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  1. Retirement is so over related. Only if you have something to keep you busy and happy. Quit your frigging job but never quit the sand.
  2. When we come down for the winter we dune with a member of the 78 Crew CHP he workes that stretch of 8. There's a reason you find so many of them from Winterhaven to Gordons Well, the Border Patrol request it, and it's the best area to find ill'et drugs. If you're pulling a trailer keep it under seventy and they'll just roll up beside you and give you the hi five five and keep rolling.
  3. Love the way he butts welded the tube at an angle rather than straight around. So much cleaner and I would think stronger.
  4. Remember me! I may be coming your way to pick up a new to me TH.
  5. I have pulled from Kansas to Yuma with the gen running. Winter time and cold as a witch's titty in a cast iron bra. Summer time with the air on with out any problems. twice with my 92 WW with a 6500 Onan and once with my 06 WW with a 5500 Onan.
  6. In your dad's age that was true. In today's world not so much. Why are you trying to complicate things so much? Listen to your peers, people that have been there and done that.
  7. Iv had this style on my trucks for ten plus years. Towed lots of trailers and much weight.
  8. Look closely at the area on the upper a-arm sure looks like Amplified spelled with a lazer.
  9. This. A name is just blue sky in the sale of any kind of business. Blue sky brings in no $$$$$$. Same thing with my Small business just name.
  10. I have 60 gallons 1$ a gallon can deliver to Gordon's well Saturday or Glamis Sunday afternoon this comming week end Fuel is about two months old. Been in a dark shead for storage. Bring your own drum's. Glenn 3166553162. I will have only one more day that I can deliver and that is iffy.
  11. I read and look at this thread and thank my lucky stars to how lucky I was when mine broke.
  12. been there and done that one. sick feeling when it lets go.
  13. I went with the swap this season and can't be happier. I had already put the 934's in the car so the new to me PBS came with the 934 flanges already installed. My PBS is one of the older ones but it seems to shift pretty well. I did all of the swap myself so the cost out of pocket wasn't as bad.

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