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  1. arch stanton

    It seemed like a good idea at the time...

    Friends of my parents named their boy H.B they said it stood for Human Being and a friend of mine married a girl named Sunshine if you want to piss her off sing sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy
  2. arch stanton

    Freightliner SportChassis

    what motor and HP the big engine is rare and worth the extra $$
  3. arch stanton

    RIP Schwinn

    Thought I would share a few pics from happier times
  4. arch stanton

    RIP Schwinn

    Steve passed today from cancer, multiple myeloma
  5. arch stanton

    Car audio, Do they make them like they used to?

    Try La jolla Audio for advice on the old amps total high end shop some days it looks like an exotic car dealership they also do audio electronic repair and can check out your old amps.
  6. arch stanton

    Need a plumber in Escondido

    Town and country plumbing small family owned company went to school with one of the brothers, Able I use them for anything i don't want to do 760 744 8672
  7. arch stanton

    Truck diving job available

    Really 50K I will call you in the morning I had not considered posting on hear about fill dirt but I have lots of it and if you can take enough I can grade it too all free
  8. arch stanton

    Truck diving job available

    I am looking for Lowbed and super 10 driver we are in San Marcos ca and most of the dump truck work is in north San Diego county the Lowbed work will be farther but still Southern calif. Lowbed is a 16 tire Murray expando Pay is hourly with overtime and monthly performance bonus Trucks are new Kenworth T880's with cummins 505 hp 18 speed automated trans, air ride ,loaded interior. another new truck shows up in July job is full-time and can start now but I can also use a part time driver perfect job for older retired guy that wants a little extra income.
  9. arch stanton

    SxS dune roll video for analysis

    Since we have all seen sxs roll on flat ground I think this is just a CG problem more speed and power may not have done anything to save him any turn uphill changed the CG and loaded the down hill wheels and they Doug in and oops. I use to dune an ACT 110 and a ATC 250 we would side hill them you just had to have your but hanging off the uphill side we were able to change the CG enough to make it happen.
  10. arch stanton

    I Miss Jack.............

    I think I have a bunch of jack antenna balls somewhere even some of the 2000 millennial balls
  11. arch stanton

    America's Second Civil War Has Already Begun

    The solution to the gun grabbers is to follow the muslim extremist example they take care of the family of anyone that dies in the name of Allah they attack people that make a cartoon of Allah. If a religion of the gun was formed and anyone whole talked of confiscation was affarid of death because they might be harmed by an armed extremist the talk of gun troll would end.
  12. arch stanton

    Let’s discuss Quick Release whip mounts

    I have been using the one from CB performance with the button and spring showing, I ran the wire out the bottom through a hole that I enlarged a little the whip can be laid down for transport or up takes 2 seconds
  13. arch stanton

    Schwinn Here...i Am Alive...cancer Sucks.

    Went and saw Schwinn in the hospital tonight he is doing better and should be going home by Saturday, his wife has been sick with strep throat and he can't be around her so its been difficult getting home. Thank you for your prayers.
  14. arch stanton

    Schwinn Here...i Am Alive...cancer Sucks.

    As of 1:00 pm Steve is still in ICU but awake and breathing on his own, He may get moved to a regular room he has active flu thanks for your prayers
  15. arch stanton

    Schwinn Needs Your Thoughts, Prayers, Karma...etc

    I thought I would bring this thread back also talking about Schwinn check other thread for update he is in Palomar hospital.

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