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  1. Already checked out the link to rockymountain. I think the rear 32" Tusk weighs around 31 lbs. Thanks for the input.
  2. Just saw these on SXS blog and they don't look too bad. Anybody have any experience with these tires? Thanks
  3. AKR Motorsports in Orange CA will be producing a full suspension ATC 70 frame. They art talking about having one at the Sand Sports Show this month.
  4. Looking for ATC 70 running or not, complete or roller. Santa Clarita, Ventura, SF Valley or Thousand Oaks area. Willing to travel further for the right trike. Thanks, Dennis B.
  5. I have two plated bikes, A 2001 XR650R and a 2018 Husky FE501. I CA plated the XR in 2001 and haven't had a problem. I think that anything plated in 2002 or earlier is grandfathered in. They changed the law regarding conversions in 2002. Since the XR is grandfathered in I will not give up the CA plate. However I am considering registering the Husky in Arizona as it is cheaper and I despise CA. If the DMV pulls your plate go on the District 37 Dual-Sport message board and search "Plating an non dual sport" . You don't need a AZ address to do this. Good luck with the new bike.
  6. Any one have experience with the Yamaha GYTR rods. I have a uninstalled MPI kit and I am really afraid of the stock rods. I like the fact that the Yamaha rods are the same weight as the stockers and will not affect the balance factor of the engine. I also want to use the stock pistons. I don't want to drop the compression ratio as that would adversely affect what little low-end off boost power the engine has. I am thinking of 7 lbs of boost. The low boost 155hp MPI kit runs at 5 lbs boost. I have read on some forums that some people are getting away with running 7 lbs boost on stock rods and pistons. There are also several accounts of people throwing rods at 5lbs. I really don't feel that lucky. I will also be running with AFR and Boost gauges with fail-safe. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the input. I am really interested in hearing how that Push Turbo Kit is working out for 1newbie. The Push kit is one I am considering as I like the air to coolant intercooler. They also have a great price on the turbo kit and engine upgrades.
  8. I picked up one of the leftover 2016 YXZ 1000r Yamahas last year. Been very happy with the car, 0 problems, however now I am looking at moding the car for more performance in the sand and off road. We are planning a trip to South Rim Grand Canyon next spring and I will have it AZ street legal by then. The plan is to checkout the 4wd trails in the area. I would like to get some feedback from YXZ owners that have a turbo or supercharger kit. How does your kit work in off road situations (jeep trails)? Any problems? How is the customer support? Has the added power exposed any weaknesses in the YXZ drive train? With your experience would you buy the same setup? Did you change rods, studs and pistons? Also looking for your feedback on long travel setup. At this time I am leaning toward the Fireball Racing kit. Thanks,
  9. Be careful of the Weekend Warrior Super Lites. I have had two friends that have had frame problem with the frame bending and damage to the structure. One of these guys is kind of hard on his toys, the other takes good care of his stuff. I had a 2009 Weekend Warrior WLFS 26 (which had a 30' box) and I had no problems. I bought the trailer from a guy that hardly used it and kept it covered. I used the trailer for three years and sold it (wife wanted more storage and a garage) for more than I paid for it. If you buy well and take care of your trailer the used ones tend to keep their value.
  10. Thanks to all for your input. We decided to go with the Voltage V3305 and we are negotiating with several dealers. Regards, Dennis B
  11. Shawn, Thanks for the reply. We have decided to go with the Voltage V3305. We are in negotiation with several dealers.
  12. All the models I mentioned have a dry weight around 12500. Thanks for the reply Dennis I was just in the voltage this weekend and it is a very nice coach. That being said I have to agree. Depending on what you plan on putting in the garage I think your loaded weight is unrealistic. On the Voltage the dry weight is listed as 12,868 With the water and fuel and propane you're looking at about 1200 lbs. That just over 14000lbs before you put a spoon or a sock in the thing. In my experience all the stuff that we end up putting in these things can easily weigh 1000lbs, not counting the toys. All nice trailers. Good luck. I usually travel with about 20 gallons in fresh tank. My typical individual loads are: 1, Mid sixties Triumph Bonneville or early seventies Norton Commando About 400 # Honda XL100 about 190# Kawasaki SXR800 about 350# couple Kayaks about 200# Total about 1200# 2, Honda XR650R and KTM 500 dual sports about 600# Total with gear about 800# 3, King sand car (don't actually own one yet) Total about 1200# Thanks for your input. Regards, Dennis B.
  13. Thanks, I haven't considered KZ. I like what I see in your link. Regards, Dennis B.

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