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  1. Not my logic, I'm not the expert and never said I was. It was something I found when I quickly Googled it. e-trailer I would assume has decent experience in the field but hey to each their own. I thought I would contribute and put in my 2 cents but debating with a real expert like yourself is not something I care for. Glad to see that finding pics on the internet is super reliable for you. I read "steering linkage can snap" and they're talking about a car. I wonder how much smaller steering linkage is on a UTV. Maybe not smaller or maybe even much thicker and can take those sharp turns like a beast being towed backwards. Not my department but throwing it out there.
  2. Oh, I get it. I was just looking out for his "race car". Wether he did or not wasn't my concern. Many tow trucks tow that way, but also many tow trucks don't really care for the car. I've seen them crab walk towing down the highway. Sketchy.
  3. Cool thread. I took this screen shot for a buddy who asked to use my Tow Dolly the wrong way.
  4. Welp, I haven't mocked them up yet and found some 18s I'm trying to buy, but owning 4 rear bp shocks isn't in my cards lol I will be running microstub so maybe my travel will be limited anyways as compared to my G1 midboards. If they don't sell, I will mock them up. I did notice the spacers and thought about that. I really don't know enough and that pains me 😆 I was told to put them on and cycle the suspension and see what it does. The upper mounts on my frame aren't that staggered as much as others I've seen, so who knows. I appreciate the heads up, I know you know what's up. Thank ya! Bump!
  5. Anyone looking to add bypasses? These are in excellent shape and ready to install but I screwed up and bought the wrong size. I need 18" unfortunately. In San Diego. Shipping on your dime. $1,500
  6. TTT What about in San Diego and average cost for a 4 seat frame?
  7. I've heard Belize is the place to hit. Serenity central. Plenty of English speaking there too.
  8. This thread is a very special kind of circle jerk! Never seen anything like it. I searched for how many times CARB was mentioned and my phone had to restart lol 😆 #200
  9. Just checked mine, blocked in the rear and the fronts are already in a T from factory so I just ran it to the top of the radiator. My radiator had a barbed fitting there so it worked out.
  10. I hope he's not deep into it because I couldn't see paying $4k for that thing. Those rotary engines are ticking time bombs. Will run fine, but once hot, it won't restart. Not everyone knows that but still, condition on the rest of the car is less than par.
  11. If you're saying what I think you're saying, it's going to be a doozie. I'm having a similar problem with a relatives Nissan Armada where the running lamp and brake lamp are separate signals when on a trailer, the turn signal overrides the brake lamp and causes the flashing. While running lamps stay lit. The issue is the turn signal being the same as the brake, but on the Moho or Nissan Armada it's not. Most of the vehicles setup that way, need a relay for towing harness usually from factory. For example: I installed a tow package on the wife's Honda Pilot. The wiring harness came with 2 relays I had to put in the hood in their respective place for the wiring to work out back. I was a bit thrown by this but didn't put much thought into it. I bet it had to do with that similar issue. Get us a pic of the plug and the back of the moho, at least what model to figure out what it has for lighting. My truck GMC sierra, or Workhorse chassis moho don't have this type of issue I believe because they already use the brake signal for turn signal flash. Pretty simple and goes to a trailer plug no problem most likely. Sorry, I'm just helping you brain storm here. On the Armada, the great guys at Uhaul that installed their hitch on it, did some Jerry riggin' underneath to get some kind of lights, well no running lights on the trailer. Pissed me off to say the least. They tried to use some sort of Chinese converter and even though I wired it correctly it still doesn't work. I'm left with factory tow harness from Nissan just to get it all to work with their relays as well.
  12. Ohh wow! Who said Craigslist was dead? Damn! I scored pretty good on OfferUp yesterday too. Paid $100 for a good running and clean MacBook Pro. I only wanted it to run as a hub at home so I can get imessages on my android. Ha! Take that Apple co@^sukkers! LOL now I can blue message with iPhones and they think I'm in the club NOT! HAHA!
  13. That's awesome!! I follow a Rolex guy and he always shows them off and boasts about how much in value they have gone up. Never thought of them like an investment but man, he's got some nice ones. Congrats to the new owner!
  14. I was all about it until I seen how much you wanted in shipping charges. Pfft! 😆 Sorry, just hoen' thru GLTWS 😁
  15. Hmm... do people even have internet in Boulevard? Joking! Welcome back. 😁

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