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  1. This was no accident. It was done in the name of “transparency”.
  2. I would be beyond pissed if I lived in the state. short version, Ca releases names addresses and phone numbers of all conceal and carry permit holders. I would be first in line for that lawsuit
  3. I have an auto transfer switch already installed. Just trying to figure out how to get the remaining 110 outlets on the inverter. Right now it is only running 6 of the outlets.
  4. So my coach has a 1500 watt go power pure sine inverter running off two 256ah SOK LiFePo batteries. My problem is only some of my outlets were inverted from the factory. I want to have all of my 110 inverted, easier for the wife and kids to use and less ware and tear on my generator from lots of start and stops. has anyone had this done. Just curious what I can expect cost wise or even if it is something I can do myself. I am considering upgrading to the 3000 watt inverter to give me plenty of headroom with the system in case we run the microwave, fridge and coffee maker all at the same time. Not that it happens but just in case.
  5. May have been my best brisket yet. Pulled pork is hard to screw up but these were pretty damn good also.
  6. Wife let me go to town with the smoker for Father’s Day!
  7. Just curious if I am the only one who has already begun dramatically changing their behavior in response to inflation. a couple examples, my wife and I would eat out 2-3 times a week during the initial stages of Covid but now we may eat out once a week if that. I mean come on 18.00 for a chipotle burrito and a drink is insane. The last time I took my family (wife and three daughters) to Red Robin the bill was almost 100.00. My wife and I make a very good income and we can’t afford to eat out so we buy most of our meat at Costco and try to keep the home cooked meals better than we got at restaurants. Also instead of quick weekend trips we are now planning longer stays wherever we are going. Last summer we made 4-5 weekend get always to San Diego and we aren’t doing a single one this year. Instead we are taking the hauler to camp on the coast next spring break for a week. What I keep asking myself is if we make the kind of money we do and are cutting back this hard what are other people doing? And how long before this overinflated economy retracts or worse implodes.
  8. Looking for a referral in the Chandler Az area. My RV gate needs some serious modifications and I wanted to see if anyone here had a good recommendation.
  9. Best pair of HID’s I’ve seen on a 400 right there my friends.
  10. Appreciate the feedback. Ordered my 32’s today. Won’t use them until next season but figure with the way prices are going better to get them now.
  11. Looking at either the 32 or 33” SS360HP set up for my bone stock X3 Maxx. Wondering if there would be any issues going to the 33 with the stock clutching? I would like some extra ground clearance.
  12. As a die hard can am guy I must admit the Pro R is impressive as all hell. It makes me wonder how much farther the manufacturers can push the limits….and price points.
  13. So on the way out last week I filled up for 4.50 a gallon on diesel, on the way back 4 days later the same station was 5.20 and I passed another that was at 5.50. This is Az prices, I don’t even want to guess what you poor effers in Cali are paying. When do we waive the white flag and call uncle? Fuel for this trip alone was close to 350.00, that is between the truck, trailer and sxs. On a side note, saw this at a station and couldn’t stop laughing….until I saw the final price, this I cried.
  14. After a two year break due to a baby I am finally back out at mother G!
  15. I find it interesting in our world today how easily some people give away their inch. Now that inch can be any number of things from freedoms, to access, to choice but in the end if you are willing give up your inch “they” are going to take a mile. Now “they” have grown smarter over the years while we have grown dumber. They have learned not to take the full mile when we give the inch, instead they start slowly and distract us and incentivize us to give away the mile. It always ends the same though when you give them an inch they will take a mile. I tried to take my family to Lake Pleasant for a camping trip last weekend. Something I have done for years, something my dad did with me as a child. Only when we got to the lake I was told we are no longer allowed to camp on the shore. It was closed 2 years ago due to “Covid” but after it was closed they realized how much cleaner it was and now don’t know if “they” will ever let beach camping return. It isn’t the end of the world…really it’s just an inch. unfortunately I know where this road goes and it does not end well for people who love the outdoors, love to creat memories with their families, bonds with their children. This road only ends well for the people who like to see the pretty pictures or drive by the forests on the way to their timeshares. It’s only an inch for now but once anti access learns to use fear to close temporarily what they know they want closed forever our inch turns into a mile. if you are a fan of Yellowstone(if not watch it and watch it now) always remember. Don’t let them take it from you….not a goddamn inch”

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