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  1. Lots of Child-like complaining from Grown men. How embarrassing.
  2. Is there a reason the floor was redone, besides cosmetic? Thanks.
  3. My buddy was interested in two of those cars posted. I sent him links and he's considering buying one of the two cars for his commute. Them being posted seems pretty helpful, from my perspective. Pretty sure Members here sell cars... one example would be GG selling his POS cars he flips from his Bank... but why split hairs? Some of you complain about anything... ??‍♂️ Hey... look... there's a SHITLOAD of CARS for sale in the "CARS AND TRUCKS" forum! God damn website!!!
  4. Damn... some of you got off easy. Tom Pro spent my $6,000 deposit, told me "tough shit, I don't have your money" and then proceeded to threaten to shoot me with a firearm... that he also didn't have. I'm not sure what the hell is wrong with Sand car builders and why they take shit that isn't theirs but on the bright side, most of these thieves aren't doing anywhere near the business that they could be. Except for Justin Smith. The side by side crowd turned that *** hole damn near into a God. The power of being trendy is unreal.
  5. Signart is the place to go. I grew up with Nick and Natalie and they will get it done right.
  6. 30k + for something that in every video I have watched, the gas pedal is pushed as far as it will go and sounds like the machine is gonna blow up when climbing a dune? No thanks. There's guy's that like to go fast and there's guy's that like side by sides.
  7. I've watched people die... it ain't cool no matter what their politics are. Some of you have a higher income than an ability to show Class.
  8. I just finished putting a simple budget system in my Civic and I used (4) JL Audio C2-650X's. They sound AMAZING for the cost (approximately $100-$120/pair) and I have a very long history of buying only component sets at the $600 price point and these JL's have gone beyond my expectations. JL, Focal and Alpine all make great speakers at the lower price point and that is where I would spend my money, given my experience.
  9. You stated that "not many were fans"... I mentioned that no one cares anymore. Maybe five people on this board actually care so that video (that I watched completely) will be great for people that value his opinion more than his ethics. I also didnt say you contributed at all. I merely stated no one cares what he did in the past and a large amount of members here are already on his Bandwagon, mainly due to Social Media. On topic... looks like a decent machine if you're into Side by sides. Hopefully the customers get something worth paying for, this time around.
  10. No one cares, anymore. Its all all about being able to brag to your friends about what you bought because it's popular in Instagram. Or... simply, no one cares that Justin had a retired Police officers car stolen and pocketed the cash... it's just another guy with "bad luck" and it has nothing to do with them. Their golf carts ride great now and that's all they care about. The Sand community has lost a lot of loyalty due to instant gratification and the need to level up your buddies. Justin is making a shit ton of money now... you'd think if he WAS a good guy he'd offer some compensation for a customer that was a stepping stone for him to be where he's at, today. Nope... that would be an admission of guilt on his end so he'll stick with being a true piece of shit while a good Man is out 75k because of Justin's past shitty business practices. eff* a Justin Smith... eff* Shock Therapy and eff* anyone that does business with him.
  11. Stainless steel and speakers don't exactly go together, for good sound production. Id need to see pics of the trailer before I could make any suggestions. And... your amps are ancient... there's way better stuff on the market, these days.
  12. The reason it's a 2019 is that manufacturers can label a trailer up to 18 months past its manufacture date, for the year. Weekend Warrior did this. A trailer that is a 2006 "model year" was actually made in late 2004 to 2005, most likely.

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