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  1. I got the red one with an enclosure like the grey one has
  2. Putting in the break in period on my new toy
  3. Started our first day of irrigation on the back 40.(really just 5). 20200412_160452.mp4
  4. Went to an outdoors adventure show in Boise. They were doing a demo for portable saw mill. I bought their cut wood. 200 board feet of rough down pine. Some with live edge slabs too. Gonna make picnic tables and bar tables or coffee tables
  5. Finishing drywall in an apartment I'm building in my outbuilding.
  6. Smoked and then fried. Turned out awesome. Really juicy. Happy Thanksgiving everyone
  7. What part of sand highway I wonder? Crazy stuff.
  8. Definitely a stand up guy. One of the reasons we miss our old neighborhood. People like Matt.
  9. mikel

    Joke of the day

    IKEA would have only provided 2 nails
  10. mikel


    We have taken our first step toward retirement. Sold business in San Diego and moved to Nampa Idaho . Working at a small town glass shop and the kids moved with us. We have a plan in place to get a small income for years to come and also leave the boys a legacy business for their future. Loving the new definition of freedom. Loved California but also never really knew anywhere else. Good luck
  11. We watched the first episode last night. Probably on the hook for recording the rest now. Interesting stuff for sure.
  12. I guess if keeping it on it's wheels and keeping a smile on my face qualifies then I'm #1. In my book at least.
  13. I got a set on my toy hauler before last season . No problems with handling or towing but it's only been 6 trips or so.
  14. I'm on the list of people leaving. Selling the business to my partner and outta here!

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