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  1. We watched the first episode last night. Probably on the hook for recording the rest now. Interesting stuff for sure.
  2. I guess if keeping it on it's wheels and keeping a smile on my face qualifies then I'm #1. In my book at least.
  3. I got a set on my toy hauler before last season . No problems with handling or towing but it's only been 6 trips or so.
  4. I'm on the list of people leaving. Selling the business to my partner and outta here!
  5. Amen . Hadn't read the declaration since elementary school. Seems like we're in virtually the same position now with our government
  6. Yes you did. LOL!
  7. Superstition to ocotillo wells and back. Fun trip. Just wife and I.
  8. i'm sure the brakes and tranny are made for it too.
  9. mikel

    Where to go ?

    Superstition is my vote. Varying terrain and miles of riding area. I'm going for a day trip this weekend myself. thinking about going from Superstition to ocotillo wells and back in my SXS's.
  10. mikel

    Son inlaw

    Prayers being sent . God is the answer so be faithful
  11. mikel


    We were looking for property North of Boise in the hills last year. Went up there to view some lots and stopped in a roadside store that had everything from jelly and quilts to fully built guns. Nothing like that in Cali. The lady asked what brought us up there and we told her we were looking to relocate. She went off on a tirade telling us how "if we think we're bringing that California political horseshit up here and ruining their state we have another thing coming!" We told her we are leaving to get away from the lost cause of California. We wound up not getting the property and then did some more investigating of the state. Friggin politicians have been trying to kill everything in the state since the 40's and 50's. The Idaho National Laboratory was one of the first nuclear experimental testing facilities and remains to this day. As well as one of the biggest dumps for used uranium and whatever else they can fit up there. Been pumping contaminated water down shafts for years because it just "disappears". Problem is the site is right above the largest aquifer in the state that crosses from East to West and then dumps into the snake river. Only a matter of time before it is all so bad nothing will be able to use the water. Can't believe they still try to pass nuclear as "clean energy". So sad.
  12. my adult son might be. Any pictures or model # etc. so I know which chair it is?
  13. alpine funco should be all over this.
  14. I had a issue with my kitchen remodel too. Wound up doing half of the stuff myself so it finished on time. My neighbors said the guy spent half the day sitting on my front porch or playing with my dogs. City boy enjoying my country living when I wasn't home. I also was at a restaurant with my wife and was watching a guy do a repair on their front storefront door. I do this for a living and have been for 37 years so it was pretty entertaining to watch the tech Google or you tube everything he did and then re-did and re-did. Dinner and a show! Looked like he charged them for every minute he was there too because the owner got pretty heated when he gave them the invoice before leaving. Only going to get worse from here.

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