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  1. fastcorvairs

    sand mountain

    If you are talking Sand Mountain Nevada? One hill, that's just about it. One big a$$ hill of sand and you are done. Pete and repeat. When I was there back in 2010 That was it. Did not ever pull my car out of the TH, road with a buddy up the hill and back down, loaded his car and hit the road east to Little Sahara Utah.
  2. fastcorvairs

    How to self extract a sand car from a witches eye "OR"

    I was just starting to back out of the throttle when I seen him in front of me. He was pretty good to keep the camera running while scrambling.
  3. Where not to stand when videoing me doing it. We had five cars in a hole. four got pulled out and I elected to drive out. No one was hurt filming this. 14537 (2).3gp
  4. fastcorvairs

    E85 things to know.

    Thanks CHIZZLE We definitely check before buying. There is a station in EL Centro Of coarse that's California and 3.60$ a gallon.
  5. fastcorvairs

    E85 things to know.

    Let's bring this back to the top. I though this was the thread that someone had said there was a station on the east side of PHX that sold E-85 fuel? PM me if you like or text 1-316-655-31 six two
  6. fastcorvairs

    Big thank you to John @ OutFront

    Don't know how to cut it out KR. Would if I knew.
  7. fastcorvairs

    Big thank you to John @ OutFront

    glamistoyshoarder E-85 from the pump that actually checked E-90 Had to cut it back with 91. Next year with time I will put and O-2 sensor in it along with a flex fuel reader.
  8. fastcorvairs

    Big thank you to John @ OutFront

    Thank you John, with out your vast knowledge this could not have been Headed to Yuma and the dunes this week and though it would be a good idea to put the HRT on the dyno after some recent changes. Good thing I did because i had some cam relay wiring problems. This is one of Johns old 3.0 H6 EZ30 Subaru's that I had a head crack. I had John rebuild a new head and he furnished me with a set of new head studs that he just had made. Said they were the cats butt and would toque to 90/100 foot pounds. O-boy i'm thinking more boost. This pull on the dyno the boost went to 16.5. More then John recommends but the motor won't see this much. Jumped on the phone and called john and as usual he was the best. explained to him that the car would only do about 5500 rpm and he knew asap what the problem was. Here is the results of his vast knowledge. Car pulled to 6200 and was still making HP and TQ when my tuner chopped the throttle. VID_20190118_211533365_(1).mp4
  9. fastcorvairs

    Steering rack nonsense

    Where's this coming from? Last time I checked Chromoly was a bunch stronger then aluminum. KingKong That is a 40$ hime spreader from Latest Rage on a center load rack from Latest Rage or any of the dune buggy parts suppliers.
  10. fastcorvairs

    Edge Insight CTS2

    Yes just unscrew the EGT probe from the Dodge and put a plug in the hole. As for the Ford the EGT probe needs to be pre turbo for the best reading. I don't think it is going to mess with the computer in anyway being the Edge is just reading from the OBD for the monitor. It dose not make any changes to the ECM in anyway.
  11. fastcorvairs

    Building an Off Grid Cabin using Free Pallet Wood

    Pretty cool. living the dream.
  12. fastcorvairs

    2005 tech 3 mid engine

    Never seen a tec 3 with non coil over's. Little heavy of a car to run just air shocks. Pictures would help, need to know what it weigh's. If it has anything but a busa motor it will need sprung shocks.
  13. fastcorvairs

    E85 things to know.

    OCH-Y Blue Jay I don"t think your bad experience was the norm for e-85. I and friends have run ethanol fuel for close to five years now and never had that bad of luck. Same fuel has been in the tank of my car since I started my trans swap this year and that was last May. YOU MUST have the right filters and lines, you can't just pump in ethanol and like plug and play. Your car must be prepped for it. That means the correct fuel lines, fitting's, filters and tune. Ethanol is not like Methanol, Methanol will corrode just about anything. Ethanol is refined corn oil.
  14. fastcorvairs

    2" Hollows

    Jason Can you do your existing spindles, buy new hubs and calipers?
  15. fastcorvairs


    I do like the fact it can be welded over. Mig is fine but I don't know about tig. I used it on my 2D to PBS s4 swap and it worked good. Power wire brush will remove it.

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