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  1. mikel

    Foods you never thought you would love

    Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it-I pretty much eat everything so far. I'd have to uni(sea urchin ) and eyeballs from the cow we raised a few years back are where I drew the line. Tried uni several times but it's not something I would ever order. The eyeballs I straight up passed on.
  2. mikel

    Weird things you see at work or anywhere else

    Strung him up by his balls
  3. mikel

    whats your favorite expression?

    I have used the following. wherever you go there you are You can't fix stupid shake and bake What an Efftard I hate libtards everything in life is a choice-used for years on young ones. sometimes they get it and sometimes they don't My wife's favorite is "everything is funny until someone gets hurt-then it's friggin hilarious"
  4. mikel

    2 Seater sand car

    You forgot price?
  5. mikel

    Crazy things you see in Glamis

    That's what i said to myself. Not even seatbelts? Stupid hurts for sure.
  6. mikel

    SxS's Lets See 'em!

    My x3xrs
  7. mikel


    Lots of snow last night.
  8. Matt is definitely top rate. Saved my season with my old car once. Welded up some frame cracks before I had it recaged for the Honda motor..
  9. mikel

    Oldsmobile Hill today

    Be there soon. Glamis trips get me going like kids at Christmas
  10. I sooo wanted this one but my financial advisor (read wife ) wouldn't let me go that high on the new purchase.
  11. mikel

    Funco tires what cut?

    My buddy has the same car with the same motor. #1 cut.
  12. mikel

    Wash 15

    We'reusually at 15. Definitely pick up more than we bring out.
  13. mikel

    Swing Set

    This is how we roll too.
  14. mikel

    So it begins

    Just saw an add for impeaching Trump

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