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  1. this one is pretty funny, same topic i think.
  2. IMO Cognito all the way, pricey but you wont regret it when it comes to maintenance. AMP rails as well.
  3. only have the one light installed, i had two other sets (total of 12 each) installed and with in a hour they burnt out, so i am a little gun shy getting them all installed right away, right now i am running in batterys and had the light on for over a hour and no issues . i want to plug in the trailer and then turn the light on, i am not sure if i have a issue with converter or not.
  4. Here is a picture with Led lights from Squatcher
  5. can you send me 12 of them, ill try them out. PM me for payment and shipping info.
  6. anyone have any luck with the G4 Bi-Pin Base Halogen Replacement Bulb for the these lights.? http://www.weekendwarriorgear.com/product-p/41357.htm before the trip i ordered these two sets from Amazon and both worked for about 10 min, then stared to blink and then shut off. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01C9MCEOG/ref=od_aui_detailpages01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00QE2U206/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o06_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 i have other LED that work fine in the trailer, just these type are acting up. I took down the light to see if any thing special attached to the base, all looked good. any help would be appreciated.
  7. Made it safe in our new to us CR3905. picked out our spot for New Years to watch the hill.
  8. doyoucare


    Was a Tom Leykis fan on 97.1,, kind of a mark if you will. If you listened to him you know where this came from, if not, anytime someone asked him "how are you doing", this was his response...
  9. Picture says it all.. Nick was awesome, they replaced my radio and intercom with NEW units on site. me and my group getting Tuned in the Dunes! love me some Rugged Radio. Facebook Link
  10. Absolutely breathtaking work there.. At least IMO Welcome
  11. I sent a pm to Glamis Dunes Fairy for you with a link to this thread. What a wonderful plan Merry Christmas to you and yours.... THANK YOU, and same to you. Rugged Radio has been so good to me with there customer service replacing both intercom at McKenzies event and then while in Pismo they replaced my radio with a new unit over the summer, i want someone else to experience this as well.
  12. WOW..... I WON... I WON... I WON... now for the twist! i would like to pass this along to someone how needs it more them me, and this will be determined by the GD Fairy. How do i get in contact with the Fairy? PM me please.

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