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  1. Thumb. I've broken both wrists so it's easier to have a firm grip.
  2. Lots of Child-like complaining from Grown men. How embarrassing.
  3. Is there a reason the floor was redone, besides cosmetic? Thanks.
  4. One of the nicest cars ever built. This thing is a TRUE Duners Dream. Out of pure selfishness, I hope this thing doesn't sell so I can have a chance at it in 6 months. ?
  5. I was going to take a break, then I got my Girl back that loves riding her 450R (and her daughter wants a quad, too). While some spend infinite amounts of money on this sport, I do everything I can to keep it as cheap as possible. Used toy haulers and rolling through the dunes on a 450R is good enough for me and I think that's is a huge ingredient in the ability to play this game, long term.
  6. I'm gonna have to pass the feedback on to my Buddy, Nico. He is a Duner and has been hired on to be an extra for the show. He used to roll the Arrogant Bastard Funco Gen 4... sold it to become a Harley tech and ended up working for this show.
  7. That's because he IS trying to f$ck you. Bababouy has a story about an "as is" happy ending. Hopefully he will chime in. @BaBaBouy
  8. My buddy was interested in two of those cars posted. I sent him links and he's considering buying one of the two cars for his commute. Them being posted seems pretty helpful, from my perspective. Pretty sure Members here sell cars... one example would be GG selling his POS cars he flips from his Bank... but why split hairs? Some of you complain about anything... ??‍♂️ Hey... look... there's a SHITLOAD of CARS for sale in the "CARS AND TRUCKS" forum! God damn website!!!
  9. It seems one guy on here is making it his personal vendetta to make a negative reply at any chance he can get, on the subject. I've never seen this level of crybaby in my 15 years on this site. It's goddamn embarrassing. For someone who has such nice toys and likes to brag about it so often, he sure does complain about other people a lot. The level of negativity shed into SXS owners from this dude is beyond over the top. Are they a problem? Yes and no. Depends on who is driving it. I GUARANTEE that my family in my Outdated XP4 900 ARE NOT "ruining the dunes". We took that thing out and cruised it around... maybe a few high speed runs but that is not the problem. Are they insafe at times? Yes. So are uneducated quad riders, sand rail drivers and ahole camp racers. To come on here and solely point the finger at SXS owners and REPEATEDLY bitch about it like a child isn't going to help anything. Who cares if you don't like them... obviously THOUSANDS of people do and that means BOO eff*IN HOO for you. Deal with it. The rest of us do without 40 replies a day on a website where only a dozen SXS owners are going to read your immature replies. Maybe we should set up a gate at the 78 before Gecko road so that this Dune Expert can personally interview each and every person for their skills and/or intentions when they set foot on the sand. After all, this individual cannot be matched for his skill, camping etiquette and overall general know how of the dunes and HOW YOU SHOULD SPEND YOUR MONEY AND TIME. What a GODDAMN JOKE.
  10. Mad Racing in Vista. Hootie is one of the best. I can pick the 450 up for you and drop it off, if you'd like. He's right down the street from my house.
  11. Damn... some of you got off easy. Tom Pro spent my $6,000 deposit, told me "tough shit, I don't have your money" and then proceeded to threaten to shoot me with a firearm... that he also didn't have. I'm not sure what the hell is wrong with Sand car builders and why they take shit that isn't theirs but on the bright side, most of these thieves aren't doing anywhere near the business that they could be. Except for Justin Smith. The side by side crowd turned that *** hole damn near into a God. The power of being trendy is unreal.

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