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  1. Also installed a paper towel dispenser.
  2. Exactly what my wife said! Looks better than our kitchen sink that’s been there for about ten years...
  3. SVrider

    Weird things you see at work or anywhere else

    This F750 has been around for a few years. Never had a proper bed installed as far as I know. Got to give him credit, he makes his setup work!
  4. SVrider

    Weird things you see at work or anywhere else

    Red tailed hawk (I think)patrolling the Bermuda Dunes Airport. Doing some work at a building next to airport and he’s been here for a few days. Assuming he’s here always. Lots of rabbits and gophers to munch on!
  5. Got tired of the wife yelling at me for washing the dog bowls in kitchen and bathroom sinks and I hate washing crap with the hose if I can help it. Decided to install a sink in garage. Since I’m always tinkering in garage, hands also get grimy and she yells at me for washing my hands inside! Welded a frame for top mount stainless steel sink. Frame was attached to wall studs with 3” lag screws. Ordered sink from Costco website. Included faucet and strainer. Good deal for $199. Bought some aluminum diamond plate for backsplash and sides of sink. Sides were attached with rivets and screws. Corners of sink were finished with some 1” aluminum “L” pieces. I suck at tile work, so please don’t laugh too much at that! I tapped into water heater lines for hot and cold. Drain was run through garage wall to RV dump on side of garage. Finished sink looks pretty good to me! Wife says I can wash the big pots and pans there since I was so eager to have a big sink in garage...Doh!
  6. I'm sorry you had a bad experience. Looks like we can go on an on about this. All that matters at this point is that OP and his family are safe, gets his truck fixed, and his RV home.
  7. I re-read my post twice and nowhere did I notice that I’m “supposing this and supposing that in AAA’s favor” It’s clear to me that I wrote only about my experience with them. Sorry yours has been different and glad you found a different provider that meets your needs. Beauty of our capitalist system and freedom to take your business elsewhere. Also sounds to me that you had a douche bag driver, just like I posted. I’m sure you’re not the only one who’s gotten a DB driver when calling AAA. I had one who didn’t bring a jack and I had to lend him mine along with some tools to change the tire on my hauler after it lost the tread. If I had a similar experience such as yours, I would of of changed companies. Anybody would! Post likes this serve to educate others and maybe check what their insurance covers so they are prepared for such occasions.
  8. I'm not a "fanboi" for AAA, can only post about my personal experience. I've had my F350 diesel Crewcab Longbed towed more than a few times, a couple with my 26' toyhauler and it's NEVER been an issue or denied. Usually the tow company will call me and ask if its a dually. There is sometimes a slight delay so that the right rig is sent out due to the length of my truck. When I've had toyhauler towed, they sent out an even bigger rig to handle both. Slightly longer delay for that, but once again, NEVER been denied. I pay my AAA personal vehicle premiums with my business account and have a separate commercial insurance policy for my work trucks that I pay with same account. I don't expect them to tow my work trucks when they break down though, just because I pay a couple grand a year with said account. It's clearly stated in the fine print! I'm sure there is some sort of appeal process if they deny service to a personal vehicle. Probably get reimbursed for the cost. I've had personal vehicles towed that didn't belong to me only because I was a passenger and it was also no issue. When you add a vehicle to an AAA personal policy, they ask what kind of truck it is, what kind of bed, etc. They are not dumb, if you have a 2500 or 3500 and it has a service body with a lumber rack, it's probably going to be used for business. I see plenty of guys toying 5th wheels, etc with decal-ed trucks, not sure how that is handled, but I just don't see why they would have an issue with a 2500 or 3500 pick up with no decals, unless tow truck driver is being a DB. I'd talk to AAA about the service provider. They don't want to loose that AAA contract as it is VERY lucrative.
  9. It's in the fine print, they won't cover a tow on commercial vehicles. If your truck looks like a commercial vehicle but is used for personal use and has a "not for hire" sign they should have no issue. If you have company decals and a CA#, obviously it's a commercial vehicle and not eligible for towing. I've had them come out for lock outs and they will do that on my commercial truck, even with decals and CA#...
  10. hope it's an easy repair, sounds like it from your research. Still sucks to be stranded far from home. Good luck man. I was in Riverside this morning and on the way home, traffic on the 10 west bound was crazy, sometimes people towing RVs are on the side broken down, didn't see any today so hopefully everyone made it home ok from the desert playgrounds.
  11. Upgrade that badboy stat! Hundred bucks a year is cheap insurance...I know I'm not telling you anything you haven't figured out already... I'd offer to tow your RV but I'm only set up for standard bumper tow and have a lid on my F350
  12. You've probably already have, but google search brings up a few diesel shops with pretty good reviews. Nothing much you can do until the AM and start calling.
  13. Situations like that is why I have AAA Premium RV/Motorcycle. 4 tows a year, one of them up to 200 miles. Wife gets 4 tows, I get 4 tows. Have used it a few times to have truck and toyhauler towed. More than paid for itself over the years with that and the other services they include.
  14. No experience with Duramax diesels, but I've heard it's very bad to use stop leak in some diesels...

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