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  1. Everybody can't hear your post over the loud soundbars in their utvs all over Glamis this week hahahaaaa
  2. I just got a PS5 and it was damn near impossible to get. I've been gaming on PS all my life since online gaming started and heard the first voice come across. Thought it was the coolest s**t ever! Never really grew out of it. I'm amazed at what it has become. I have my on/offs throughout the year but I must always have the best in my mind. I didn't like X box due to their quirky controller back in the day and just never gave them a real chance. This time I went all out. Best TV I can afford, Samsung Q something 85", spent a buttload on a headset and I must say, it's the best damn picture and sound I've ever experienced! It's fast and displays in 4k very fast. I love it. As I get older though, it doesn't matter as much as it used to. To get the PS5, wife had to follow some fellers on Twitter, she had to open an account just for it, and some of these dudes know exactly when they drop at places like Target, Best Buy, Walmart, Gamestop etc... online purchase, into your shopping cart. It's gotta be done within seconds of the drop. These are the accounts she followed... top 3. See image.
  3. Ok! Fine it was me! Sike! Got ya'll! 😂 🖕🖕
  4. Happy Thanksgiving GD.com Peeps! Thanks for making this the best site ever hands down!
  5. You would hate my Cheby then. It's lit up like a Christmas tree in there 😂 I just consider the oil pressure gauge another RPM gauge lol
  6. Hell yeah! I'm a free man!!! Loved the "that's Darwinism!" 😂 Thanks for posting.
  7. Chingon619


    I need coffee 👀😴
  8. I follow fish too but my post is about the race drone doing nearly 100mph bringing us top quality video of racers going down the course, up close to them! and live!! All from a 3rd world country I mean, you gotta admit we are living some good times! I was going 100mph on my couch watching through an 85" Samsung. I swear I got roosted and the drone just dodged the roost! It was incredible to me.
  9. Whooaaaaaaaa!!!! ^^^^^^^^ Edit to specify the north county yamaha pen as fuel line 😳
  10. Well that's because it's already been decided some dude in a green Subaru will whoop on dat asses. Try him lol
  11. Most likely. What a jerk 😂
  12. https://giphy.com/gifs/beer-tequila-desperados-xTiTnoSCeKCRQrlzji

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