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    Buggy VS Rzr?

    Boils down to physics really. When my 19 year old was learning to drive she always wanted to drive the little Hyundai cause it gets better gas mileage than the other vehicle she shared with her older brother my 05 suburban, Ever see suburban vs. a compact car in ANY accident? More cage and safety equipment is always good but weight and mass will always dominate in an accident. As far as blame, rules, forget it. Education, sure, but assume EVERYONE out there is driving balls out crazy. Once you accept that reality, you can then focus on driving defensively and hope you’re never in this situation. Weeday and off-weekends are a blessing for those of us with flexible work situations. RIP to this man and condolences to his family. Sincerely, abc

    Exhaust spark arrestor

    Got a spark arrestor ticket for my Raptor 700R in Gorman (which has burned many times) about 7 years ago. My aftermarket exhaust came with one and I still had it in my gear bins back at camp. Not sue why I didn’t install it. Maybe I thought it would cost me 2 HP or something. It was 2 rangers and they DON’T mess around there. Escorted me back to camp on the tarmac road. They could have impounded it. I asked if I could quickly install it and get them to sign off the ticket. They were pretty cool and said they would sign off the ticket but not the same Ranger that wrote it. After escorting me to my campsite they left. I quickly installed it and found the two Rangers and the second ranger signed it off . The ticket was $300 with proof and would have been $1000 if I have not gotten it signed off . They also did a decimal meter check and my pipe was way too loud for the legal limit in that area. I got a warning for that since they had already written me up for the spark arrester. I can’t imagine it being necessary in Glamis as there is little or no vegetation. However in places like Gorman or in the mountains spark arrestor‘s or extremely important . I never had one on my Sand Car nor have I ever heard of anyone getting a ticket for it in Glamis . abc

    Drivers/Spotters and their role

    Efforts to legislate self preservation rarely have a meaningful impact on the rules/laws they are aimed at. Best quote I’ve ever read on this site. abc

    Buggy VS Rzr?

    RIP... seen 3 deaths at Olds. I almost mowed a few duner’s when I had my SCU. Honestly don’t miss it. The ‘spotters’ debate is what it is. We used the car-car headsets and handsets. It helps but I never fully trusted them. Just hard to do when folks who aren’t aware there’s ‘something’ going on, cruise to your landing spot. Seen more ‘close calls’ than I care to remember. Be safe out there people. Decided to ‘extend’ my vacation so I’ll be in Glamis 2/3 days after I land from Kauai. Peace abc

    Happy New Year!.. from the Beach

    Work out!?.. I’ve been slacking. I might hit the gym this morning at the resort... need to drop 20lbs. Maybe in 2019😁. 1 week to go. Only 1 rain day. It’s been sweet. HAPPY NEW YEAR! abc

    Happy New Year!.. from the Beach

    Nah.. 19year old brought her friend so there’s 7 of us. Minivan... 🤣

    Happy New Year!.. from the Beach

    So sick brah! Took my 4 kids to Kauai for 2 weeks.

    The New Honda Talon!

    Not a fan... I think it's not strong enough... I'm sure I'd bust this thing in 1/2. Motorcycle powered without a CVT is a mistake in SXS's as proven by the crappy Yamaha SXS IMO. The main problem is at low RPMs they're garbage... I'll stick to changing rubber bands for now. Would buy an X3 if I was to start fresh. I actually might have both my XP and an X3 (I know,.. Mr. SXS hater.. LOL)... No reason to take a bath on trying to sell the XP. .. plus I finally have it dialed in. My $.02 abc

    XP Tubo RZR - Loaded!

    Sweat ride... boxed arms are a must in these rigs IMO. GLWTS! abc

    F Thieves - An Engineer’s Revenge.

    Love the fart spray.. and I think the dye pack would be better.. If banks can use dye packs, why can't we? Probably would still get sued. .. but I'm about vengeance with thieves and those who key cars, etc. At least with the dye pack you've got revenge as you've ruined their interior/clothing so their attempt at stealing actually COSTS them money. abc


    Oh my Dad who is super conservative was NOTHING like that in Glamis.. when I was 11 he told me, "You know son that in Glamis you have to follow the rules, right?" - Sure Dad, what are the rules in Glamis (all wide eyed).? His reply without missing a beat, "THERE ARE NO F***KING RULES!".. with a big laugh.. etc. I had my Dad out and in the sand car about 2010.. We're at the campfire and he's throwing all the paper plates, plastic utensils, beer cans, all trash in the fire.. I'm like "Pop, things have changed..." Funny cause I don't remember ever hauling trash out when we were kids, I'm sure Dad burned it all. He was a wild man back in Glamis. Probably cause 9-5 he was an accountant working or Arthur Anderson, etc. After our first run in the SCU, he says, '..You gotta be f**cking crazy!' .. I have it all on gopro, him in the car, multiple cameras.. classic footage. Times have changed. abc


    I went to Glamis for 10 years before I 'learned' the drags even existed.. found out like this quad rider. We HAVE to 'instruct' our newbies about Glamis and what to watch out for. abc

    How smooth can you get?

    My buddy had an 05 yfz450, ... put $20k into it... bore.. stroke... bells n whistles... extended, .. widened the stance.. larger tires by 3-4". ,, custom shocks.. the whole friggin 9.. heck he had a clear case on it... tons of 'wasted' bling like skulls in sh__.... Tires... . huge floatation.... biggest tires you can get honestly.. improves suspension. ... I have video of me smoking built banshees in Pismo.. Dam thing was like sitting ON TOP of a sand car.... ;.... with handlebars... abc Ps. I'll find a photo.. at least 10 years ago... like 13...


    Wow... that was a close call. .. but I'd rather be alive than 'dead' and in the right,.. whatever that is.. Here's my take-a-way .. for us veterans we need to take care of our own.. especially our new duners and explain the risks and how to stay safe. It's the open desert and no amount of laws will EVER stop folks from doing whatever pleases them out there. I do like the 'education' aspect of that video. Required viewing for everyone IMO. Miss GD.com when ABC was the a**hole.., LOL.. in the new PC environment, I wouldn't have lasted a week on here. ..... now I'm just an invisible old dude in a golf cart. abc PS. I'm only going to Glamis on 'off times' and I'm fortunate enough with my business to do that.. Not that I didn't enjoy watching the sh__ show, but I go to Glamis to dune.. so the less folks the more fun I can have. That being said all of my wrecks have always been single driver/rider (no collision) wad up sessions so they would have happened with or without any other traffic. I did have several really REALLY close calls with the SCU where I almost mowed someone... which is why I sold it.

    Your groups carnage, Thanksgiving 2018

    2 belts, think I'm on belt #12.. I can change one in 5 minutes and have a full set-up for it (in my Razor) so when they go, no biggie. abc PS. We were there Sat-Tue, .. I used to got Sat-Sat, but don't miss the crowds, extra LEOs or the general sh__ storm of Thanksgiving weekend, next year I'll stay one more day though, 4 days is too short IMO.

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