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  1. I heard it was created by BLM Big Lazy Mofos 😝
  2. My kids will want to be forgiven too in 10 years. Let's keep them in mind and while at it, the wife paid like 90k for her education and is wondering if she can get a rebate now. Also, I'm a high school dropout and want something too uhmkay? Ok bie. 🤪
  3. Back to report the wife did her thing. I seen a major improvement in my garage. She said she sprayed the front lawn. I was over watering during the hot days but maybe it's also the weather cooling down?
  4. A quick ebay search and I found just about everything 900 FYI, but yea complete engines were in the 3k range.
  5. Those little fkkerrs!! I see those! Black with some white spots. Shameless bastards! They bite while staring you down!! Ughhhh! Fugggg!
  6. I showed this thread to the wife because we have a problem with these little bastards too! It makes working in the garage impossible! She said this crap works the best and then I asked well, wtf!!! Order it!!
  7. That's right. I replaced my own A/C Evaporator in my Civic which was a 2 day job, stealer wanted close to $3k! Same thing, tore it apart, replaced and tried to fill with the quick charge cans at O'Reilly and nope. Different connectors. What? Oh, different freon ok, well had to buy 2 cans of it on the shelf to my surprise, and have my buddy's shop charge it. They had the manual valve charging things and later found out, I could buy it, too. All in all I spent about $100 on the Evap and about $200 on the freon. I figured, if the barefoot dude in the middle east can bust it out, so can I. Honda really screwed us on the EVAP replacement.
  8. Yea, I guess I could just do it the right way haha. Just wasn't sure it was normal to have that slop, but I guess you put enough joints in it, and it's inevitable. Thanks!
  9. I found this, I wonder if I could make it work reliably.
  10. Ok, I don't normally have a saggy shaft but... I've finally found a way to get my e-steeeing in, and in the course of 3 different u-joint points it has a sag in the middle area where it bottoms to the frame. How can I get it up? LOL trying to avoid the heim mount as it would need to slide in before final weld on shaft ends and then how are they screwed to a base etc. Why am I struggling here. This is baffling me. I had charlynn on my last car and don't want to run it anymore. For sale charlynn LS1 setup too.
  11. I'm still waiting on the hurricane here in San Diego that several people were freaking out about.
  12. Shouldn't be a problem. Just make sure the title is in seller's name, also have a separate bill of sale (which I prefer instead of the section on title) and worst case they have you bring it in for vin verification and/or light check, doubt it though.
  13. So I'm bored and will put in my .02 I don't see a problem with the email. Can you imagine the tire kickers on a utv with the season around the corner? My patience would also be wearing thin. This is a friend from the friend network, shouldn't be too distrustful. 28k with it titled in your name could save you hundreds if not thousands at dmv for taxes if you bought direct from dealer. Not sure about the process though, that's where it gets hairy... title is in his name or not? In hand or not? Will you be with him at AAA? At what point does the money exchange? Careful there. Last thing you need is him taking your money, and doesn't have rightful ownership or the title to begin with. He may pull the "there's a loan to payoff" etc etc. I don't know the value of these things, I'm just coming from the sales perspective side of things. Warranty is of some value too. Good Luck John. Keep us posted or as always, us peanut gallery love to spend other people's money. Let the pros do the shopping for you lol
  14. Question on this if I may as well, how do I know when a heim is bad? Loose ball? How loose?

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