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  1. try this one price is good but trans is weak https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/snw/d/jurupa-valley-funco-hustler-2-seater/7047658797.html
  2. there has been 3 of those for sale in the last couple months both in the classified section hear and craigslist
  3. I have the flag car I bought it from Walt years ago, car has a turbo V6 Honda 3.5 with that he installed I added front brakes and more lights paint still looks great, my wife and I love the car.
  4. As I understand the rears can upgraded to bypasses my Gen 3 has triple bypass on the rear the front cannot be done unless the top shock mounting is modified
  5. Back to CG, with the air bags you can change ride height and CG while duning it is amazing how a few inches in ride height effects the handling while turning or going down a steep dune. this is the best way to see a effect CG has without changing motors
  6. The Brown brothers gave me my first job sub-hauling for them 30 years ago and I still do some hauling for them
  7. Before radios the leader would loop back to check the end of the line and we would just keep track of the guy behind you if they disappear you go back, this seemed to keep anybody who broke or had and accident from being alone for more than a few minutes with radios the same rules apply but usually every one knows in seconds what has happened
  8. looks like JBT delivered it, once you have a machine like that you will wonder how you ever got anything done before
  9. I buy it for my semi trucks at wallyworld 7.88 for 2 1/2 gallons the bottles have a manufacture date usually it's about a mouth old or less , I also buy my motor oil from them I usually can get it for about 11.00 a gallon for rotella or mobil
  10. So after 2 days I have checked back, not the same as following hundreds of people and notice the time after 10pm both days just before headed off to bed
  11. WTF how do you have the time to follow hundreds of people and I surly don't have the time to publish what I'm doing for somebody else to follow if I did I would have no time for sex or to get anything else accomplished, no wonder so many people still live with mom and dad they are following somebody that is actually living and doing something again WTF
  12. I think that car is worth every penny he's asking [ pun intended ] way better than a SXS what HP does it have 350 ?
  13. my Hustler with a 3.5 Honda weights about 1800 with me in it
  14. https://sandiego.craigslist.org/esd/snw/d/alpine-2001-funco-2-seater/6990696270.html

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