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  1. BeachHead

    KingGlamis In Hospital

    Wow...great news! Thanks for the update.
  2. BeachHead

    I'll clear that bridge... Hold my beer...

    I wonder if that just buffed out?
  3. BeachHead

    KingGlamis In Hospital

    Prayers from our house too. Get better Doug!!!
  4. BeachHead

    So it begins, My Gen 5 summer conversion, Outfront Style

    Thanks john...I always learn a lot from your build threads!
  5. ? Trying to list a buggy in classified section 

    telling me I have to use link emailed to me tried several times

    system does not email me thank you

  6. BeachHead

    What motor 415, 425, 440 or LSA

    Thanks Grant...here I thought I had it all figured out...now, back to the drawing board..LOL
  7. BeachHead

    What motor 415, 425, 440 or LSA

    I've been researching the same question, and it seems the "general" recommendation for a reasonable power and reliability is this. I had just about settled on the 440 but there seems to be some concern (in the street/drag world anyway) about the LS7 block being susceptible to cracked cylinders. Which is of course solved with the aftermarket blocks. I don't recall any carnage threads here with someone having a grenaded 440, is this more of an internet myth than reality?
  8. BeachHead

    In the market for a SXS

    It's all some of us losers can do...LOL
  9. BeachHead

    In the market for a SXS

    Hmm..oh well, matters not, I plan to add a few cylinders to mine over the hot months anyway...
  10. BeachHead

    School me on moving to Vegas.

    If you join that forum I linked, you might want to PM the user name lvmensch . This person is a long time realtor, and specializes i the northwest area. They seem helpful, and level headed. Might help make things a little easier...
  11. BeachHead

    School me on moving to Vegas.

    Interesting, although Las Vegas has pretty well completely recovered price wise, from the depression. I think I remember hearing the median price is now right about $300K, and was above what it was before the crash. Going to be lots of competition at the price ranges you are looking for.
  12. BeachHead

    In the market for a SXS

    Duners like to get the most out of their equipment. There's a reason they put a steering wheel and not a rudder in these things... Oh, and be glad the transmission Gods were angry....otherwise, I can assure you 3 subi's would have had you in your rear view mirror...LOL..
  13. BeachHead

    Is it a SxS or a Sand Rail?

    I'd go with this.
  14. BeachHead

    School me on moving to Vegas.

    Here's an excellent forum resource, spend a few hours there reading, it will be very valuable, as there is lots of discussion on the questions you posted: http://www.city-data.com/forum/las-vegas/ Coming from Utah, I don't think it'll seem as much of a bargain as those of us who escaped from commiefornia, but we're happy we made the move.
  15. BeachHead

    CARB Is At It Again

    no worries...it's "other peoples" money. And there's a never ending pool of that, don't cha' know!

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