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  1. fastcorvairs

    New to the club

    AJ Speed shifter.
  2. fastcorvairs

    New to the club

    So you still have to clutch it when you shift? Is it like a AJ speed shifter?
  3. fastcorvairs

    New to the club

    Mac What all is in it? Looks like it has a sequential shifter in it.
  4. fastcorvairs

    RV Queen Mattress

    Do you know what the firmness of this is? Like firm. extra firm etc.
  5. fastcorvairs

    Turbo subi, which one?

    Gone already.
  6. fastcorvairs

    another box

    This would be close to the new swing set right?
  7. fastcorvairs

    So it begins, My Gen 5 summer 2018 conversion, Outfront Style

    Not condemning, I have had some problems with Garrett but both the company I purchased from and Garrett were civil about it. Found out that Garrett is made a crossed the border south now.
  8. fastcorvairs

    So it begins, My Gen 5 summer 2018 conversion, Outfront Style

    John what brand was the new turbo?
  9. fastcorvairs

    Incredible customer service

    I live 1500 miles away and he still get's to work on mine.
  10. fastcorvairs

    Incredible customer service

    Grate bunch of people. The level of customer service is off the wall.
  11. fastcorvairs

    Turbo subi, which one?

    Hands down 3.0 or 3.2 from John at OutFront Motor Sports. Keeps a very low center of gravity and with the proper turbo and tune you can have 500/700 to the ground on e-85. With the closed deck block and proper internals the motors are strong and reliable. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  12. I'll check with my group and see if they will be riding on Christmas day.
  13. fastcorvairs

    Trans swap

    Could be the VW adapter is a bunch different then the Subaru that I got from John. Had I put the trans in on my 2D mounts with the Subaru adapter the thing would have set about three inches farther up. Trans, axle's, and engine. My engine was already setting so hi that it was playing hell with my full droop of the axles. That is why the car did not handle worth a crap at hi speed on the sand hwy. Now that I dropped everything down three inches I have good wheel travel, smother ride and faster speeds on the SHW.
  14. fastcorvairs

    Trans swap

    The axles sit higher in the PBS If I recall. So the trans needs to go down to maintain the right droop. Plus the PBS is much longer so to not have to remake the trailing arms it needs to go forward about three inches. I dropped my cage down Three inches and was lucky that my trailing arms were set to far back for the 2D so my ales came out almost ninety degrees from the car with the new PBS installed with out having to chop into the cross torque tube. I actually picked up about two inches of wheel travel. This is the before I cut out the lower frame horns pictures and you can see they are straight out from the torque tube This is the after shot and you can see how much drop I had to make to keep the engine from going up and messing with the center line I had.
  15. fastcorvairs

    1BadF9 Photo shoot

    I'll have dreams about this for a month. The car is so bithc'en . Some day. thanks for posting.

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