is for everything else. Got rid of all the fuses that were pigtailed on the back of the radio, power steering, intercom etc.
  7. 467echo

    Switch Pro (tips needed)

    Yeah, you can use little jumpers they sell for the bus bars
  8. 467echo

    Switch Pro

    Here is my setup that my friend wired up when I redid my car this off season. It is under the panel so cant see the actual unit. All the white wires coming up to the bus are switch pro.
  9. 467echo

    brake bleeding on my BFD revo

    What air pressure are you running? Should be 5lbs or less or you might be pumping air into the system.
  10. 2009 Yamaha Raptor 90 SOLD Runs great, new battery, comes with knobbies and paddles. Has new pipe and jet. Title in hand. Can throw in a pair of riding boots(size3) if they fit. Located in San Diego. SOLD Eric
  11. 467echo

    So it begins, My Gen 5 summer 2018 conversion, Outfront Style

    I am currently going through my car and repowder coating it. I called CHP and the officer said to just take some pics of the car with the vin before removing it. After its all done take it down with the old vin tag and they will give you a new vin tag with the same number so it still matches your registration.
  12. 467echo

    Worlds largest side by side?

    Looks more like a new Chevy!
  13. 467echo

    5th wheel hitch choices??

    I have a B&W Companion for my factory ford puck system and love it. I like that it comes apart in 2 pieces so you can get it in and out without breaking your back.
  14. 467echo

    2016- 4 Seat Subaru Sandcar for sale

    Best ad of the year award?

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