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  1. Yeah,.. why I like to buy my toys after the bugs have been worked out.. that being said, I've had 5 recalls on my 14' and that was in like 17' I think... Not good.. not good at ALL! abc
  2. SPOILER ALERT! Don’t read if you don’t want to know the ending. Just finished the first season. My take-aways.. 1. Dry lake bed for the finally was a dumb choice. 2. Of course us off-roaders KNOW the all-wheel drive car has a HUGE advantage but it’s only brought up once by one of the other drivers. Surprised no one else mentions it. 3. A lot of the sleeper car folks sure are jealous of the supercar folks. Seemed most of them (supercar owners) were ‘self made’ so yeah, lick my balls... I made a bunch of money .. I’m gonna buy a badass ride. I don’t HAVE to wrench on my shit cause I focused on making money so I can BUY anything I want. Anyhow, still was well done IMO. abc
  3. I know it's 'dramaticized' but for 'manufactured reality TV' it's alright.. I just like the cars honestly. abc PS. Talking about ‘crazy’ stuff helped my 75 year Dad drop off his Hayabusa powered Radical race car (European circuit I think) which he’s having made into a hot rod. Maybe where I get my insanity from.
  4. I like this show... won't do any spoilers.. I've watched 7 episodes... but it's always 3 low budget sleepers vs. a supercar.. and I ONLY want to be the supercar guy/girl cause they have MONEY .. and can do other sh_t other than living in a crappy city and wrenching all day... on said POS... .. so the supercar owners .. uh.. take more showers.. .. abc P.S. They probably haye folks that make their food and wipe their bums .. etc.. .... For sure they ALL have a 'pool guy'.. or 2.
  5. Worth every pen.. uh I'm mean.... dollar!... At this point, you don't even PICK UP pennies.. right.. sometimes I'll come out a store and just rain the change in the air.. rather than weight my pockets with that crap... .. I could go ham n' biscuits in that beast. GLWTS abc
  6. ... hide yo wife... bought a ‘new to me’ 5th wheel (but I’m running a goose neck adapter) a few months back and haven’t even slept in it. Its the same year as my bumper tow, essentially same model, no slides, 4000 gen, 1 ac, 11 foot garage, etc. We’ll all the crap from the old rig was just in boxes n bags that we salvaged .. now populating their homes. i vow to keep her cleaner than my last rig... I wore her out. This was a gem.. same year 175 gen hours. My same year bumper tow had 2700 gen hours and was beat to hell. Weird that this rig just sat unused for so many seasons. im so used to the rig cause it’s like my last... particle board, same ac and heater.. blade fuses.. etc. Anyhow I just got back from 2 weeks in Greece so still kinda ‘mind fuct.’ abc
  7. It was surreal. I was going through a divorce and living at my Dad's in Newport Beach, Lido Island.. right on the water. So erie to watch it unfold in such a beautiful place. My sister was in college in Ohio and woke us up 'turn on the news.' Watching the first tower burning and the coverage as the second tower is hit, planes they couldn't reach. You know if it wasn't for those hero's on 93, they would have rammed that last plane into the White House? I told my Dad straight up that it had to be terrorists with knives (so they were box cutters, same difference). My Step-Mom was in Hawaii and cause of the grounding was stuck there for a week if I remember correctly. May God bless all those lost and their loved ones. NEVER FORGET! abc PS. I have a theory on what they'll do next, but I hate to post it... Gas tanker trucks.. they could 'box cutter' or by other means get the truck at the gas station before it unloads.. Now they're driving a bomb. Once THAT happens. All flammable trucks will have armed escorts.
  8. That car's geometry is dope. I'm thinking 35" tires? If it's LSX powered, that will be a ROCKET in Glamis. Nice 2 seat, short wheel base. .. .. Just take my advice.. Wear a helmet,.. and wrist straps.. snug yourself in tight. .... I can cart-wheel it for you if needed Best, abc
  9. Ed is the MASTER. If you go with him make sure you do the 'premium' deal where he not only tunes, but completely breaks down the shocks, changes the shims, etc. My car felt like it gained 8" of travel. I could mash the big stuff and on the little stuff all the 'chatter' was removed. I was astounded how much a tuned suspension changed the performance and overall comfort. You'll drive with more confidence too. I was lucky that the Razor I bought was already tuned by Ed (his sticker was on it). It's really dialed in nice. Best, abc
  10. Thanks for the tips... now y’all go out and buy these new models... I’ll have cash for you 1-2 years when you wanna upgrade 👍
  11. Yeah cover is on, but didn't know until last service I had a good 3"x1" gash right on the top of the cover. So we were getting lots of debri in there. Also added a fan in the exhaust tube (tube was added as the '14 was just a cover). I also pretty much ALWAYS run in 4WD High, so maybe that helps put more pressure on the belts? I'm through 15 belts and 1 primary clutch. I run dirt tires as I hate changing tires and I really don't think the non-turbo has enough guts to warrant paddles. I run at about 4-6psi. Main problem is I just peg the throttle to the floor. If I backed off, it probably would be easier on the belt(s). We'll see how she holds up with the gash being fixed, all the clutch stuff cleaned and maintained and the new exhaust fan. She actually does well in G, you just have to wind her up to 35mph-55mph and maintain speed. It has boxed arms and larger shocks (2.5's) tuned by Ed. The suspension is incredible for such a short wheel base. I really love her and I'll box the arms when I finally buy a used 2020/2021 turbo (if the previous owner doesn't do it for me). I've ran right into large logs and boulders I thought I'd torn off the front, but no, dem boxed arms are the shiznit.... Indestructible... IMO. Best, abc
  12. Just watched the video. Some of y’all type NOVELS ... so I’ve only read the ‘short comments.’ It will be nice to buy one that is 1-2 years old in 2021/22 at a discount from the dudes here that always need the latest model. .. thanks fellas 🤣. Last thing I bought new was my 08 Raptor 700R (which I sold a few months back).By the time I get this model..my XP1000 will be worth $7500 😬. ... maybe I’ll keep it and have 2 RZRs? I’m only taking my belt burner to G twice this season. I won’t run paddles and without a turbo, makes the dirt much more fun. Little tired of 2/3 belts per trip in G. See y’all in Johnson Valley, Calico, Ocotillo, etc. (Or Glamis.. maybe twice). abc
  13. .. Not to interumpt, but One-A-Day never could tell me who painted the car he sold me (that I sold 7 years ago). Must be the same guy who painted this car. Exact same paint job, except without the words. After owning it for 2 years, found a paint guy in Garden Grove who does choppers and he did the wing for me. Glad to see Air450 still mobbing his. Very fast driver out there. abc
  14. Yeah, just buy a sand car.. weak front arms.. I'd taco those in a heartbeat.. Also losing the 4wd .. I agree, just buy a sand car by a respected builder. The whole SXS 'deal' for me is the versatility.. dune it,.. trail it.. jeep it.. whatever. abc

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