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  1. You should see the HUGE Amazon warehouse they are building in Tucson. DON~~~
  2. Dave has a few boats and they all have capsules, that is why he can still walk around. My son Jeff worked on his crew and went to work for the guy that made his capsules in Sacramento CA for 6 months to learn how to repair carbon fiber. He then went on to work on a Funny car crew. DON~~~
  3. I built parts for these boats same owner, won the shootout at Lake Havasu every year until he quit. DON~~~
  4. My friend Dave sharp runs AA Alcohol and he has crashed a few times, this is what is left after a crash that is not in the bottom of the lake. DON~~~
  5. Do you like that Democrat running for President that wants to give everyone in the US $1000. per month from the day they are born until they die? What a joke he is. DON~~~
  6. What did you do with the free money? DON~~~
  7. Just have him transfer the money from his bank into your bank. You can look at your account and see it is in there before he arrives. DON~~~
  8. Man that is a big trunk. Trunk and hood looks like the same size. DON~~~
  9. Thanks, it was a heck of a deal also. DON~~~
  10. I found a Arris surfboard 6190 1.4 gbps brand new on ebay for $35. better than the one I have now. I didn't know they only last for 3 years average and mine is 6 years old. DON~~~
  11. I have a Arris surfboard SB6 141. My Cox tech says it is on the way out. Which one should I buy? DON~~~
  12. Maybe she will learn not to be like her dad. 😊 DON~~~
  13. I did that in the past and when you go to the doctor ask for a cash discount, it will blow your mind how much the discount will be. If they so no look for a different doctor. DON~~~
  14. Arizona sent this to me. NEWS FOR OUR CUSTOMERS, FROM THE ADOT MOTOR VEHICLE DIVISION "Getting Arizona out of line and safely on the road" WILL YOUR LICENSE FLY? Have you gotten your Travel ID? It’s a driver license or ID card that meets the federal requirements for acceptable forms of ID for airports and federal buildings. Don’t be grounded! If you don’t have a federally-accepted form of ID as of October 1, 2020, the federal TSA may not allow you to get on your flight. Make an appointment now at ServiceArizona.com to get your Travel ID. You’ll need one type of documentation proving your identity such as a birth certificate or Passport. A second type of documentation that shows your Social Security number is also needed. Finally, you will need to have two forms of documentation such as a utility bill or mortgage statement to prove Arizona residency. Avoid any hassle and get the Travel ID as soon as possible. For more details, go to www.azdot.gov/travelid SELLING OR BUYING A CAR IN A PRIVATE SALE? You can do your banking online, pay your water bill online, and buy everything from AA batteries to zirconia jewelry on the web. Why not transfer title on a car, truck or other vehicle online? You can! With eTitle, Arizona-registered cars with no liens or brands (such as a salvage title) can be transferred online when it’s a one-owner to one-owner transfer. It’s very easy and saves you from making a trip to an MVD or Authorized Third Party office. Learn more at www.azdot.gov/etitle SPEAKING OF ONLINE… Since we introduced the Permit Test @ Home in March, about 43,000 potential teen drivers have taken the test digitally. Instead of coming to an MVD office with a parent or guardian for the test, it can now be done at a time that’s convenient for the teen as well as the parent or guardian. It also means thousands fewer people had to come to an MVD office, freeing up more time for us to serve those who do need our services. THESE INNOVATIONS ARE POSSIBLE BECAUSE… Of a relatively new service portal called AZ MVD Now. Go to www.ServiceArizona.com and set up your free AZ MVD Now account. It allows you access to eTitle, Permit Test @ Home, as well as other services like managing your registration renewals and even putting funds in your account for future MVD needs or even as a gift voucher! GETTING YOU OUT OF LINE The time it takes to get in and out of an MVD office is very important. MVD’s vision is to “Get Arizona out of line and safely on the road.” These innovations have helped reduce the average door-to-door time from about 52 minutes in 2015, to just over 20 minutes now. That time is given back to you!
  15. That has to be the biggest car door made. DON~~~
  16. That is weird, it was there when I posted it. DON~~~
  17. I wonder if you could do the stairs in stamped concrete to match the walkway? I have stamped concrete in my drive way and I love it. DON~~~
  18. I had a turbo Corvair and it didn't drive that bad. DON~~~
  19. AIRCRAFT HITS FOUR BUILDINGS This is tough to see. It just shows the dangers of attending these events. DON~~~
  20. What about a gaggle of jeeps? A side by side is just a small jeep. DON~~~

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