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  1. fastcorvairs

    Hitch of choice - thinking alum

    Iv had this style on my trucks for ten plus years. Towed lots of trailers and much weight.
  2. fastcorvairs

    Anyone cover their trailers?

    I did this to my 4005 CL and it worked pretty well. Pain in the pu-two-ty now that it is time to redo. I cannot complain about it lastet for about three years. It is all flakey now and will need to be stripped off. I'll do it again because the trailer looked so good when it was fresh.
  3. fastcorvairs

    ISO FM Transceiver

    Ya this week at our little dunes in Oklahoma Little Sahara. Would like to just get a new one and be done with it.
  4. fastcorvairs

    ISO FM Transceiver

    Yaesu FT 2900 R Got caught in a rain storm last trip out into mother G and got water into my radio. It no worky now. Anything out there?
  5. fastcorvairs

    Identify this car?🤔

    Look closely at the area on the upper a-arm sure looks like Amplified spelled with a lazer.
  6. fastcorvairs

    Weekend Warrior fiberglass caps!! SOLD!!

    Check your PayPal
  7. fastcorvairs

    Weekend Warrior fiberglass caps!! SOLD!!

    Do these bond on? And where are they located?
  8. fastcorvairs

    CNC Closed

    This. A name is just blue sky in the sale of any kind of business. Blue sky brings in no $$$$$$. Same thing with my Small business just name.
  9. fastcorvairs

    E40 1$ a gallon.

    I have 60 gallons 1$ a gallon can deliver to Gordon's well Saturday or Glamis Sunday afternoon this comming week end Fuel is about two months old. Been in a dark shead for storage. Bring your own drum's. Glenn 3166553162. I will have only one more day that I can deliver and that is iffy.
  10. fastcorvairs

    Carnage report 4/4

    I read and look at this thread and thank my lucky stars to how lucky I was when mine broke.
  11. fastcorvairs

    Buyer be aware of Acefuture

    Always has to one in the crowd. Just different.
  12. fastcorvairs

    Carnage report 4/4

    been there and done that one. sick feeling when it lets go.
  13. fastcorvairs

    2D to S4 - Need Advice Please

    I went with the swap this season and can't be happier. I had already put the 934's in the car so the new to me PBS came with the 934 flanges already installed. My PBS is one of the older ones but it seems to shift pretty well. I did all of the swap myself so the cost out of pocket wasn't as bad.
  14. fastcorvairs

    Ram owners.. Air bags?

    Yes, I pull a 4005+5 and have bag's. 90 PSI

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