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  1. Thanks Grant...here I thought I had it all figured out...now, back to the drawing board..LOL
  2. I've been researching the same question, and it seems the "general" recommendation for a reasonable power and reliability is this. I had just about settled on the 440 but there seems to be some concern (in the street/drag world anyway) about the LS7 block being susceptible to cracked cylinders. Which is of course solved with the aftermarket blocks. I don't recall any carnage threads here with someone having a grenaded 440, is this more of an internet myth than reality?
  3. It's all some of us losers can do...LOL
  4. Hmm..oh well, matters not, I plan to add a few cylinders to mine over the hot months anyway...
  5. Duners like to get the most out of their equipment. There's a reason they put a steering wheel and not a rudder in these things... Oh, and be glad the transmission Gods were angry....otherwise, I can assure you 3 subi's would have had you in your rear view mirror...LOL..
  6. I agree with the second tank/plastics looking the best. Looks like a blast.
  7. I know several people who have sold their big dollar, V8 sand rails, and moved into the X3's, and are very happy with them. We've had a few X3's on some of our rides, and they had no problem keeping up with our group. If I was going to buy another SxS, it would be the can am. However, they appear to have plenty of "quirks" of their own. They just haven't made a "perfect" version of any of them yet...
  8. I had a pressure plate that looked like that once. Only it was caused by the lock ring from the starter snout breaking off, and bouncing around in there. I'm no expert, but I'd suspect the teeth (or whatever else was bouncing around) was just the right size to jam between the back of the pressure plate and the TO bearing boss/assembly, and scrape as it rotated. The good thing is Kennedy can rebuild the pressure plate. I'd try to figure out why the teeth broke off though.
  9. Meh...we fired the spelling police, no worries...LOL
  10. Great description of the pics: drool!! LOL.
  11. Looks interesting. It would be nice to get away from the ridiculous prices for a transaxle.
  12. Wanna give your wife a fun sxs experience? Drive cross ways across the slip face, driver on the uphill side, and slow down to where you are about to lose momentum, then quickly get off the throttle and at the same time, turn uphill. Your passenger should get a close up view of the sand off to their right.
  13. BeachHead

    New Genny

    If I turn it on in the morning, it'll start out with about a 16 amp draw, and after a while starts tapering off to about 4 amps the rest of the day to run the fridge. I get about 10 hours of run time, and fill about 2 gallons of gas. Running the twin honda 2000's the same amount of time used closer to 3 gallons of gas.
  14. BeachHead

    New Genny

    I'm sure Stugots will add his experience. But I did decide to give this a shot. I've got 100 hours on mine without a hiccup. Very quiet, and fuel efficient.
  15. Claim your an illegal and request sanctuary from the oppressive government of your home country?
  16. One thing no one has addressed...is the data logging capability useful in a sand car? Will it help with issue diagnosis, or is it mostly for the track guys?
  17. Thank you all! I know there is no perfect answer. So, I'm going to get ol' Murphy involved in my situation. I'm going to convert to 2 seat, but leave the 4 seat conversion capability. It will just about guarantee the grand kids will start making trips with me, and cause me to have to re-do everything I'm going to do. Then just about the time I get that done...they'll either stop, of be so into it, they'll have to have their own toys. You all know Murphy right? He and I are very well acquainted...LOL
  18. Thank you..this is exactly the type of information I was hoping to see! Are you going to ditch the analog gauges, and just run with the dash? Seems like it's alarm programming capability, being in the same place for all, would help keep eyes up, and minimize scanning time too. I'm certainly encouraged.
  19. But that's only off road. The law still requires helmets on motorcycles operating on the street. Maybe it's a not so hidden hope that we undesirable types who ride off road will kill ourselves?
  20. joblo, thanks, sounds positive. How about the size of the display? Do you think it's big enough?
  21. Brian, a technicality maybe...but you cannot legally shoot in the entire ISDRA. Not even in the blood sacrifice to the phony eco-religion known as the closures.
  22. I've been looking at these, as it seems like all the new builds are going this route. How are they in the bright sun light? Any application for the data logging option in a sand car? Any reliability issues? I have been reading about the AEM, which seems to interface with the MEFI fairly easily, and they have an interesting dynamics module that could be fun to play with, anyone use this brand?
  23. Good one Slap, and congrats spize! I would have never guessed that in a million years.

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