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  1. That pic is actually of the original Glamis store which later became Clean Gene's Buggy Shop across the highway from where the Glamis Beach Store is now. Anyone know what year that picture was taken?
  2. What type of drone and what camera does it have. The ariel shots are spectacular!
  3. SoCo is still selling race gas (VP) at the pump and in cans (not sure about the 55 gal drums). They are located in El Cajon and El Centro. They don't sell it at the pump 24hrs like they used to - you have to go inside during regular business hours (7am-5pm m-f) 619-440-8811
  4. SoCo still sells it at the pump. They are located in El Cajon, and El Centro
  5. We have a Go Pro wide angle camera and we just use energizer regular batteries. I can fill up my 2g card before they run out but i always keep extra batteries with us. Is anyone else using the wide angle go pro camera? i think i want to get the regular go pro instead and am thinking of selling the one i have. glamismary@yahoo.com
  6. Hey what kind of camera do you have? Im thinking of getting a new camrecorder but still haven't decided which type to get? can you give me the specs on your camera you used for this video.
  7. Just like to add my two cents....don't care if I was asked or not! I say congrads to the those individuals who will open and run the glamis storage facility. I think we need this service and when it comes to location, well, ya just can't get any better then across from the GBS. i must say though, I am ashamed for some of those people who seem terribibly bitter with their comments in this thread, and all because this storage is owned, will be ran by, may profit from, the glamis beach store owners. let it go! don't be a hater Everyone has their reasons why or why they did not do something you may feel they should have. I LOVE GLAMIS! ANY EVERYONE IN IT! I DON'T CARE IF IT "THEIRS" "YOURS" JUST SO LONG AS IT IS "OURS" TO ENJOY! SEE YA IN THE DUNES. GOOD LUCK MIKE M. AND TO EVERYONE AT THE GLAMIS STORAGE ON THE NEW BUSINESS!
  8. Is the house for rent still available? Can I get some pics and more details? thanks!
  9. Groundhog - sorry to hear about your son. Perhaps there is a good chance therapy will work for him. My son also had Leg Perthes Disease when he was five. When he starting limping, and we went to the doctors, he was in casts within a week, so maybe the disease was discovered much sooner in your boy's case. My son had casts on both legs - bar inbetween - then the surgery. but by the next year he was back running with the other kids like nothing happened. email me if you want more info. glamismary@yahoo.com M.
  10. I saw that email too. This dog matches the description except their email said they were looking for a male dog and i found a female. i replied to their post just in case of the slight possibility they may have meant female and not male. so far i havent heard anything.
  11. We found a lost dog at glamis near store on the weekend of 5/18/03. She may have been out there for awhile. Black and tan rottie mix. for more info send email to glamismary@yahoo.com or go to clean gene's buggy shop across from the glamis store.

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