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  1. I am the original owner. Purchased this from Mission motorsports. Comes with dirt tires that are almost brand new. Also comes with Skat Track rear paddles and shark fin front sand tires. It has 3 inch HID PIA lights on the handlebars. I also added the galaxy programmer which also comes with a K&N air filter and aftermarket pipe. Plastics are a little scratched up but otherwise she is in great condition and runs strong . Also has a cooler rack and cooler. Just change the oil, oil filter and clean and oiled the K&N air filter. The air filter has always had a dry sleeve on it. 949-300 three 4 7 2 text or call. I love this quad but I am no longer using it. Time to let someone else grab hold of the beast. .... .... If you can handle it? Abc

    It's Saturday 3/9/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Kids 5D54B1CC-E888-461D-B0EF-4D6C7A100712.MOV

    It's Saturday 3/9/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Just bought a 5th wheel from a board member... transferring the contents of my old one (bumper pull) which I’m giving away to a buddy to part out to the ‘new’ one (5th wheel). Can’t believe The condition of this trailer. It’s 1 year newer than my trailer.... 186 gen hours VS 2543 on mine 😬🤪🤣 They’re TWINS! Losing some bed space, but tip to tail it’s 5 feet shorter... and I get a 3 foot LONGER trailer with great storage. Abc

    It's Saturday 3/9/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Servicing the Raptor... been neglecting the poor girl.. I loan it out more than ride it, but after the Razor threw a code and wouldn’t start .. I pulled it in my WW with the Raptor 700R.... I swear I’ll NEVER sell her... .. new (to me) 5th Wheel tomorrow.. my SS2500 WW will be for sale right quick... hopefully ... abc

    Another 'What are My Options' thread

    It's a trailer.. I'd just buy a few cans of black Rustoleum and 'hit it.'.. but that's just me. Sorry, that they're not standing behind their product, running a bit of a swindle IMO. Good luck. Sincerely, abc

    America's Second Civil War Has Already Begun

    The left ... ugh... their just going to keep ‘picking off’ cities when it comes to 2nd A IMO. Don’t expect much ‘traction’ in places like Montana, etc. I personally LOVE the far/crazy AOC leftists. I think a fractured Democratic Party helps us on the right. The Dems are ‘eating their young’ or vice versa .. good for keeping America Great ... again. Stay Frosty but I wouldn’t get too paranoid. Country is still 50/50. The far leaning left media is the dangerous part, but their running out of gas/credibility IMO. My $.02 ABC

    The Coobster took a fall

    Hope for a speedy recovery Coobie. As some of you might know, 4 years ago (can't believe it's been 4 years), I shattered my heal and ankle bone in Mother G on a MX. My surgery/recovery was near 1 year. It's a permanent deal, but I'm happy to report I can walk up to 8 miles, even hike with little pain. My foot just lacks e-version, in-version or camber I guess. I'm SUPER lucky that I can even walk. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Take care of yourself. You only got 1 life! Best wishes, abc

    Bill maher shows how pretentious he is

    AOC, Bernie and the other socialist are the BEST thing to ever happen to the GOP. The GOP has finally learned to stand behind their leader, President Trump, and the Democrats are eating eachother alive (slightly left being eaten by socialist left, etc.). Unless they put a moderate against Trump, he'll win again, no problem. Always harder to 'oust' a sitting president when things are going so well. No working person REALLY wants socialism. My son, 22, has been taking business classes in college and now works for my company. He's TOTALLY shifted his political views and moved from the left to the right...., thank GOD! Hard work will do that to folks. Trump 2020! abc

    ABC at KOH, ..

    Ran 4 high most of the time, but better on the motor and drivetrain to be in 4 low for that hill or any steep hill up or down we’re youre not going to exceed 25mph IMO. Razor scooted up it no problem it was a slightly sandy dirt hill with small rocks. we saw the trail and scooted up it no time. Thanks, abc

    ABC at KOH, ..

    Dude.. I was born n' raised in CA... ain't to bright about dat cold... ..C

    ABC at KOH, ..

    Yeah I like my trailer warm as well. In five days I went through 8 gallons of propane for my little 25 foot trailer. I knew it was going to be below freezing so I brought 10 extra gallons and ended up giving one to someone in camp we didn’t bring enough . Everyone in my camp was making fun of me because I brought a scarf from our snow gear but I can tell you it was a lifesaver along with the three layers top and bottom, mechanic gloves to hold my beer and a beanie and a hoodie . Car never overheated… LOL

    ABC at KOH, ..

    Yeah... 2019 resolution... more off-roading.... Hit Morongo for lunch.. Last 3 times I stopped for lunch, I took their money.... once 15 minutes, other 2 times just 1 hour... A quickie..... then back on the road. 21... but my ‘game’ is poker 😬🤪🤣💴🙅‍♂️🤷‍♀️ ..... more vacations abc

    ABC at KOH, ..

    I wonder if this will load... Hey Arnold get to the chopper! CF61CABB-4740-4D5E-ABAD-06C002A14850.MOV

    ABC at KOH, ..

    See I don’t need to upload... my peeps do it... It was very cold even in the daytime we would make fires even in the day time. My buddy rolled his four seater on its side at around midnight Saturday night and we drove around lost in the flats since I don’t know any markers around there and was towing him for three hours. .. blind.. ya know. .. I kept falling asleep when I was getting towed cause we switched, drivers/leaders... it was pretty funny/sad.... Eventually I started to hit my truck alarm which is a train horn and that’s how we found camp ... like 3 AM .... I was ready just to sleep in the car… LOL Still an awesome trip! abc PS. Right after this video, the choppers are following the Trophy Trucks .. there were 2 like 50 feet above our head .. so it seemed.. CA4F0452-F620-4437-8DC1-121286E68731.MOV

    ABC at KOH, ..

    Did 5 days in Mother G, week and a half later did 5 days in Johnson Valley for KOH. I accidentally crossed the course about a 1/2 dozen times. Sometimes it was super obvious, my passenger and I are like, oh SH_T.. we're on the course!... we did a lot more mobbing around than spectating, except at night. Got this KILLER view (again whoops... crossed the course) just prior to the trophy trucks going out. It was choice. Once we knew where we were we just stayed for about an hour or 2 until the trucks came, watched them, then went down when they were done. .. sat up there and ate my chicken wrap and slogged beers... We got stopped WAY far away and there were no markings by LEOs on 2 wheelers,.. they were cool and got us back to 'safety.' This is the 3rd year I've gone (not consecutive) and I don't plan to miss it again. Actually my next trip will be to Johnson Valley (no offense Mother G). So much there to explore.. and I only tossed 1 belt 😛 abc

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