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  1. Building a new motor for this one and need something to ride until it is done. DON~~~
  2. If you were going to buy a new quad just for the dunes what would be the baddest one to buy. THANKS DON~~~
  3. My old quad, bored and stroked to 600cc. DON~~~
  4. They must know they have a problem if the are making them out of chromemoly now. Straighten yours and ask for a trade in. You haven't used them have you. DON~~~
  5. Was there today. Got the accumulator mounted on my F5 and it is all ready to go. Gotta put the side panels on and I am ready for next weekend. Yeeeeeehaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Don, I think you will have yours by T day easy. Be carefully with the accumulator, when your oil pressure goes low it uses the oil from the accumalator, than when the pressure comes back it robes the motor to fill it back up. I had one on a small block chevy and also had a low oil pressure switch that killed the motor, lucky for that or it would have blown the motor. DON~~~
  6. All you street legal rails Chirco has a FREEpre-show BBQ Oct. 14th starts at 6:30PM. They also have a show the next day Oct. 15th. Drive down and eat FREE. Chirco Performance 9101 E. 22nd street Tucson, AZ 85710 DON~~~
  7. The problem you have is they are mild steel, see the blue seam. Nothing you can do will fix them. If they told you they are chromemoly go see a attorney. DON~~~
  8. I hear Blonds have more fun? DON~~~
  9. Me to and you can call anyone not just base, in case no one is there. DON~~~
  10. It doesn't matter, pressure forces the water in and vacume draws it back in the radiator. Mine is below the radiator and it works fine. It is a must to have also, it keeps your system full and keeps the air out of your radiator. DON~~~
  11. If you run your first set up they work great. Just set the fan to come on at around 180deg. I know it is expensive with the shroud and the fans but is worth it. You also have to make sure you get all the air out of the system. DON~~~
  12. It's the same as a C5R block <(Been running for years) And yes, there has been one running with no heating issues.. Zilla With all those cool motors which one are you going to put in your car? DON~~~
  13. I have been there since it started and it was the biggest one yet. There was ton of stuff outside also filling every sq. inch of space. There has always been stuff outside but not like this year. I got on the list for a car a few years ago and never go there to buy anything but have always bought something. So many cool things to look at. In three days you can't see it all. I always hit the swap meet next door for a couple hours also and always buy something there. The craziest thing I seen was blowers and turbos for Rino's. Don't even have a real engine and you want to put a turbo or blower on it. I am sure they will sell a ton of them. DON~~~
  14. Here is proof Steve was there and playing around with some blond chick, guess who? DON~~~
  15. I agree, and here is proof you were there. DON~~~
  16. I use the Lucas fuel injection cleaner in my motor and in my diesel truck, keeps the carbon out of your cylinders. When you buy the big bottle at Autozone or Pepboys when on sale the price is not that bad. DON~~~
  17. That was what they told me also with my S-5 and that was what I put in it. No problems so far after two seasons. Dual turbo NorthStar in a 1900lb. car. DON~~~
  18. Our ace store has 7 mm. just a little bigger than 1/4. 1 and 1/2 would be 40 mm or 38.1 long. Just a note for you non converters. multiply by 25.4 for metric 2 inch x25.4=50.8mm 10mm divided by 25.4= .3937 inch. just a little education for ya guys I have a easier way, just take your dig. calps to the american size and click the metric button. DON~~~
  19. Stainless ball valve from ACE hardware. DON~~~
  20. I will back up Dons set up, it worked great! On your car in the picture. HUH DON~~~
  21. Take lots of pictures with you to court. You know judges don't know zip about sand cars. DON~~~
  22. #3 stainless, you can get it at your local speed shop. Same size as for brake lines. DON~~~

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