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  1. Unless you have a living room slide like I do in mine and you cant pull it all the way up to the cabinet. I haven't measured but you loose at lease a foot because the wheel has to be inside the false door.
  2. SIK-06

    WTB 2015+ Ford Expedition Limited

    Looking for Expedition for my wife. 2015+ Eco boost Looking to buy a 2015+ Ford expedition limited or platinum. PRIVATE PARTIES ONLYMUST HAVES:* White exterior* Tan interior* Sunroof* low to average miles (no more the 15k/year) * ECOboost* Clean Title * Non EL
  3. SIK-06

    gps coordinates

    lmao Thanks
  4. SIK-06

    gps coordinates

    Anyone have the coordinates to the Teeter Totter?
  5. SIK-06

    Finally getting my shop built!!

    Frickin Sweet! @rampster
  6. SIK-06

    Bicycles in toyhauler

    I tried that, way to flimsy!
  7. SIK-06

    Bicycles in toyhauler

    Here ya go! https://www.singletracks.com/blog/uncategorized/diy-bike-storage-rack/
  8. I believe your already in talks with Corey. Sent him this yesterday!
  9. did this sell?? Have a serious buyer
  10. SIK-06

    Powerball $620 million wed oct 24

    Let do it!
  11. Located in Phoenix AZ (85086), Carb rebuilt, new fuel valve, filter and lines. All work was done a couple weeks ago. Rear Skat-Trak Haulers. Runs Great! $1200 Text 602-509-5701
  12. SIK-06

    [WTB] ~35' Toy Hauler 5er 2014 or newer

    Thanks sending to him now!

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