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  1. ProBaja

    2016 RZR 1000 X4 Turbo *50hrs* Lots of upgrades!!

    Come on man post a price.
  2. ProBaja

    Need a carfax - anyone have an account?

    Not in Arizona, they only offer a minor discount.
  3. Anyone have a CarFax account that can run a single vin for me? Would be much appreciated! PM me if you can help a brotha' out.
  4. Need more pics of that baja bug!
  5. ProBaja

    Smudge Pots

    Any way to get one of the fluted stacks to the Phoenix area?
  6. ProBaja

    Smudge Pots

    Still a Hundo each? How much for just a fluted stack?
  7. ProBaja

    Smudge Pots

    Still available? Or do you still have some extra fluted stacks available?
  8. ProBaja

    Solar install in Glamis

    I had Squather install an HD auto WinegardTrav'ler on my 5th and was beyond impressed with the professional install. I would personally highly recommend him for any satellite install.and was
  9. ProBaja

    Where to meet Glamis Dunes peeps

    Create a backpage.com ad
  10. ProBaja

    2008 Weekend Warrior SL2805 **SOLD**

    Now that's how you write an ad! OB is right these are getting rare in this condition, I bet it sells fast.
  11. ProBaja

    Coming From Mesa, AZ

    I go from Mesa also, ive done both and !0 is the way to go. Faster, shorter, everything you need in blythe or quartzite if you forgot something at home.
  12. ProBaja

    2007 Weekend Warrior CR3705

    Can you provide more info on the front leg stabilizers? I've not seen this setup before and looks like a great idea.
  13. ProBaja

    Are they enforcing the one way?

    Looks iike they already towed all the ghost camps....

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