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  1. I would like to nominate Krazy Kevin for duner of the month. He saved 2 young girls life's. Following is the note from Gail about the accident. We are now leaving Blythe. The water level was very low and horrible for skiing. I kept standing up on sand trying to ski. There was a large group of people set up next to us on sunday afternoon. All of a sudden people started screaming. 3 kids were drowning caught in the under tow. Keven jumped on the jet ski and saved two of the girls but was not able to save the 12 year old boy. Jayden our grandson was playing with him just an hour before it happened. Search and rescue and helicopter divers everyone was out there. Three hours later they still hadn't found his body. The last we heard his parents were on their way out from Mexico What a sad way to end the weekend When keven save the 2 girls he saw the little boy but the girls were struggling and he had a hard time trying to get them on the jet ski back to the shore. They were panicking and had they cooperated he would have been able to save the boy. He also saved the uncle that was crying on the rocks in the swift current and brought him back to shore
  2. In June, we picked up our trailer from Becker Custom Trailers. Our trailer was made by ATC (Aluminum Trailer Company). Becker does not make any trailers, they just are a dealer for several manufactures. We had ours custom made and both ATC and Becker were great to work with. We were going to go to FeatherLite but their dealer network was terrible. When we picked up our trailer we were talking to the owner. He is looking to open a store in the Vegas area. This is what we ended up with.
  3. This just isn't going to end well.
  4. What a tease!! More please.
  5. Trust me, when you ride again after being paralyzed, it is the greatest feeling in the world.
  6. We had a blast at Glamis North. It's nice to go to a campground that appreciates offeoaders. About every two weeks we go into the campground for 3 or 4 days at a time. It worked out great for us. Do laundry, flush tanks, charge up then water up and head back out to the dunes. Ahhh the life of a snowbird.
  7. Oops never mind. The dates don't match up.
  8. On our way home from Glamis we saw a flatbed semi with 3 70's on it. We were on a back road near the Kansas/Nebraska border. One of them was yellow. This was around the beginning of March. Could these have been yours?
  9. I know that Eagle View RV park at the Fort McDowell Casino gives special rates for Mayo Hospital. It is just off of Hwy 87 east of Fountain Hills.
  10. Yep, Squatcher will set you up.
  11. Thanks Walt for bringing him out. He is scared and hiding under the couch. He is just starting to come out more and more. No fights yet. Just a little hissing by both of them. I'll keep you up to date on him.
  12. Was that Friday afternoon?

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