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  1. hambone1

    WTB Hargett shifter for s4

    Anyone ? Thanks
  2. hambone1

    WTB Hargett shifter for s4

    Hello I am looking for a single lever shifter for a s4 the newer the better thanks guys
  3. hambone1

    Hows Your Attitude?

    Yes it will fit there is no wheel wells to mess with now
  4. hambone1

    Hows Your Attitude?

    The Attitude line has changed alot in the last few years , better fit and finish and overall quality :) Matt if you want a second quote let me know
  5. hambone1

    Anyone notice the lack of rails for sale?

    Dunerking let me know I am a dealer for both ?? And will always give a gd deal
  6. hambone1

    The smallest 5th wheel T H

    https://www.desertrvcenter.com/vehicle-details/2019-genesis-supreme-vortex-2815v-eb861168cc054a439ef90b2a018f3b9c This is about two feet shorter then iconic 28 the rzr will still fit with the slide no problem at all
  7. hambone1

    [WTB] ~35' Toy Hauler 5er 2014 or newer

    I just took this used loaded 34-gs in https://www.desertrvcenter.com/vehicle-details/2017-genesis-supreme-34-gs-bb9721f83c9f463d90680732fb09103e
  8. hambone1

    WTB 2006 or newer 28-30ft toy hauler bumper pull

    https://www.desertrvcenter.com/vehicle-details/2007-tahoe-transport-304fstt-ce668f7d70d845d6b78a8f8c91fde01c I just took this one in super clean :)
  9. hambone1

    Need a carfax - anyone have an account?

    Send me a text with vin number 520 271 0645
  10. hambone1

    Wanted hargett shifter for Mendeola

    That one is gone . Thanks still looking
  11. hambone1

    Wanted hargett shifter for Mendeola

    Anyone ??
  12. hambone1

    Wanted hargett shifter for Mendeola

    Hey guys I am looking for a single lever shifter so I don’t have to change anything on my car Anyone have one they want to sale ? Or does anyone have a hookup for a new one ? Thanks GD
  13. Send me a pm I will get you in contact I didnt pay that much more for a 4 seater
  14. hambone1

    WTB: Adult Quad $1500-$2500

    One of my co workers has a mint Honda 450 send me your number I will have him text you pics

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