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  1. My buddie rented a Dodge 2500 diesel for $500/week 1k miles without extra charge.. .. and NO I don't rent, loan or borrow out my truck... abc
  2. Duallies will shatter your teeth. The leaf springs seem to 'calm down' with weight, bed weight or towing, tongue weight.... abc
  3. Playing 'pook the monkey' cause I listed some tires on Craigslist (and here). 3 inquiries and then radio silent... ... Got new shoes for the Dually. Decided to go All Terrain (instead of radials). Could have used them in the wet sand when I went Fri-Tue prior to Thanksgiving, way WAY back wash 11. Luckily my wife came later with our 05 4WD stock suburban, 4 low no air down and teared me right out. Mother-in-law over for dinner, so ... yeah. abc
  4. I just bought new All Terrain tires for my dually so I'm selling my used radials. I have 8 total and want to sell them all in one lot. All of them are worn evenly and the tread depth varies. I'm sure they have much more time left on them.They are Michelin LT285/70R17, load range D, LTX M/S2$300 gets you 8 tires!Located in Laguna Hills, please TEXT if you're interested. 949-300-three four seven two.Thanks,ABC
  5. Their website is giving me an aneurism
  6. I've been thinking about upgrading to a newer 2 seat razor with turbo. .. but I LOVE my suspension and boxed arms on my 14 XP1000, .. just a little low on HP in Glamis. In dirt, she's a beast!..... so maybe I'll have 2 SXS's. I rented a 4 seat Razor turbo 1000 from Dave (I think that's his name) the weekend before Thanksgiving (trip) and although he has mostly 4 seat CanAm's with suspension and arms, he says I should get the Razor Velocity Turbo S because it doesn't have a bunch of electronic CRAP that you don't need and that will go out/break. Dude is out there 7 months of the year renting out SXSs and I don't know a lot of folks with more experience than him so that goes a long way. I'm a little behind on the current models. Anyhow, in the short run, I'm just going to finally break down and buy front and rear paddles. My last trip in Glamis, the belt break (only 1) took 45 minutes cause it got wound up BEHIND the clutch. I was pretty done with it at that point. I know it's cause I'm running 8 ply heavy dirt tires.. at least after belt 16, 17?.. and a clutch.. I think that's my problem... well one of my problems... LOL abc
  7. Dbart can you delete this quoted thread. Not sure how but this former friend sent me a message on FB. I've blocked him and deleted him, but this post I made is what set him off. Don't want him sending thugs to my house. 

    He's in jail for 20 years+ ... Anyhow, appreciate it.




  8. I have an 08 Chevy 3500. It’s my favorite ‘look.’ (Front grill). I HATE the newer version’s grill as it looks like a rap guys silver teeth or something. That being said, I drove my buddies 17 and it tows and shifts, rides way different than my 08. Same with the Dodge.. the new Duallys are like butter. I think Dodge is the best now with the newer transmission and the Cummins. I’d probably switch if I needed one, but I only have 76k miles on mine so.. I’ll be dead before it dies. abc
  9. Yeah, make sure you have folks with you, communication equipment (cells and even CBs), chargers for the phones and plenty of water. Buddy of mine in a Rhino broke down and the group of 8 didn't notice. He walked from the middle of Glamis to Gecko. Took him 4/5 hours, he showed up at 7 am, no water, about dead. A real FUN adventure is straight out at wash 45. I think it's like Test Hill, never found it, but the sand is like silt out there. I was even having difficulty getting up hills with my Raptor 700R, paddles and a programmer. It was weird, but at the same time so pristine and beautiful. Our future 'plan' for a wash 45 run is to have someone drive a truck with fuel and tow equipment down to that wash, park it, and they have everyone refuel and head out. Worst case, we tow someone back to the wash and either load or tow their vehicle back to camp at 10/13 wash. Spent $5k on my Razor and $5k on my new (to me trailer) upgrades and maintenance. ... so .. ,.. I'm DYING to get out to the desert. Be safe! abc
  10. Someone did that. I had a 'plan' to do it. Glad I never did, not sure without someone with a 4x4 and long tow strap that one could make it there... I've had a lot of dumb ideas... and yes to the other posters, most of my friends gave me a 50/50 that I would wad up my sand car. That's why I wore a tremendous amount of safety gear, fire system, etc. My final piece of 'gear' would have been hockey goalie knee, thigh and ankle guards. Seen more that one picture of a bad lawn dart and knees cracked open like eggs down to the bone. I'm sure my 'group' would have made fun of me, but I expected to eventually crash, so the more gear the better. abc
  11. Olds is one of the most dangerous places in Glamis. I've witnessed 2 deaths first hand as they happened. .. Single Moto 900 KTM with a paddle going up alone, over the bars, snapped neck, killed instantly .. and the other was a Quad headed up the left, while a sand car paced and caught him on the right, jumped the elbow about 80% of the way up (turned 90 degrees), and mowed a quad he never even saw. That one was rough. Kid was like 26, named Corey. Both of these deaths were when the hill had under 100 people there. I personally almost mowed someone in my blindspot while hot-dogging during a time when there was over 1000 people there, sandcar days. Glad the dude mashed the brakes and I didn't kill him. I wouldn't even had seen it until it was too late,.. lesson(s) learned... With my underpowered SXS, Olds isn't for anything but sitting way back and watching the show. .. go over the back and hit the fun large bowls. abc
  12. Olds is a long hill, even driving down it to fast you can get crossed up and if you do, you'll be rolling a bunch of times. I think Don (owner of SCU) rolled down years ago just driving down it. You have to respect that hill. Only way I'd jump down that beast would be in a Trophy Truck with full protection, helmet, neck collar, etc. ... Also why I prefer to go Sat-Tue prior to Thanksgiving. About 10% of the population of folks/rangers than Wed-Sun. The dunes are smoother and you have much less chance of a collision (my biggest fear) when I'm out duning hard/fast. Be safe out there duners. Make sure to 'teach' your newbies! Head on a swivel, look for traffic, etc. If I have someone shotgun, their JOB is to be looking for traffic and throw up their hands, yell TRAFFIC, .. OK,.. off topic... abc
  13. Geeze... that's super ghetto. I consider my neighborhood in Laguna Hills to be nice.. well that was several years ago. It's still nice, but not far from the freeway and it seems there are more and more meth heads about. .. ... I have TONS of security cameras.. that didn't stop one meth head from trying all the car door handles up and down the street and going through the mail sitting in my driveway (from 2am until 4am). It took me a full day to compile all the footage of this loser for the police. About 2 months ago, a freak was jacking off, pants down right across the street as my wife and 13 year old were headed to school. Multiple sex offender, got him on film as well and I expect they're finally going to toss the key on this dude, currently awaiting trial... ugh. It wasn't until I purchased a bunch of these that signs that things seem to be better. I have 2 trees on either side of the front of my property and each has this sign at about 4 feet up the tree. Have one at my back yard fence which faces wilderness/bike/dog trails, as well as one right at my front door as you walk up. IMO the criminals don't notice the cameras, but I think the signs work. Mine are like 16"x10". Maybe if you already have cameras, get some signs. I don't recommend the ones that are green, or brown and look nice cause they'll blend in with your house. My signs make it look like I'm a 7-11, but I don't care. I want people to be alert.... no afraid.. when they approach my house. PS. I was 1/2 way through a big 16 camera installation at my Mom's house in Rialto (nice part of Rialto, where Gil from Funco lived -RIP) and before they were hooked up, 3 hoodrats followed my Mom from the gas station and attacked her from behind sneaking up as she got out of her car in her driveway. They even took off their shoes so she couldn't hear their steps from behind. Tons of cameras, but no signs and they weren't hooked up yet. They threw her to the ground, dragging her down the driveway while she held onto her purse. After they pried it and her phone came out, she goes to grab it and they kick her. Fortunately she was not seriously injured. The hoodrats had been reeking havoc all over town and other camera's in the neighborhood led to their arrest/capture. Three punks 16, 17 and 18. All are headed to jail/prison. My Mom is 73 and under 5 feet tall. Had I been there, they would be dead people. My Mom has 2 pitbulls who were barking like crazy behind the gate. My Step-Dad was inside and never knew it happened. Now Mom, backs into her driveway and does situational awareness before entering her house. Doubt this happens in AZ or TX where just about everyone is packing. .. just sayin' Finally, I would suggest setting up some kind of electrocution boobie trap on your tail gate, but of course in CA, YOU would be charged with a crime if they got zapped. Maybe some strategically placed razor blades....
  14. Yeah,.. why I like to buy my toys after the bugs have been worked out.. that being said, I've had 5 recalls on my 14' and that was in like 17' I think... Not good.. not good at ALL! abc
  15. SPOILER ALERT! Don’t read if you don’t want to know the ending. Just finished the first season. My take-aways.. 1. Dry lake bed for the finally was a dumb choice. 2. Of course us off-roaders KNOW the all-wheel drive car has a HUGE advantage but it’s only brought up once by one of the other drivers. Surprised no one else mentions it. 3. A lot of the sleeper car folks sure are jealous of the supercar folks. Seemed most of them (supercar owners) were ‘self made’ so yeah, lick my balls... I made a bunch of money .. I’m gonna buy a badass ride. I don’t HAVE to wrench on my shit cause I focused on making money so I can BUY anything I want. Anyhow, still was well done IMO. abc

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