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  1. where do I find these parts and prices
  2. I have been using the one from CB performance with the button and spring showing, I ran the wire out the bottom through a hole that I enlarged a little the whip can be laid down for transport or up takes 2 seconds
  3. My brother bought this and it is just not big enough so he needs this gone link to trader online add with more pics https://www.rvtrader.com/listing/2018-Keystone-CARBON-33-5004606518 email rdeupree@sunfood.com Just Reduced!!! 2018 Keystone CARBON 33 with Generator & POWER LEVELING- Nearly Brand New!! Base price: $45,334 $25,000 in upgrades fully loaded. FACTORY OPTIONS & UPGRADES INCLUDED: Lippert power leveling system ($4,000) Onan 4.0 Generator ($4,950) Safety package ($157) Interior Value Package ($2,780) Exterior Value Package ($2,137) 97 Coach w/reclinersLED Television ($734) Pull Down Screen in Cargo Area ($619) Ramp Door Patio Package ($2,459) Removable, Edged Cargo Carpet ($248) Electric Beds w/Dual Opposing Couches ($3,259) RVIA Seal- Go Camping ($158) OTHER FEATURES: Extreme Temperature Package Automatic Air Conditioning system-15,000BTUs Automatic Heater UVW/DW: 8,885 lbs Twilight Interior Decor *approximately Condition: Used Year: 2018 Make: Keystone Model: CARBON 33 Class: Toy Hauler Category: Travel Trailer Location: El Cajon, CA Fuel Type: GAS Gross Vehicle Weight: 13,000 VIN Number: 4YDT33129JR805060 Sleeping Capacity: 8 Air Conditioners: 1 Awnings: yes Slide Outs: 3 Length: 35 Leveling Jacks: yes Exterior Color: White Interior Color: Twilight Price: $35,900
  4. Do I really need to worry about being hit given that the trees and power lines are taller than I am
  5. Stan Owns the sand car he's a member hear lives in Escondido
  6. Theres just no excuse to use that ugly grey duct tape I found this neon green duck tape at Walmart
  7. Go-fer trucking driver backed over a newly installed man hole, tire caught the lid and pushed it back and he fell in this happed in vista today the under ground contractor is Schlling
  8. look at the last pics it is not in the same spot and it looks like it has been dragged backwards I think we may have a new game find where the plane is this weekend
  9. The hitch looks to me like it is designed to bolt in, there are 2 bolt holes on each corner facing in on a vertical flange. It looks like it will bolt up to existing mounts or be bolted to gloved sections, there are holes on the bottom flange that could only be bolt to a gloved extension
  10. Now that is a hitch should have no problems with that beast
  11. I think the reasons DP pulls better than the f350 are the tongue weight pulls way more weight off the front Axel of the f350 as a percent of total weight than the DP that makes you way less stable. I looked at converting the stacker to a goose neck to make it safer to pull with a pickup, it could be done but was not easy or cheap.You are absolutely right about the frames and slide-outs. A friend of mine pulling a regular cargo trailer behind his 30' Moho that he had been running for years hit a dip in the road and the back of his Moho frame buckled and the hitch hit the highway he came to a very fast grinding hault no one got hurt but the Moho was totally screw up, come to find out his tongue weight was 900 lbs and had always been about that much sometimes a little more we figured, It just reached it's fatigue life. Moho was rated for 500 lbs tongue weight lasted for years.
  12. You are right on the money on everything, but I have pulled my 26' stacker at 22K and it's rated for 18K I was using an air snubber pintle hitch,Tongue weight was almost 4K so it's posable to do it. The problem with the 26' was we did not have the room to move the cars enough to effect Tongue weight, on the lift the car had no adjustment on a longer stacker maybe the lift is longer?
  13. You are right this combo is legal and will fall within what is on the door jam. I looked up the current max towing for a dodge 3500 with a truck bed, it is 31000 Lbs and the load allowed on the truck is 6000 Lbs so the total weight of that trailer could be as high as 37000 lbs thats 6000 on the hitch and 31,000 on the 3 trailer axels. Looks like he's hauling 2 dodge chargers at 4000 lbs each and 4500 for the van total cargo 12500 pounds and the trailer weighs about 6000 Lbs for a grand total of 18500 Lbs he only has half a load he's a slacker. As for tire ratings no problem there either and if this was not a legal setup a commercial CHP officer would have him towed and fined. Door jam matters
  14. You got a ticket based on the state declared weight sticker on the door of the truck ? must have been a 2 Axel 5 yard dump those trucks are easy to overload the CHP pulls those little trucks over all the time. Would you have been legal with a higher declared weight. The truck should be legal to tow that much? Edit was to change federal declared weight to state declared weight, the federal heavy use tax starts at 55,000 and I got them confused.

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