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  1. were heading out thursday morning, early- thru sunday (17-20) Looks like a light group this trip. we will have 3 buggys, all turbo 4-5 seaters. not crazy, just fun fast runs. we usually have the first camp near the handicapped restrooms, by glamis flats. The girls like being near venders row. Ill have a red SCU flag on Moho, come on by and say hi, and join us for a run, Michael Offers open to anyone, were always looking for more friendly duners.
  2. if you live in Menifee, I keep my car there, I can call you from the in car radio, and cell at the same time, and test your in car. I know I can reach out for miles, so depending on where you live, it may be easy to try them out, Michael
  3. Heres a few pics of my buddys car. its a copy of an Extreme, or SCU. It literally ripped the lower arm off the car. He was able to drive it back .....slowly. We took it to SCU, and Don totally re-configured the angle of the front end, and built new lower arms. My Buddy says the car has never handled so good, it turns like on a rail. Original tubing was cheaped out on and tore loose like a roll of toilet paper.
  4. I have a "vintage" SCU Millennium car (9 years old now) so a factory warranty is a thing of the past. So the day before we head out to Glamis, a couple weeks ago, I pull the car out of the trailer into the garage to give it a once over, and cleaning. Why do I smell gas?? Oh CRAP, I see gas dripping out of the gas tank. I love the 22 gallon size gas tank, but its mounted between the back seat and the trans, and not easy to get to. I'll try to make a long story as short as possible. I called Don at SCU, no way to get it there that day, so ill pull it and be there early am (instead of being 1/2 way to Glamis) Don arrives even earlier than usual, and Tigs up the aluminum tank, so I can at least make the 5 day weekend, we had planned. NO CHARGE. Wow, thats better than quick and cheap, its free! I was out of there before they usually open, got home, reassembled the back end, and off to Glamis, only a few hours behind schedule. What could have been a nightmare, turned out to be a little speedbump. A few years ago when I was looking at sandcars, not only do I love the looks of SCUs, but I heard nothing but good things about the quality, customer service, and reputation of these cars. I freely admit, I beat the heck out of this car. I drive it hard, and love doing so. Its great to have the builder so close, and pretty much always in reach for repairs, or dumb questions. I call that GREAT customer service. Makes me glad I bought this car.
  5. my kid did his car in matte grey, it looked ok when it was clean, but as soon as it got dusty, it looked like cheap primer. A Lambo isnt a dirt car, and is always detailed and clean................ someting to think about
  6. Distance was somewhere in the 120 foot range, paced out, which is impressive, but the height was even more so! Awesome air. He had that car pinned in second at the top of the back hill, then made the turn and nailed third, and held it to the floor. Must be hard to walk with those kahunas!
  7. its an entertaining show, but would you really live in a tent out in the woods? I wouldn't want to wake up with a walker clawing thru a light piece of tent. would you ever go into a town without enough ammo to whack and stack every zombie you see? these guys were cops, surely they know the value of semi auto high cap weapons. You can clean out a town of zombies in one stand. Then you can safely load up on supplys, fuel AMMO, etc.... theres plenty of trucks around, so ditch the mini cars and drive something with a little metal around you. prioritys
  8. Great pics, and a fantastic time as usual. vids from the phone sent out this morning.
  9. Well have to program in a few freqs to the speed buttons. It will be nice to have a voice by the end of the weekend, not yelling car to car............
  10. more info please. i thought these were alot more expensive. so its an adapter at the OEM filter location and a large filter located somewhere else? I had a 2005 F250 Ford with the 6.0. Theres a write up on POWERSTROKEHELP.COM about fords, but they have a link to the parts needed to do the bypass filtration system. it was under $250, plus shipping for the filter system, and super easy to install. ( i had it in and working in under 2 hours, custom made hoses and all) I was going to hook up my buddy with a Dodge, but it was a lot more complicated, and he didnt want to deal with it. Add the synthetic oil, and your doubling the price, as it was over $200.
  11. I've been riding for years with no windshield. I just added one, and absolutely love it! the best part is when your duning with a group, or someone cuts your trail and the sand roost doesnt get in your everything, like it always did before the windshield. it all comes down to what you like. Ride with a couple other folks, and you will know right away if its for you.
  12. I know anything comming into Calif, needs to be inspected for serial# etc to start. they can do it at dmv, but plan on spending all day. then hopefully no nightmare
  13. I picked up a class c motorhome, with a medium duty 2" hitch, that bolts on. I would like to beef it up a little, just tomake sure its safe. Any recommendations on shops? any GDers welders?? Thanks Found a local portable welder, who got me all fixed up in my driveway!
  14. I absolutely hate breakdowns anyway, so I guess I'll make an appointment and have it gone thru. I was leaning that way in the first place. Better to be safe than getting towed back to camp!
  15. I put a by-pass filtration system on my diesel, and ran amsoil synthetic motor oil. you can go longer between changes, and the screw on oil filters filter thru a much finer filter, as well as your regular oil filter. it was just over $200 bucks, if you do your own install. might be worth it if you plan on keeping it.

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