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  1. Wow! Looks good! I about spraying my cabinets white. Neighbor did his in white and they came out great. Only thing is I would then have to spring for new floor tile throughout entire house and possibly new backsplash or all new counters. Just not in the budget right now.
  2. Finishing up some of my kitchen cabinets. Stripped the crappy stain so they are now back to original color. Sanded and put a clear coat of polyurethane. Also installed a new over the range microwave. Only have the rest of the kitchens to do!
  3. Had one for less than 6 months. Just an expensive air mattress as others have stated. Ended up giving it away. Don't waste your money.
  4. A0010A80-B615-4302-BC0A-EC4E5773B178.MOV 88EEE8CB-5A52-486F-B93E-D9D1B29A9113.MOV
  5. I also regret not joining. But then again you have to think how different your life would of been if one had made different choices back then. I probably would of not met my wife, not had my son, etc, etc. Life would probably be much different, good or bad...
  6. Are your neighbors' trees lifting up that block wall?
  7. Agree 100% on the grossly overpriced air mattress part above! In the hauler I put in a cheapy 6” spring mattress with the same 3” topper and it’s pretty confortable to me as well..go figure
  8. Had the sleep number for about 6 months, hated it. Could never get comfortable. 3K for a couple of twin size air beds? What a waste. Bought the Costco foam mattress, the thick one, can't remember the name. Was a little too firm, so I put a 3" foam topper on that and have never slept better.
  9. Dang, wish you where closer, my mom needs a new garage door!
  10. Furthest one in will be the 1/2” impact. Don’t use it much but it’s there. First one will be the impact for screws etc. Second one will be hammer drill. Others are spares.
  11. Also washed and put paint sealant on my new truck. Mocked up a rack for my drills on work truck. I’ll make it out of something sturdier if it works out good.
  12. Started stripping my kitchen cabinet doors. Arsehole who stained them years ago did a crap job and they look like hell. At least they’re coming back to the original color pretty nicely.
  13. Wrong. 6K tag trailer limit ONLY applies IF the tow vehicle is UNDER 4K pounds unladen With a vehicle weighing 4,000 pounds or more unladen, you may tow a: trailer coach not exceeding 9,000 pounds gross. trailer coach or fifth-wheel travel trailer under 10,000 pounds GVWR when towing is not for compensation. fifth-wheel travel trailer exceeding 10,000 pounds but not exceeding 15,000 pounds GVWR, when towing is not for compensation and with endorsement. Note: No passenger vehicle regardless of weight, may tow more than 1 vehicle. No motor vehicle under 4,000 pounds unladen may tow any vehicle weighing 6,000 pounds or more gross (CVC §21715).

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