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  1. I will post more later but this guy is a crook... been battling with my CC company to get my money back and it looks like its not going to work.. Don't get me wrong, I love my trailer and after getting all the bugs worked out I am very happy with it.. but I wouldn't trust that guy with anything!! Do not take your trailers there for repairs and do not give that guy a dime. Only way I would buy a Brown Trailer is if it was used and from someone else! FTG
  2. Looking at buying a XP 900 and found a 2011 I really like but I am hearing some pretty mixed reviews on the differences between a 2011 and 2012.... things coming up like a carrier bearing upgrade that is important, A-arm positioning, additional gussets, and longer axles... I will primarily be using this in Glamis and want something turn key. Is the 2011 a deal breaker? PM me if someone has the # of somewhere I can call to get additional info etc.. Thanks for the feedback!
  3. How are you buddy? I wouldnt worry at all, that happens here at the coast all the time....a little base root rot, just try to keep water directly from soaking that area all the time. Nothing to worry about just keep it fertilized and healthy. And definietly keep them, palms arent worth anything in this economy...even the rare ones, we are buying for pennies on ther dollar. The days of selling your palms for big money are gone! Hope all is well and see you next season. Regards, Stillmowin Addison Landscape www.addisonlandscape.com Info: Several types of fungi cause root rot, such as Fusarium, Phytophthora, Pythium, Rhizoctonia and Thelaviopsis. Overwatering, poor drainage and degraded potting media can lead to root rot of queen palms grown in containers. Palms in the landscape are prone to root rot if they are planted too deep or in a poorly drained area. Container grown palms are more prone to root rot than palms grown in the landscape. Symptoms of root rot include poor growth, wilted leaves and soft mushy roots. Damaged root systems can result in iron deficiency, which causes yellowing, dead tips and stunted growth of new leaves. Over watering is the problem 99.9% of the time
  4. He's just mad because my raptor ran better than his car last weekend.....lol No, I love mien... Its not my daily driver but I wish it was, love my duramax and have a small fleet of all chevrolet but I love this truck. Fun on and off road. Had problems with my sand car and rhino during thanksgiving and this kept us having a good time! not to mention great vehicle for towing if needed in the dunes. I highly recomend the vehical, must go with the 6.2 liter though
  5. they have two different 8" lights...these sell for 700.00 a piece (99.9%) sure Ive never heard of 2 different hids they make but i guess it could be. if this is the ebay ad you mentioned in your first post it is $699 for a pair. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAP...8&viewitem= wow....did i pay way to much for these! How about best offer! Thanks for the help....at least someone here has the time to do the better research.
  6. I like this one the best, FYI dont over think it...once you get close pick a painter and put some trust in them. Paint joe changed some things/colors here and there and really made it pop.
  7. they have two different 8" lights...these sell for 700.00 a piece (99.9%) sure
  8. no, not at all compared to the HIDs
  9. Looking to sell my light bar, it has (4) eight inch Baja Design HID lights. Internal ballasts and chromed bezels....Candy Blue Bar. I will be in Glamis this coming Sunday to Saturday (11-21 thru 11-27) if someone is interested. $1,200 OBO.... I wish I had these on my car vs the LED bar, there is no comparison but to late!
  10. Painter Joe just finished my car....he was on time, super easy to work with, and did an incredible job! Also stayed in our budget too! I can't say enough good things. Oh yea, dbart help us with the great design too! the hood was not on the above picture bad resolution on the hood pic..super clean lines
  11. did the Truxks leveling kit, tires wheels etc.. love the look of the leveling kit. Go here for EVERYTHING you need to know http://raptorforumz.com/ We will be advertizing our loaded 6.2 white Rator with 4,000 miles soon so we can get the crew cab. You will love it, all our vehicals are chevrolet, duramax is my daily driver and I cant wait to jump in my raptor after work for a cruz!
  12. I got my 6.2 in May and love it...hit a woop section at about 45mph in Pismo with no problems. Once you figure out the different modes, offroad, traction contol etc... its awesome. Tons of power, but average MPG is around 11mpg.
  14. please call me at your convenience 805-471-2046

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