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  1. I bought a set of fiberglass caps for a Weekend Warrior from a board member and need to get them to Yuma AZ, from Perris CA 92571. It's going to take a flat bed trailer and a moving blanket or two. I'll pay all your expenses to get them to Yuma for me. Let me know what you can do. I know this is a long shot but I can not make my winter home of mother G this winter. Glenn Ziesenis three one six 6 five five three one six two.
  2. There always seems to be one that want's to be different. I have found that if there is the least bit of grease on the boot or flange, for some reason it will not seal and will always sling grease. Check and recheck the flange and inter side of boot for any grease as you put them on. Be very careful not to let the sealing side of the boot touch any where there is grease. I use a a lot brake cleaner and clean everything up after I bolt the CV's on. I also tape the sealing surface of the flange and inter boot, and remove the tape just before I push the boot onto the flange. It's a pita, but it all has to click to work. Good luck Flip,
  3. May dad was in chrome all his working life. He always told me that if it is under stress and chrome you better have it oven baked after or you will have just this. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ It is just something about the whole chrome process that will cause the crack to start.
  4. All but one of my subi's have have started life from John, one, my first was from (brand builder x) and lasted two whopping hour's before it Granada. All have been 2.5 until the last one that is now in the car that is a 3.0. Yes I am hard on my motors and John has been back in it a couple of times and I have been in it a couple of times. I have been a test bed for some of johns block studs. I've robed and alternator pulley idea from John to slow my alternator down to make it live longer. I have run balls to to wall behind him and not been able to sustain the speed he can. on a few occasions. But what I want to say here is, If it were not for the lower center of gravity that my 3.0 has I would have been on my lid more then once last year on one very exciting dune ride. I believe that Chizzle can sing out here because he was directly behind me when I got a mite aggressive on the turning brake and put my car on it's outside two wheels on a reverse lip and put it ninety degrees to the ground yet was able to save it do to the CC fact. Had there been a V8 back there I would have never have saved it. I mite add that the block and chains on this 3.0 are in the ball park of fourteen years old. John has spent countless hours on the phone helping me out with problems that have happen'd on and off the dyno, (at home) sometimes on my own behalf. I have never felt John to be talking to us in a holey er then tho way or down to anyone. He is a man that knows his Subi motors and is in no way too secretive or beyond us to explain them. He has forgotten more about the Subaru then most v8 guys will ever know. Long live the king of Subaru.
  5. I have had this happen at my dyno shop here at home, but was lucky catch. It was my HRT and after a few pulls my dyno guy wanted to look at a plug to see if all was good. I pulled one out and all was good so I put it back in. The very next pull the same thing happens that John just described. First thing my dyno guy said is you cracked the plug putting it back in. Sure enough when I got it out there was a hair line crack just where this one is shown. I believe, In using the small plug socket if you get it misaligned any at all when torquing, it will put side pressure on the plug. Subi's have deep plug cavities and this is easy to do.
  6. This^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  7. We have any were from four to fifteen in a line anyone day. Only two or three of us have radios. The leader and the tail man will both have them for sure. The days with four or five of us, we run fast and hard. Keeping only three or four car links between each car. those days the total combined seat time would be around 156 years, so we know what the one in front well do and how he well react on anyone hill or bowl, we know his cars capability as well as our own, and we know if the the car in front has a butt load of power to go wide at the top of a dune to keep from getting a face full of sand. The days with more or all fifteen we hold the distance between cars at five to six links. because some are just getting into the sand and have little time behind the wheel. We have to stop and dig out someone that don't make it over the lip of a dune or they fall back to far get off line and dive into a witch's eye, and some have a hard time making it up a tall soft dune face. The tail man can generally keep and eye on the line and radio the leader to slow down or pick up the pace as needed. This lets each individual concentrate on his driving, and just keep his distance back from the car in front of him,.
  8. Did not know where to put this so I dropped it here. (Mod'd please move if need be} Found this on my Facebook page this afternoon. I sold the car to a friend in Arizona- mid 90’s so needle in a haystack- car is still in Arizona - so any info on this car would greatly be appreciated. Heard car is STILL salmon and white
  9. He went to a gun show in Arkansas , and talked to people that said they were willing to cut up there AR-15 and AK-47's? Are you frigging kidding me! I really don't think he would be alive to make that statement had he made it at a gun show. Liar liar pants on fire.
  10. What he said^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Almost hit that same drop off. Can't see it until your on it.
  11. Break that axle at the trans end and that car will be flaming BBQ. Don't shoot the messenger, just saying.
  12. Wow John that's a lot of MOcheen!!!!!! With all the equipment you now have and this big pig you could start a earth moving company if the Subaru biz ever went south. Naw that won't happen. LOL.
  13. Very nice Jeff. Show's a lot of talent.

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