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  1. https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/spo/d/anaheim-fox-gear-bag-and-mx-fox-gear/7008183270.html $125 for whole lot!!!!
  2. Agreed. Or something breaks and it’s easier to file insurance claim than it is to work to get it out of the dunes.
  3. Nothing but Crow for me for years. They’re local to me, easy to deal with and always work great.
  4. X2...mine are metal lowers and look and fit great.
  5. Anyone have any for sale? Looking with or without wheels.
  6. Do you have a radio in the car? If so I’d say run whichever brand you’re already running. S&B makes a good one as well.
  7. PCI fan myself but many in our group run Rugged.
  8. WOW...... Now that’s how you post a for sale ad!!!!!! Great looking car GLWTS.
  9. Nothing close to $25k. I’ll put some money into mine and keep what I have.
  10. Let me know what you're looking to get for your truck.
  11. You planning on getting out from trailer completely? Or a smaller trailer that can be towed by 1/2 ton?
  12. bizness

    Paddles can am

    I run 32" Sandcraft with Raceline wheels, and absolutely LOVE THEM!!! They work and look great. Buddy has CST paddles on his 4-seater, and seems to do well with them; personally, just like the look better of the Sandcraft or Skat paddles.
  13. IMO, I'd buy the 72" model like OB is selling instead of the 64" unless you're trail riding up in the mountains. Aside from that, you'll enjoy the 72" much more on hard pack and in the dunes. Not sure on price, but OB always has the top of the line, so I'd hit him up on that personally before buying used anywhere else. I have the X3 XRS 72" and absolutely love it. Just got back from Idaho and had a blast.
  14. Planning a trip out there next summer, but wondering if you ever have trouble getting a spot at Glass Creek since they do not accept reservations??

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