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  1. SVrider

    Old BMX bike?

    The guy that started or was owner or something of SE (I think that's the name) was found dead a couple years ago here in Indio in a vacant lot. There was a memorial at the site for a few month, flowers, candles, even a box from a bike was there with messages written on it. Sad
  2. SVrider

    Old BMX bike?

    Glad it's in a good home. Post up when you start, would love to see progress pics and final result. On another note, I have a couple Cult bikes I need to sell....
  3. SVrider

    Old BMX bike?

    I had a old school chrome Diamondback I couldn't sell, ended up giving it away to someone here via GD postal. Wonder if its been restored yet...
  4. SVrider

    The Dirt

    Hmm, makes sense. Plus isn’t she all into saying how bad porn is? Thought I saw an interview where she was saying something along those lines.
  5. SVrider

    New truck questions

    Done. Don’t think I’ll keep it active after the 30 day trial
  6. SVrider

    New truck questions

    Yeah, guess big tanks are nice. Less time spent at fuel stops. Dealer still giving two years of oils changes. Looks like it won’t be due for 7500 miles or until dash thingamajig tells me so. So far I’m liking it
  7. SVrider

    The Dirt

    Let down. No mention of Pamela??
  8. SVrider

    New truck questions

    After one day of use a few things: Truck is big! Gotta get used to driving such a big thing around. Lumber rack is way taller than old truck, gonna be a challenge to access sometimes. Same thing with bed Seems like my old 9’ utility body has more storage space, or maybe I’m just used to it and will have to rearrange all the tools and assorted crap in new truck. 63 gallon fuel capacity! Holy crap, it’ll get expensive to fill up! Interior: seat is comfy Hate the itsy bitsy volume knob on radio, don’t they know men drive these things sometimes? I hope there’s a way to set audio to connect to my phone automatically when I turn it on. Defaults to FM radio and have to connect manually. Every time I turn on truck, Onstar system announces that “Vehicle is in demonstration mode, blah blah, blah”
  9. SVrider

    New truck questions

  10. SVrider

    New truck questions

    Truck is new, had 128 miles on it. Was sitting at the dealer for almost a year. Tag from Royal Truck bodies has a build date of 4-18 so that means around May 1st it was delivered to dealer. It is showing that an oil change is due, not because of miles obviously, but just because of time. I always do oil changes on my 6.0 every six months regardless of mileage. Last couple years it’s been at 2k miles per oil change. This Duramax will probably go no more than 5k miles of use per year, so oil changes every 2.5k miles. That’s assuming it requires it every 5k miles or every 6 months.
  11. SVrider

    New truck questions

  12. SVrider

    New truck questions

    No, 6.0 and keeping it. I’ll probably sell the 08 F350 reg cab utility though...
  13. SVrider

    New truck questions

    They’re on the way to deliver it now.
  14. SVrider

    New truck questions

    I have no real need for a crew cab work truck since I’m always alone. Still have my old F350 crew cab though!
  15. SVrider

    New truck questions

    Ouch, sorry about that! Just called salesman, made the deal. Have had Fords last 20+ years so It’ll be interesting to have a Chevy now

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