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  1. Okay so it looks like my buddy can't take her so if anyone has any leads on anyone who may have interest in this dog let me know. Until then she is a happy pup here at my house
  2. bump. she is about 20 lbs and should not get much bigger than 25 or so
  3. Almost 2 weeks ago, I found this pup on the side of the road with a rope so tight around her neck it was choking her. Her ears were infected, and she wasnt looking so good when I first picked her up and put her in my car. I was hoping to possibly keep her as she is a great little dog, but with my 3 other dogs, a wife and a kid, it is just not possible. I got her all checked up and shots, dewormed, rabies etc all up to date. Second set of shots will come next week. Her ears all almost all better now as I have been giving her meds every day to help out. A buddy of mine may take her, but will find out on friday if it will be possible. I am in San Diego and looking for a nice home for this little girl. She knows some commands, is good with other dogs, needs some work on obedience as she jumps and "mouths" when you first greet her. I know with a little work she will be an awesome companion. let me know if you are interested in taking her. I spent almost 100$ just trying to help this little pup out, and in return for a good home, someone can have her at no charge. thanks! she appears to be about 9 mos old _Jacob 619-971-8761
  4. If they're just grazing on scrub, there isn't a huge amount to eat in one spot. So, yes, they shit all over the place, but there likely isn't enough scrub around to support the number of cattle needed to make cow patties a problem. Flies aren't a huge problem, but I'd rather the flies hang around them than me. Ever actually been in an area where cattle were open grazing? Other than actually seeing the cows, I'd bet you probably wouldn't ever know they were even there... I just got back from wife's grandparents in Colorado, they have 300 acres and allow a farmer to let his cattle graze there. I cruised through the fields, and there really weren't very many cow piles. They are really pretty clean animals when they have a lot of land
  5. wait..... what? you mean to tell me that you have many friends who married their cousins. That in itself is kinda strange
  6. x2 there's a great fix for the idea that the next generation will never see the beautiful night sky. It's called CAMPING. But wait, a Prius can't haul a trailer, can it? wow so since I sold my toyhauler and dont go to glamis anymore, that mean I cant tent camp anywhere? Is it only possible to camp in a trailer?
  7. I used to stay a couple houses down from you. my old boss owns one of those. been going since I was 10, stopped going 6 years ago when I quit working for that Moofer
  8. I had the same issue and went to an upholstery shop and had them fill them with high density foam. it was 150 for a 9ft sofa, but it is as good as new it was only 100 if i wanted cheap foam!
  9. ^^^^^Agreed. I knew what his plans where, so I could see it in my head. For example when has has the money, the C5 wheels are coming off. He's having a set of wheels made to look like the Grand Sport race cars wheels with knockoffs (spinners) on them. That's really going to seal the deal on the look. Here is a pic of the wheel plus a pic of the new shift knob. Check out 5th and 6th gear! Thanks for the comments! woohooo was thinking those wheels aon it were way out of place. love the seats and paint looks great!
  10. me too, my electric is 70, and my water is 60 a month. I have a 1600 sq ft home. never understood how peeps have these astronomical bills
  11. gotta lay off the keystones man!
  12. In the years I have been coming to this board, 2nd gear has always provided some good laughs and good stories. Never met her, but sounds like this happened to an awesome person! hope you have a great 2014 2nd gear.

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