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  1. I wish we knew what truly is happening in China. Essentially no new cases? Are they still fully locked down? Yes we will go into a full economic depression. Drug and Alcohol abuse, suicides will skyrocket. It will take a decade for the economy to come back. This new normal blows. I’m 48 and have hypertension, but I’ve lived a full life and checked off every box I wanted to. If I died tomorrow, no one should weep. I’d be fine with it. I just feel bad for my kids. Prior to the virus the economic future and opportunities were being diminished by globalization and automation. Now they’re going to lose lots of friends and relatives and have a lousy economic future. I’ve already ‘accepted’ that we could be locked down for 6-12 more months. We’ll have to get creative to keep from going insane. Be well. abc
  2. Damn!... I wanted to go to Johnson Valley maybe in a couple of weeks. Even had the bride on board. I'll probably just chill ... I will go the 7 miles away to start my WW generator from time to time so it doesn't gum up.. don't have to worry about the batteries as the solar is RAGING.. 13.9+ everytime I go there. Heck I don't even run the gen to do the landing gear. Glad I have that system should I need to 'live' in it. abc
  3. You're wrong about the ice/hockey rinks... the government will take them over to use as make shift morgues as the bodies pile up. Already happening in Spain. I too was thinking about an 'isolation' trip to Johnson Valley. Especially cause I have 2 razors right now (not sure if the dude who gave me the deposit and is 10 hours away still wants it). The only 'reservation' I have about a trip like that is I wouldn't want to burden any emergency services should they be needed by us, so obviously, I won't drive the SXS like I usually do. Finally, I wonder if I'd get pulled over en route to the destination. I assume I could say that we're abandoning our home and running away ... living in the desert for a month and see what happens. I don't want to get arrested for trying to do a trip. We'll see. And I got a good 1/2 bed of firewood still in the truck bed. Might be hard to convince the wife, but depending on how long this goes, might be a good idea for sanity. abc
  4. I've also heard that depending on income that some of these checks will actually be LOANS, not 'free money' if there is such a thing. Similarly there's going to be interest free loans to small business who continue to pay their employees to stay home. I own a business, but all the employees are family members. If I had a business with lets say 2 dozen employees and no idea when I'll be sending them back to work, I wouldn't BORROW and pay them to stay home. In that scenario, the business probably eventually fails due to the debt load where you are borrowing and paying employees not to work, but getting no revenue. This will never work. Owner would be better to kill his lease and shutter his business. Bankrupt it if he has to and start a 'new' business, once we've knocked out the virus. Also, another fun thought if you have a good amount of cash, ... HYPERINFLATION. Your $750k in the bank, might give you $75k of spending power when this is over.. or $7.50. We can't have the entire US economy on 'pause' for 6, 9 months, 18 months. Nope, wouldn't be pretty. What do you think front line responders are having to go through? What if you're fire/police. Maybe some of those 'workers' will decide to 'become ill' and look after their own family. Just here to spread some joy. abc
  5. OK the video is like 2 weeks old .. but this was after the rain. I had such a blast with the new RAZOR TURBO 72” wide deal bike stock in Glamis, ... I DID for the record ‘send it’... I can’t wait to get back being the wheel... abc IMG_6725.MOV IMG_6728.MOV IMG_6729.MOV
  6. I've had my fair share of hospital visits, surgeries. Most of them ER visits. I'm fairly 'dumb' when it comes to some things... like motors, transmissions, etc. Super dumb.. barley can claim that I'm a male in that regard.. that being said, I keep mechanics employed on the regular. abc
  7. My bad on the image, I just googled ventilator and that image came up. Thanks for catching it, but for sure my customer is making them. I actually didn't even know what one looks like, but I liked the news. abc
  8. So smart. My wife wanted a big (expensive) wedding as it was her first. My first was at the Tropicana in Vegas. When I got divorced and she broke up with her boyfriend she had about $50k (they owned a condo and he had to buy her out), I was left with like $8k after my divorce. We paid for our own wedding and honeymoon to the toon of about $40k. I couldn’t talk her out of dumping the majority of our net worth for a single ‘day’ but it was her dough. Anyhow, it all worked out cause 1 year later we’d start our business (15 years last September) and did pretty well. This year (July) we’ll have 17 years together (married). I’m 100% for a wedding like this! abc PS. I spent $6k on the ring.. so I was dead broke.
  9. ... Just trying to spread a little hope. One of my local customers, who is an electronics contract manufacturer already got an order and will produce about 1,000 ventilators/month in Lake Forest, CA. They populate circuit boards and can do full 'box builds.' All they need is the bill of materials as well as all the components, enclosure, tubes, etc. and they can make the whole shebang. They're also producing 3k/month of some other medical device, but I forget what it was. Anyhow, stick to protocol so you and your family don't need care and you'll make it. Best, abc Removed my image, was a 'google' image and not the right machine.
  10. I agree. I wanted to buy tourniquets for my group after my fire fighter neighbor warned me it was an essential item where medical attention might not be close. Found a USA company (bought direct) and paid at least 10 times the amount than I would have for the garbage advertised on Amazon. I wouldn’t trust anything from Amazon. Go to the US MFR’s website and buy direct or to find their authorized dealers. Amazon has destroyed so many businesses it’s disgusting. I won’t buy anything from them. abc
  11. Read an article in the Times several years ago about these gun fire detection device that are now on the top of light poles. I’m pretty sure it was already in San Francisco, some parts of LA and OC. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gunfire_locator https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.computerworld.com/article/3180125/los-angeles-tests-gunshot-sensors-on-light-poles.amp.html The company that makes it has sorted out the difference between a car back fire and a gun going off. The system immediately notifies police and can triangulate within a 3 meter range. Story continued that the police usually arrived on scene before the person had time to ‘secure’ the weapon resulting in immediate arrest. I doubt you can ‘look up’ where all these systems are employed (as I’m sure they don’t want you to know), but if you’re caught, you’re NOT getting a warning. I understand your want to have the wife trained, but that should have been done at the range before the crisis (not bagging on you just saying probably too late, doubt ranges are open.) Calico ghost town actually encourages folks shooting just outside of their little town, using guidelines like making sure you’re firing into a backstop (like in their canyons). That being said, you might consider a ‘day trip’ there, but just in a vehicle, not camping and I wouldn’t even pull into the campground as it’s probably closed. Make sure you have a ‘reason’ to be driving out that way, like delivering food/supplies to an elderly person who lives near there, as we have this ‘lockdown’ going. My $.02 abc
  12. John (Outfront) .. you just converted me from LS to Subi... oh shoot I forgot... I have a golf cart... 🤣🤪🥴
  13. Heated the pool to 84, we’ll take the jacuzzi to 101... it’s swim time! Be well! abc IMG_6793.MOV
  14. The company I own sells board level electronic components. Yup, anything you see populated on those little green circuit boards (ever crack open a calculator when you were a kid)? I started working for a large US based franchised distributor of components right out of college. Prior to China, the US manufacturing of these boards was HUGE. For example, we sold a BILLION dollars of goods to HUGE manufacturing plants in San Jose (the largest hub for this manufacturing in the U.S. at the time) in one year alone , 1999 I think. In 2001, we let China into the World Trade Organization. This was the WORST thing we could ever do. I watched almost all of the manufacturing move to China in the next few years. Our company was constantly contracting and laying people off. The vast majority of my cusotmers disappeared or they had small engineering offices and they sent their builds to China (who of course copied their products and then put them out of business). In 2004, I got the balls to start my own business. I sell the same board level components, but mostly ones that are military and obsolete. I liquidate from US companies when they have overstock or go out of business. I have over $50 million of inventory (what my customers paid for it, not the pennies on the dollar they got from me) and over 35,000 SKUs in stock. Chinese knock offs and counterfeits have DESTROYED my industry. Our military systems, planes, etc. are LOADED with counterfeit Chinese made (or refurbished and remarked) semiconductors. Recently, I'm starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel and 2017-today has been quite good for my company, but there's a long way to go. If I had my say we'd do NO business with China.. in either direction. They are a RED STATE who's STATED goal is world domination of the communist regime. That is fact and they don't even hide it. I had NO IDEA that over 90% of our pharmaceuticals are made there. Are you effing kidding me? To HELL with the China Virus.. and to HELL with China. Give American companies 1 year and lets put either MASSIVE (500%) tariffs on their goods or kill the WTO deal and close off from China completely. Either that or surface our US subs off their coast, push the button and wipe that sh__ hole clean. abc
  15. I’ve wadded quads.. street bikes and MX more times than I can count.. which is probably (CTE) why I can no longer ... um ... count. You’ll be fine ... ... until we’re in our 50’s drooling and watching Jeopardy in a ‘long term care facility’ $.02 abc

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