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  1. They are made a lot better and have a bigger engine, 14" tires, heavy duty running gear ect. DON~~~
  2. Put them in the side by side parts for sale section. DON~~~
  3. I am glad you like it because I got the call that mine came in today. Going to pick it up tomorrow. Lets see that is about $10 per lb. My rail is 1900 lbs X $10. = $19,000. I wish. Rhino weight is 1124 lbs. Prowler 1000XTZ is 1175 lbs. RZR-S is 1000 lbs. DON~~~
  4. Most of them are overhead door springs. You can get them at a overhead door company but they make a million different spring rates. I just weighed the door with two bathroom springs at the cable attachment point and gave them the weights and they gave the right springs. DON~~~
  5. It looks like Kool kote or like product. You can do it your self, just paint it on in a couple hours. They have it at paint stores or Home depot. I use it on my house and my trailer. It makes a big difference with heat transfer. If you have big problems they make a material that looks like a very heavy t-shirt mat. and you put the liquid on roll the material in then paint another coat on top of it. It works like a champ and is easy and not that expensive. It dries like ruber. DON~~~
  6. Every duner needs one of these. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Powersports...bayphotohosting DON~~~
  7. Yes it is. Even better in person. DON~~~
  8. I guess the only way you are going to find out is to build one. I have seen some of the circle track dwarf cars at the dunes with offset front motors and solid rears w/drive shafts, They go pretty good on the flats, but with a motorcycle motor they just don't have the stuff at the top of the hills. You find out how cubic inch matters when you get to the upper part of Olds. Old drag racers will remember the jr fuel cars injected small blocks on nitro. Off the line against a AAfuel car they would stay side by side until half track than by by small cu inch. The AA fuel car would pass them like they were standing still. DON~~~
  9. Just go pay someone to bend it for you, you will be money ahead. There is a metal to put into small thin tubing to bend, it is called cerobend it melts in hot water. Sand won't work. For roll bars you use large radius and thick enough tube you don't need anything inside. DON~~~
  10. Water in the fuel will screw it up also. DON~~~
  11. I hope you are looking for a new location as when the railroad adds the new track it will have to get moved. The power lines are going underground also. DON~~~
  12. Don't chrome the alum. just polish it. The chrome will peal off but if you just have it polished all you have to do is clean it up. It is not worth doing it your self. I have a local guy that is excelent but I would think you could find someone local to you. DON~~~
  13. More $$$$$$$$$$$$ is always a good thing when building a new sand car, it always takes more $$$ than you thought when you started. DON~~~
  14. I weld a lot of those wheels up after they hit a pot hole. The tires have zero give and the wheel just crack, always on the inside. The chrome is usually like 1/8" thick. They don't mind paying the price to fix as they cost a ton of money. Usualy the rims and tires cost more than the car they are on. DON~~~
  15. Just don't insure it for full value because they charge the same price but if you wreck it you only get salvage price. I have had a few salvage titles, I just drove them until they weren't worth much anyway and never had a problem selling them when they are only worth a couple thousand bucks. DON~~~
  16. donparscale

    M. I. A.

    Yes it was, the fish has it. He is holding it for ransom, he wants his old sand car back. DON~~~
  17. Is this the same company making them that was at the Barrett Jackson last year? Nice looking set up. DON~~~
  18. Nice job. Gabe is one heck of a welder, he welded my car when he was at AlumiCraft. DON~~~
  19. I have sold a lot of stuff on eBay also and I agree with Kevin 100% I also don't think you will get any bids. DON~~~
  20. Nice job, looks great. DON~~~
  21. That just sucks. Another reason why the auto makers don't deserve a bail out. There are a lot of ways they could stop car thives. DON~~~
  22. I bought Beards at the sand show and they delivered them to my door. DON~~~

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