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  1. ... I have little chance of leaving.. born and raised in OC, California. My wife lived in Florida, Michigan and California for the past 30+ years. My sister, brother-in-law and their 4 of 5 kids live in Newbury Park My Step-Dad and Mother are in Rialto (a few houses away from Gil founder of Funco). My Dad and Step-Mom are on the water in Newport (Lido Isle) Mother-in-Law is 2 miles away in Laguna Woods (retirement community, she's 85) Father-in-Law is in Torrance I run my business from my home (I literally drive under 20 miles per week). But it is 'internet' based distributor (so also higher warehouse expenses). I could live in any state so long as I can get to a UPS/Fed-Ex store a few times a week. If we were in a no state income tax state, like NV, I'd have 7 figures (more) in the bank.. yup, make $400k at 13.3%, at the current California state income tax rate, that's $53,200 in lost income in 1 just one FRIGGIN year!!!... for example vs. 0.0%. Of course there are a zillion other expenses (gas is a big one) that also make it even worse financially to be in California. So besides, family and weather, there is no logical reason why we should live here. That being said, I honestly don't think my wife will EVER let us leave CA. My youngest goes into the 8th grade. I've promised.. threatened.. the old lady that once she graduates H.S. (hopefully off to college somewhere), that we should be smart and leave... Actually, I'll probably get served divorce papers during her graduation party, pot will be chopped.. then I'm off to Montana... so who knows.. maybe 5 years away... Oh.. I have to live that long though.. so there's that... Have a pleasant afternoon. abc
  2. OK, so I'm old.. and as a younger chap, pretty much stoned on grass 24/7. I'd be down by the beach and get these random requests for a photo.. mind you this is in the 80s/90s so they were film or disposable cameras so they wouldn't see the shot you were taking until their film was developed. If it was some dude with a really hot girl with him. I'd take 5-10 shots, and crop out the dude.. It'd just be the girl and scenery. Maybe you'd see the guys arm... I'm sure once developed they were like 'what an _sshole!... ... Yes if there's a hell, I'm going for sure... I'd be pissing my pants laughing as I'd walk away. PS. In college at Cal State Fullerton, a few buildings had elevators. I'd rip a fart just as I approached my floor, then exclaim 'COME' ON ... GROSS!' and .. leave the 5+ people in there with my fart to scowl at each other...
  3. I've been doing Kauai for 20 years. Met Laird hamilton a couple of years ago. We stay in PoiPu right across from the Beach House. I'll be there from 8/8-8/22, so the countdown is ON! We usually always go Christmas - New Years and I NEVER go for less than 2 weeks. A couple of years we've done 3 weeks straight. Know that place like the back of my hand by now. Have fun! abc Dad_plays_a_yukilaylay.MOV FILE0205.MOV
  4. I personally have no issue with tats and appreciate quality art. ... that being said, we have a ‘rule’ in my house. Anyone who gets tats or piercings will never get any $upport from Dad until they’re ‘removed.’ Either by laser it hot curling iron 😬🤣. Obviously my 13 year old doesn’t have any. My 20 and 22 year olds don’t (neither do the wife or I), but my 27 year old does. Hence she lives out in her own, no checks /$ going her way. I tell the 20 and 22 year old.. go for it. Sooner you support yourself the better. My son, 22, would already have then without this rule. Not sure I’ve EVER met anyone with tats that are even 10 years on them who doesn’t regret it. I’d make an exception for my kids if it were related to any military service, but most who have served are likely to be on their own anyhow. abc
  5. Yup.. Laguna Hills.. FA9FD22D-9A98-4AE2-A48F-24A7A31E27D6.MOV
  6. Haven't been to Pismo in a long.. long time. It's a postage stamp. Started riding there (before Glamis). You could ride your OHV down the main roads, to the store. You could also do 60 mph and go for miles and miles down to the end of the beach, along the shore and not see anyone. Turned my 185S into the waves once (Dad was NOT pleased). I'm not sure what the size of the riding area was in the 80's vs. today, but it must have been 50-100 times bigger. At least it felt that way. I remember the tree huggers were trying to 'protect' the snowy plover. I don't know what one looks like, but I vowed to kill any I saw, you know so it'd be extinct and they wouldn't have to 'protect it.' Only thing I didn't like back in the day was the instant rust, but as long as you got on it right after your trip, nothing beats riding and looking at the ocean.. guess you'll have to go to Mexico.... Had a lot of great memories at Pismo..
  7. Never drove a DD, but I 2nd 2DASAND opinion about PSI. I also ran at 22 PSI. Many in my sand car group (when I had one) ran really low, like 12-14 PSI. I liked the 'solid' back end feel and it made it easier to slide. I LOVED sliding my car around. Too low PSI and it's all gummy and unpredictable. Plus it will be easier on your axles and transmission to run that higher PSI. $.02 .. have FUN! abc
  8. I've been telling that joke for years.. but the punch line I learned was, 'Si Senor, but the matador does not always win.' Great joke abc
  9. My kids are getting older. The 20, 22 and 26 year olds don't really go on trips anymore. The 13 year old and the bride come about 1/2 the time. So glad that I now have a 5th wheel. I've been parsing down stuff I don't need. The quicker I can get unloaded and start playing, the happier I am. At my peek I had the sand car, 2 box shuffle and 6 quads, riding gear for everyone, tons of bins. Now I'm just down to the Razor and my 13 year olds KFX80 quad. Sold my Raptor 700R, gave away my picnic table and I'm not even going to bring the dumb outside mat. Gonna give that away too. My unpack should be really simple this year, a few camp chairs, roll out the Razor and kid quad. I'm only going to bring one fold out table. Very fortunate that the (new to me) 5th wheel has a much larger storage area than my old tow behind. I can keep all my mainanence bins, fluids, and other stuff in there. I should be able to unload and set-up in about 5 minutes. Other change .. well not really a change, is how many times I'm going to Glamis. Only 2-3 trips. Doing more dirt lately. My Razor is the 'belt burner.' I did put an inline fan and guage so we'll see if that helps. Also, since I'm lazy, I only run dirt tires (hate changing tires). I don't own paddles and have no intention of getting them. Bottom line, the razor is a little underpowered for Glamis. You just have to wind her up and stay between 30mph-50mph in the dunes and keep up the momentum. In a couple years, I'll probably replace her with a turbo 2 seater and then I might do more Glamis trips. Everyone have a GREAT season... keep yo head on a swivel! Be safe! Remember to teach any newbies what to look out for. abc
  10. I'm not going to be in the same camp as most y'all. IMO Amazon is a HAVEN for Chinese counterfeits. I won't give Amazon one penny. If I'm looking for something, I try to order direct from the manufacturer who makes the product on their website, otherwise you're getting a lot of China junk, tons of counterfeits IMO from Amazon. abc PS. Always try to buy American made as well. Eff China!.. Eff Amazon (mostly China junk)!
  11. KROQ Weenie Roast, not the same as when I went like 17 years ago (line up)... then hit Denny’s.. IV drip recovery today... I ain’t doin nothing.. abc
  12. Jussie... Dixon... Dole Hardgrave.. ... What numbers you push in??.... Coffe make me kinda nervous... AIght den
  13. OK,... Invention.. 2 cables? You're welcome. abc PS. OK take that back.. stable 'line' broke... Still choking on vomit, etc. Hope she made it. My Mom is 74.
  14. ...Dixon EA82BA73-1EC1-49FA-B688-5AD8FDA9DC0B.MOV
  15. X2 on the tourniquet. After my neighbor who’s a firefighter telling me like 10 times to have them with us, I finally ordered like a dozen and gave them to all my riding buddies. ugh... tough to look at. abc

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