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  1. Stay off my mtb trail 😂 haha Looks fun but I'm skeered. Good luck!
  2. Not only that but i don't think the bike sounded at it's optimum performance. RIP man, hell of a way to go.
  3. Today I didn't even have to use my AK
  4. It's definitely a 35 inch tire! You can tap on the picture for a higher resolution and zoom in. Says it right on there 👀🤣 Sorry, just ho'in thru 😝
  5. Ohhh I better go get vaccinated asap for a chance to win in some sort of lottery. Up to a Million dollars! Oh boy! Can't wait. 🤣
  6. I'll leave this right here hahaha https://www.facebook.com/BIKES.VS.COP/videos/2954496848139672/
  7. I think I paid $700 for some new front pads, oil put into the hubs and cleaned up the rotors. Same rig. I was happy I didn't have to lift a finger. Haha.
  8. Oh dear, Leave your kids with a stranger in Mexico? Paging LOTD! Insert GPS and heart rate monitor in their... nevermind. 😆 Jokes aside, these services definitely would come in handy! I bet she gets plenty of business with decent income, why not!
  9. They probably would've never got past the VATS. I think the ecu needs to be swapped for it to be worked around. Idiots!
  10. I loved the Facebook reply that simply said "here come all the perfect parents, watch out" lmfao reminded me of the PPOG! 😆

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