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  1. bizness

    Can Am Assault Front Sway Bar Links

    Thanks Robert!! They are SOOOO much better than the thin stock ones.
  2. Brand new in box. Retail for $129.99 plus tax and shipping. These get rid of all that “clunking” from stock links and much stronger. $100 (will ship on your dime or meet up to make exchange) https://assaultind.com/products/assault-industries-heavy-duty-front-sway-bar-end-links-fits-can-am-maverick-x3
  3. Bump to the top for the best for sale ad I've ever seen.
  4. What's best price you've seen for additional 30-month warranty on the Can Am Maverick X RS 2-seaters??
  5. bizness

    Canam X3 Class 10 Car

    Was this the first time your passenger has ever raced?
  6. bizness

    Ken Block X3

    Waste of a perfectly good set of Big Horns!!
  7. Had an 08 that ran like a champ; never had valve issues. It's a Yamaha, not a Honda.
  8. I’d go with 09+ due to fuel injection. Awesome machines!!
  9. bizness

    Super Bowl criticism here....

    Romo finally made it to a Super Bowl!!!
  10. bizness

    Where do you get fuel at Glamis?

    There’s a new Pilot right at the edge of Brawley. Quick turn around especially from Gecko road.
  11. I like the gray with white graphics better personally with the black beadlocks, and think it would look really good too with black powder-coated wheels.
  12. Tires junk. Wheels and caps $200 can pick up in Orange CA or could deliver to Glamis this weekend or next.
  13. bizness

    Assault Front Sway Bar End Links-Can Am X3

    Stock on the left...Assault's aftermarket on the right

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