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  1. Sold, thanks Alex.
  2. Aboveall1, just curious how your car dunes with the Northstar. BTW, I have a gen 3 with a c&g 2.5 on e85.
  3. I picked this Gen3 up from a stand up guy in the Phoenix area.
  4. Onanysunday, have you considered adding an ethanol content sensor and having the ECM tuned to pull out or add timing according to the ethanol content? You could manually adjust boost according to the fuel in the tank. Basically making it a "flex fuel" sand car. I'm in the same situation with my gen 3 with e85 subi. I have had to keep a fresh supply of "e85" on hand, nearest fuel station that carried it was 1 1/2 hours away.
  5. Just my luck. I picked up good deal on a Funco Gen 3 with subi in January. Super fun, stupid fast, and set up for e85. I guess when the e85 dries up I'll get smaller injectors, retune for pump gas, and lower the boost. Anybody else have a different game plan??
  6. A couple of friends donated a modified, tired yamaha golf cart and a trashed but salvageable 88 turbo sprint car to my collection of stuff to complete. I was planning on using the FI turbo'd motor along with the manual transaxle in the cart. The motor is rated at 74 horse and around 100 ft lbs of torque. I figure it should run pretty good and with a 5 speed tranny it might be a bit fast for a short wheel base. I'm planning on using everything from hub to hub. The width of the hubs will stick out about 2 inches on the outside of the wheel wells and give it a wide stance. The set up is what the joiner minis are using. Anybody have any input on this????
  7. Sandollars, I have a similar problem. Autometer makes a tach adapter that will convert a factory signal to a usable signal by their tachs. Jegs and summit sell adapters for the ls1 which should work for you, their tech lines may help. I have been meaning to get one for mine, just havent yet. Hope it helps
  8. I put a '92 cbr 600 in my step sons car (about 950 lbs) and wish I had fuel injection. It does ok power wise on flat ground, kind of weak in the sand, and the whoops kind of disrupt the carbs, I don't think they're designed for rough terrain. A newer 900 or bigger motor with FI is in the future. Alot of fabbing only to find out it's not enough, go big.
  9. I have finished my third car which was built from a raw frame up. After finishing it there are things I wish I had done different, ie v-8, bypass in the rear, power steering, front brakes, mendeola. When I sell this one and make another, I will get a roller and go from there. I think that is the way to get the most bang for your buck, and you can shop around for motors/ trannies/ seats, and get to set up all the controls where you want them. After figuring the cost of parts and my time, I should have done it that way in the first place. :taz:
  10. kcpaz, I live in SE Az and got my level 2 inspection. I was talking to the inspector about requirements. He basically said that his job was to put the mvd vin sticker on the frame and verify the numbers. I don't have a windshield in my car, a park brake or a horn. . The inspector says that Az used to inspect vehicles prior to issuing registration but that has changed, not sure when, because the streetability of a vehicle is the responsibility of the owner/driver. Then went to mvd and applied for the registration and claimed the value at 10,000. Atleast I would be able to buy a roller if something happens. Basically Az is pretty easy, unless you get a mvd worker in bad mood.
  11. Exotica 1, that is one nice ride you got. I was one of the looky loos camped next to you with the blue chenowth and a broke bus tranny. Again nice ride and post some of of those photos.
  12. SandNDI


    Friend of mine is waiting on a car, that was picked up from powder coat on 3-16-06. Anybody seen it getting worked on, it's violet color.

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