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  1. arch stanton

    America's Second Civil War Has Already Begun

    The solution to the gun grabbers is to follow the muslim extremist example they take care of the family of anyone that dies in the name of Allah they attack people that make a cartoon of Allah. If a religion of the gun was formed and anyone whole talked of confiscation was affarid of death because they might be harmed by an armed extremist the talk of gun troll would end.
  2. arch stanton

    Let’s discuss Quick Release whip mounts

    I have been using the one from CB performance with the button and spring showing, I ran the wire out the bottom through a hole that I enlarged a little the whip can be laid down for transport or up takes 2 seconds
  3. arch stanton

    Schwinn Here...i Am Alive...cancer Sucks.

    Went and saw Schwinn in the hospital tonight he is doing better and should be going home by Saturday, his wife has been sick with strep throat and he can't be around her so its been difficult getting home. Thank you for your prayers.
  4. arch stanton

    Schwinn Here...i Am Alive...cancer Sucks.

    As of 1:00 pm Steve is still in ICU but awake and breathing on his own, He may get moved to a regular room he has active flu thanks for your prayers
  5. arch stanton

    Schwinn Needs Your Thoughts, Prayers, Karma...etc

    I thought I would bring this thread back also talking about Schwinn check other thread for update he is in Palomar hospital.
  6. arch stanton

    Schwinn Here...i Am Alive...cancer Sucks.

    Update ; Schwinn is not doing well he can use a few prayers he's in ICU at Palomar hospital currently intubated and sedated his hemoglobin and hematocrit levels are low as well as his WBC and he is positive for influenza type A. I will keep everyone updated
  7. My brother bought this and it is just not big enough so he needs this gone link to trader online add with more pics https://www.rvtrader.com/listing/2018-Keystone-CARBON-33-5004606518 email rdeupree@sunfood.com Just Reduced!!! 2018 Keystone CARBON 33 with Generator & POWER LEVELING- Nearly Brand New!! Base price: $45,334 $25,000 in upgrades fully loaded. FACTORY OPTIONS & UPGRADES INCLUDED: Lippert power leveling system ($4,000) Onan 4.0 Generator ($4,950) Safety package ($157) Interior Value Package ($2,780) Exterior Value Package ($2,137) 97 Coach w/reclinersLED Television ($734) Pull Down Screen in Cargo Area ($619) Ramp Door Patio Package ($2,459) Removable, Edged Cargo Carpet ($248) Electric Beds w/Dual Opposing Couches ($3,259) RVIA Seal- Go Camping ($158) OTHER FEATURES: Extreme Temperature Package Automatic Air Conditioning system-15,000BTUs Automatic Heater UVW/DW: 8,885 lbs Twilight Interior Decor *approximately Condition: Used Year: 2018 Make: Keystone Model: CARBON 33 Class: Toy Hauler Category: Travel Trailer Location: El Cajon, CA Fuel Type: GAS Gross Vehicle Weight: 13,000 VIN Number: 4YDT33129JR805060 Sleeping Capacity: 8 Air Conditioners: 1 Awnings: yes Slide Outs: 3 Length: 35 Leveling Jacks: yes Exterior Color: White Interior Color: Twilight Price: $35,900
  8. arch stanton

    Weld wheel EVO Velociti 8

    If one is cracked I would be worried about the rest maybe you will get a warning with a flat tire if another one cracks or maybe a wheel separation at speed. Get the other 3 tested its along time between new tires and another chance to inspect.
  9. arch stanton

    Vatican decry's souther border wall

    I went to catholic grade school for 6 years at Saint Treasa in Palm Springs and had nuns for teachers some of kids were alter boys I have been wondering if any of them were raped by the priest . I no longer attend church and will not give money to them . I bet I'm a better man than they are as a whole they as a group have covered up their sins and crimes and the pope as leader needs to expose all the perpetrators if not they are just an organization sex crime mafia
  10. arch stanton

    Weird things you see at work or anywhere else

    Do I really need to worry about being hit given that the trees and power lines are taller than I am
  11. arch stanton

    Today's Highway star

    Stan Owns the sand car he's a member hear lives in Escondido
  12. arch stanton

    New Track Car

    Robert likes the design but does not want to wrap the whole car. The car is a metallic white with heavy blue pearl he says it looks good in bright light but tan in the shade or at night. So he wants to keep the white as a base color and add yellow ,black and red as the design I know why he wants those colors but I don't think those colors will work with the base color very well. I assume that you do this professionally I will PM you his Email address and you can discuss price
  13. arch stanton

    New Track Car

    Thank you dbart that looks great I have sent him the pics a couple hours ago but I think he is working on the vett getting it ready for this weekend the lambo won't get hear until Monday at best. vett is a twin turbo LS427 putting 800 plus on the ground but it is going back on the dyno for a little fine tuning . The Lambo will get twin turbos that are a proven setup or maybe a Progharger, looking to see if this is a viable alternative, goal is about 1000 crank HP about the same as the vett but the Lambo is 4WD. where is tintman located car is in San Diego
  14. arch stanton

    New Track Car

    My brother has bought a new track car and it needs graphics white just will not cut it. Car is a Lamborghini Gallardo LP570 super Trofeo any ideas would be appreciated almost all of his other track cars have been yellow and I'm sure this one will need some yellow also

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