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  1. One more thing to think about - with six seasons on the motor, Flip Flop, you mite be getting a bit of bearing wear on the rear main and the crank is pounding.
  2. Have not ever heard of this place? Just where is it?
  3. Rig anything up to kill, harm or maim and intrude,thief or lowlife and it's jail time for you. Just walk away and call the cop's and hope they have finished there coffee and donut break. That way you will be ok and not in a hospital or worse being laid in the ground by your loved ones. Intern If they were to come after you with a lug wrench in there hand that's a different story. So be sure you have and extra laying around the shop that has been wiped clean.
  4. Yes it is hard to wrap my head around about half the stuff that works. But sometimes there is just no rime or reason something works.
  5. And here's another take on belt covers. Take them off and throw them away. Look at all the LS motor's out there running with cogged belts and no covers. I'm sure there are others. Just be sure you have the steel cam gears. There are two in our group now with 2.5 Subi's running no covers without any problems. We have one member running a 3.3 Subi that has open belt and no problems.
  6. You don't state if the 2D go's with it or not? The add says roller so yes or no? Don't shoot the messenger just asking to clear up.
  7. So, sell the old AJ, New AJ and the 2'd and install a PBS and be done with it. Shift the PBS as hard as you want and play all day. 😋
  8. I just had a spinal injection procedure yesterday 12/12/2019 that is new and experimental. It is designed as a temporary procedure only. Local med to numb both sides of the spine and then a small amount of steroids are injected into the nerves ether side of the spine along with a massive dose of a numbing solution into each nerve from my L2 to my L5,(I have seven injection sites.) The procedure is designed to tell the doctors just what nerves are causing the pain and its location. You are sent home with a journal to keep a record of just what area go's numb and what areas do not. I was pain free in all area's , except in my groin and leg within two hours. I could walk without a cane and did not need pain med's at bed time. Journal is for a six hour period you inter each hour starting with 1 through 6 as to what go's numb and a brief explanation. the effects of the shots will wear off in a day or two, some of the steroids will remain, but for the most part the nurse told me I would be back to hurting in two or three days. On your follow up appointment your return of the journal will tell the doctors if you are a good candidate for (Radiofrequency) waves that ablate, or burn", the nerve that is causing the pain, essentially eliminating the transmission of pain signals to the brain. So they only burn the ones that are affected. At the moment I only have a small amount of pain caused by the needles. I will elect to go with this procedure.
  9. If the cable mounts are mounted to the frame, and the cables are pulling and pushing like you say, the shifter end of the cables must be mounted on the wrong side of the shifter pivot point. What shifter is on the car? Can the cables be reversed? Use Caution in having the brackets mounted to the frame. Any twist or movement in the trans mounts, and the car frame, could cause ghost shifts. Best to have all bracketing on the trans even if you must build barracking that attach's to the trans it's self. PBS transmissions do not like any big loops in the cables. A loop tens to push and pull to change the throw of the arms. If you must have a large loop be sure to us cable clamps to secure the loop so it cannot pull or push out of shape. My .02 only.
  10. I run e-85 so I have to carry some with me. I put my spare fuel in at the Glamis store after lunch to head straight across to sand hyway and home.
  11. Been there and done that back in the late 1990, Looking at surgery again now. Late 1990 I had just what the doc is saying your son needs now. Not a big thing now with the less intrusive surgery they have . Out patient surgery now. I just seen a spine surgeon today because my C4/C5 is a mess with Stenosis. I have a hard time walking because of the pain in my left leg. This is why I am not at my winter home in Yuma right now. I am getting a third Epidural in less then two mounts in the spine this Thursday and praying it takes this time. Next step for me is Radiofrequency also called rhizotomy, this is a minimally invasive procedure that uses heat to reduce or stop the transmission of pain. Radiofrequency waves ablate, or burn", the nerve that is causing the pain, essentially eliminating the transmission of pain signals to the brain. If that don't work i'm look at fuzzing the lower spine. Don't give it much thought about him being in a chair at 40, they have come a long way with back surgery. You want to take this to a PM I'll be glad to talk in depth about it.
  12. Looks like triple webers or Dellorto's.
  13. Have you got the new turbo oil pressure regulated to 40 psi or orifice to .050/.060?

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