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  1. 2014 F150 FX4 Super Cab 3.5 Ecoboost 46,000 Miles, 1 Year Remaining on Premium Warranty and Service Contract $31,000, Located in San Diego I am the second owner and purchased it from the original owner two years ago. I have all the records back to the original bill of sale. It has always had service on time or early with synthetic oil. It is bone stock with no modifications except a full bed rug liner and aluminum rolling tonneau cover. It has a transferable Ford Premium Extended Warranty and Service Contract until 12-2020 or 100,000 miles. This truck is very close to fully loaded. See the list below, but the only things it doesn’t have are rear seat heaters and the rear entertainment package. I have used it as a commuter and to tow our boat to the lake (15miles each way) a few times a year. The previous owner was in his 60’s and used it similarly. It has a few small dings and scratches with no clear coat issues. The wheels each have some scratches from the previous owner, no dents or cracks. The car fax is clear with one rear end repair noted. The truck was backed into in a parking lot and the bumper was scratched. The original owner had it replaced. I have documentation. This truck has never had any mechanical issues and has been very reliable. I currently have a small loan on the truck, and it is not upside down. I am selling because I took a pay cut at work and need something paid off to balance the budget. Mechanical: • 3.5 Liter Ecoboost with Six Speed Automatic • 4X4 with Electric Locking Rear Differential – 3.73 Gears – brake controller • 7200# GVWR-9K tow rating-tow package-sway control • HID headlights Interior: • Touch Screen Controls-Navigation-Sony Bluetooth Stereo with Subwoofer • Luxury Package- leather, heated, cooled seats, power everything, adjustable pedals and steering wheel, remote start, back up camera with trailer ball zoom, sunroof, etc. See original window sticker. • Deep rubber floor mats Exterior: • Locking tailgate with folding step and pole. • 20” wheels • Paint matched panels and mirrors • Power rear window • Full bedrug bed liner • Aluminum rolling tonneau cover Chris 619-733-2263
  2. Fifth wheel stabilizer tri pod. Works well. It has been stored outside so it’s a bit faded and could use a coat of paint. $25, located in San Diego. Chris 619-733-2263
  3. Up for sale is an 8 cup paddle tire for an 18" motorcycle wheel. Size is 110-100/18. It came off a KTM 300 dirt bike but will fit most bikes with an 18" rear wheel. The tire is in good shape and was only used 3-4 times. $25.00, or a 12 pack of Sculpin. Located in San Diego. Chris 619-733-2263 Thanks for looking
  4. calvin_klein88


    Corrected. Thanks for catching that. I know better.
  5. calvin_klein88


    Sold Thanks glamisdunes.com!
  6. $10 a foot. In my opinion totally worth it. Thanks.
  7. Thank you. It has treated us well and is ready for a new home. Happy Thanksgiving!
  8. Call AAA. My 1995 medalist with a CA plate is $54 a year.
  9. Why not line the section of tubing with the plastic stuff plumbers use to line old plumbing pipes? Assuming it will hold up to the coolant temperature you would not have to sweat corrosion and it might stay intact even if a weld cracks.
  10. Sweet trailer. I have an 06 335fs that has treated us very well. Here is the main things I have worked on. The top seam for the nose caps notoriously leak. Look for cracks in the sealant. I used the RV roof repair tape and it has been good since 08. The dometic fridge has a recall on it and the fix is free. Don't run the bathroom vent closer tight or until it clicks. The plastic gears break easily and are hard to find. Upgrade the tie down anchors. They are weak, some of mine missed the frame, and a bunch rusted and broke. I put a 4 seat SCU in it and those anchors couldn't hang. Check the screws that hold the metal frame for the rear ramp to the walls every once in a while. They run vertical along the back corners and are under the diamond plate cover for the screen. ALL of mine backed out and or broke and I had no idea until a friend was following me and noticed the door frame was wobbling down the road. The sunroof over the shower will eventually crack and leak too. Keep an eye on the landing gear. There is a driveshaft that goes from the motor on the drivers side to the jack on the passenger. It is held to the motor with a stay pin and a cotter pin. Mine worked loose and only the drivers side jack operated. I know that sounds like a lot but we have used the crap out of our trailer, it has a lot of miles, and has been stored at the river for a few summers. All this stuff is usual maintenance to me and the trailer has given us years of good times. I am sure yours will do the same.
  11. If none of the already mentioned items don't remedy the problem you might want to check your starter switch and wire going to the starter solenoid. A switch going bad or an intermittent ground in the lead to the starter might be the problem too. Good luck!
  12. FiberTech stocked those for a while. They may still have one laying around. I always liked them.
  13. I got one of these Calmark Covers for my 35' Fifth wheel in the Sunbrella fabric and have been very pleased. It has lasted four years including two summers of storage at the river. So far the fabric is still completely intact and the only thing wrong is one of the zippers for the rear ramp cutout broke when I pulled on it too hard at an angle. You send them measurements and it comes semi custom fit to your trailer. They are pricey but well worth it from my experience, and you can't go wrong with a six year warranty. I think I paid around $1400 by the time I had both door cutouts and tire covers added. Sorry I don't have any pics... Good luck.

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