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  1. I just got those you mentioned .. still wrapped .. also ordered from Chaparral. 32”. I’m not interested in drag racing or hill shooting folks, I’m a duner and I love to slide around. Plus I think this will be easier on the belts... and I always run in 4wd. I used to run my SCU between 20-22psi. I like a solid rear as opposed to 12psi gush.. found it was easier to control. The ones I got are bead lock, just need to find the right PSI to run them at. New ride only has 1 trip at KOH and I’m DYING to get to Glamis. abc
  2. For me it’s all about the weather. I don’t do well in the heat. That being said, all it takes is a good Glamis wind and the temperatures can drop 20 degrees in 2 days. I haven’t been in Glamis in the summer since I was a teenager. We’d float down the canal and night ride. I also move to trips in the high desert when G gets too hot. Plan on doing some really long summer trips... Utah, Idaho, etc. abc
  3. Holy crap Batman... if you own a funco.... .... someone DELIVERS your sh** to the sand....🥴😬🤣🤪
  4. Listing my old Razor all over the place. Need to locate the pink and all spare parts and accessories from the TH / safe, so I'm ready. Doing inventory stuff I've been blowing off for the business (fun)! Compiling my 'list' for what I want to do aftermarket to the new Razor (decisions decisions). Coordinating my next desert trip. Probably Glamis as I just got new paddles in for the Velocity... also need to buy a rear view mirror (for now until I get all the stuff done). Figure I'd just run it stock next trip and hose clamp a flag. I just HATE not being able to see behind me. Parents are returning from a month away to pick up their King Charles that we've been baby sitting. Not sure where they went.. somewhere where my Dad said, 'Don't call me unless it's an emergency as it will cost me $$ to answer the phone.. like he needs $$.. LOL' As an old man, I enjoy reading the paper, so already did that. I'll be bummed when newspapers finally all die. Life is good! abc
  5. Any suggestions where else to list this? I put it on Craigs and also one of those RZR forums. I hear Glamis page on FB might be a good route. Friday bump! abc
  6. Yeah I was there this week and was also shocked. I was also surprised they're just shutting down and not selling it. You would think the name/location would make it worth 'something.' I hear the wife/widow is in her 60's and is just over it. It's possible it wasn't generating much income for the liability/hassle. Maybe the interweb helped kill it. When they were at the old location, I purchased 2 quads in 2005, KFX50 and KFX80 (which we still have and all 4 of my kids grew up on it). I also bought my Raptor 700R blue and white special edition, think it was 07 or 08. Other than that, I've spent a hefty portion on gear and repairs/maintenance over the last 15 years. I'm bummed, they're like 5 miles from my house. abc
  7. These statistics might be misleading. a. What is the percentage of attacks per bread population? If Labs outnumber Pitts by 10/1 then these statistics are useless. b. Also, what about the severity of the 'bite? I have no dog ... LOL.. in this fight. Are two little mutts died a while ago, now we just get a rental.. my parents who live on Lido Isle in Zoo Port Beach travel extensively. We've been watching their King Charles for about a month. Wife and all the kids want another dog, but I veto that deal.. I don't want to 'take care' of another 'being.' ... My wife came to the marriage with a Chihuahua and a 1/2 Chihuahua Pomeranian mix. One drowned in our pool (blind) at 16, the Pomeranian mix lived until 22! ... of course I brought 3 kids to the marriage so.. what can I say ... really abc
  8. I didn't read all the posts, but my Mom has 2 and my sister and I agree to NEVER leave her 3 year old unattended near them. That being said, when they 'snap' it's probably to late. Their bite is like the jaws of life. I'm not Adolf Hitler or something, but I'd be for total extermination of the bread, my $.02. Had many an argument with Mom and my sister (she has 1). My Mom is in her 70's. I think they'd DIE and KILL to protect her, but I just don't trust them fuggers. I wonder what the statistics are on them. You hear 'it's the owner' but then you hear stories, where the dog had NEVER done anything, then just snaps. Not a big fan of Rott's either. abc
  9. I'm sure 50% or more are insurance 'jobs.' abc .. and no... I'll only make a claim if I wreck it... mine won't burn.
  10. Yeah, I just ordered the beadlock paddles (4). Unlike the 30", the 32" will all be the same (they don't have wider), so it'll be like running 4 'fronts' in the sand. I always run 4WD to I can't wait to get out there. Oh I found an email address online for Thad and just sent him my list. Looking forward to his ideas/suggestions, etc. I think I'm probably gonna just stay with the stock arms and suspension for now (until I break it). Same with the tires, just gonna keep the air high and just buy a spare stock 32" ITP Coyote (that it came with) and use that.. once they're spent, I'll replace them with probably the same tire and beadlocks. It's so weird how far these SXSs have come. We're talking 'mini-buggy' .. I just needed turbo, sand cars beware, I'll be up your a** in the dunes... LOL OK, now someone buy my 2014. It's all prepped and ready. Just spent $2500 at Mission Motorsports. It needs nothing but a driver. FYI, I just learned Mission Motorsports is shutting down 3/14/2020. As many know the owner crashed/died on a street bike, maybe 5 years ago?? I guess his widow is in her mid-60's and is over it. I'm surprised it isn't being 'sold' and is just shutting down. I'd think there would be a viable/profitable business there, but what do I know... my business is a small operation with super low overhead. I've been dealing with them since 04, sad to see them close. Gotten really tight with Dave, their SXS mechanic. Gonna get his contact info as I'd love to have him work on my stuff. abc
  11. Maybe he took the day off, but does anyone have Thad at Fabwerx's email address or cell? I tried to call and no one picked up, no option for leaving a VM. I can't seem to find a website with a contact email for them. I want to get my 'list' over to him and discuss it, etc. I made a word document that I was gonna send him. Thanks, abc ABC's 2019 POLARIS RZR S VELOCITY upgrade list for Thad at Fabwerx 24791 Clarington Drive, Laguna Hills, CA 92653, 949-300-3472 cell, call or text 1. Fabworks (radius roof) cage with doors (no nets, we use wrist traps). The stock 75” cage is EXACTLY the same height as my rear bunk beds, so I can’t have the cage, light bar, whip mount or anything taller than 75” max. 2. Light bar LED (suggestions on MFR)? 3. Ace programmable 3’ whip (have it on my old RZR and really like it) 4. Spare tire mount (I think these are part of the cage). I like the one with the 2 pistons that lift up, so it also keeps tool bags, etc. from coming out of the trunk space. 5. Rugged raced radio system (with Magnetic cover to protect when cleaning). (Helmet MFR suggestions)? 6. Parker Pumper and Maglock race air kit. 7. 2 fire extinguishers (mounted on the rear of the cage). 8. Dome light and a light near the belt area just in case I have to change a belt at night. 9. Door pockets, the PRP ones I have in my old RZR are OK, but I’ve seen canvas ones that seem better (not sure who makes them). 10. Aftermarket seats where the belts go through the seat (at the shoulder). I’d like a good 5 point system (suggestions)? OPTION: Boxed Arms – My XP1000 2014 already had boxed arms added and I was initially convinced I should get them, but after some debate folks think I ought to just drive it how it is and box them if I Taco the arms. Interested in pricing. Also, I assume other ‘suspension’ items would have to be changed. I appreciate any ideas/suggestions you may have for me. Thank you for your time and assistance.

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