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  1. Is that at Glamis? In front of the store. DON~~~
  2. A little breezy, did she have a rain coat? DON~~~
  3. They do get squarely at times. DON~~~
  4. It use to be lead sleds, not bondo sleds. DON~~~
  5. I think she has it right, and she is paying the taxes that support the city. DON~~~
  6. I love Pro Mod. They are scary fast. They might need a funny car wing. DON~~~
  7. Take it to Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale and you will get way more than that. DON~~~
  8. Everyone gets a piece of the cake. DON~~~
  9. 1957 Chevy Belair post car. I had two of them, windows don't rattle and they are lighter than a hard top, no X member in the frame. DON~~~
  10. Staying home, I have people coming to look at my truck that is FOR SALE. DON~~~

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