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  1. I was wondering if ToyoTires was covering any damage to the car. I saw he mentioned how good they were in one of the posts.
  2. Maybe this was covered in another conversation, but did anyone see BJ Baldwin in his Porsche at Glamis. Here's a link to his Instagram account. Apparently he took it to Oldsmobile and the Drags.
  3. Are most people running with a mass air flow (MAF) sensor or do you opt for air density calculations and put in an Air Intake Temp (AIT) sensor?
  4. If I have the DBW disabled and switch to Cable operated throttle body is there any other inherent problems I would likely see? Not sure I understand the advantages of the 24x reluctor wheel vs the 58x. The 58x provides higher resolution of position. I would think it would be more about compatibility with the ECU. I do like the savings and knowledge gained by doing the work myself. Kind of funny line you had there about "issue with hacked harnesses and hacked owners," Learning has to come from somewhere. I have seen plenty of LS engine running the reprogrammed stock ECUs. I would think that even a MEFI or other aftermarket would need some fine tuning after the base tune was applied. Not really sure if the Holley self learning ECU needs fine tuning.
  5. Thanks for the help. I just have the stock ECU from 2009 Corvette.
  6. Perhaps someone could provide some guidance on LS3 Engine harness wire reduction. I have a 2009 LS3 engine harness for same engine that was removed uncut. The donor vehicle had auto transmission. I have been carefully removing the unneeded wires from the loom without cutting. I have been using data found on LT1SWAP.com which has been pretty good for matching what I have. However, I have a few questions that perhaps someone could help answer. On the MX123 34566 Series connector, Color Black connector 1. Pin 1 is the Park/Neutral Signal - Is this required, for manual transmission install? If so does it just go to ground? 2. Pins 27 High Speed GMLAN Serial Bus (-) [TN wire] & 28 High Speed GMLAN Serial Bus (+)[TN/BK wire]. Are these for the ODB2 connector (C227 black) or are the for the Transmission Control Module (TCM)? 3. Are the fan wires, Pin 17 - High Speed Cooling Fan Relay Control and Pin 28 - Low Speed Cooling Fan Relay Control both used, one for each radiator fan? Or do I just use Pin 17 to drive both fans? (I know I need relays for the fans). Lastly are there any recommendations of who could reprogram the ECM. I would like to have someone one remove the VAT and setup some of the initial parameters. Then once I have everything installed I would like to get it Dyno tuned to help optimize the performance. I'm in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Thanks for any help that can be provided. Richard
  7. Seems like the 2 other cars you named have Girl's names. So maybe Doli - Its historical meaning is "Bluebird" Dory Blue Rey Here are some random others. Feelin' Blue Bluedini Blue Devil
  8. They trade what is called "Dry Barrels" with each other due to a number of issues, i.e. they want their branded gas in Southern CA, but only have refining in Texas.
  9. I used to work for ConocoPhilips and concur with what L.R.S. stated. I had exposure to a lot of fuel dealers all over the US and many station use a blending valve for mid-grade fuel (one less tank in the ground). At the terminal where the delivery trucks are filled is where the additives are mixed. The same fuel for many companies comes through the same pipes to the terminal and stored in large on-site tanks separated by grade. Then depending on the delivery location the particular branded additive is applied. They use splash blending to mix it in the truck, although the trucks are nearly full to the top as a partially loaded truck can have issues due to the weight transfer in the tank. A lot of drivers will not drop the fuel into the ground if they can empty their tank's compartment. Lastly, as L.R.S mentions moister in the fuel is bad. Technically fuel and water don't mix the water is heavier and drops below the fuel. However the pump providing the fuel can pick up moister, so generally is better to buy fuel from a busy location so that the fuel does not sits in the tanks as long.
  10. I noticed when on the home page (https://www.glamisdunes.com/invision/index.php) showing the most recent posts, that the navigation indicator is not working correctly. If you page to the next set of conversations the page indicator at the bottom does not update. The page refreshes with the second page of topics, but the indicator still says page 1. Example Default Page 1, Highlights 1, and shows page 1 of 4. Page 3 now selected, topics changed but not the indicator. Still highlights 1, and shows page 1 of 4.
  11. That's a good question. Obviously it is enough for each respective vehicle, most of which probably have heavier front ends than most sand rails. If someone was really interested, I would contact their power rack manufacturer to find their requirements. Then get the specs for the pump being considered.
  12. If you just want to get rid of the pump on the engine you could try switching to something like Volvo's electric power steering. It would still use your hydraulic system just not the pump on the engine. They look similar to the one pictured below. I think they came on C30 2008-2013, C70 2006-2013, S40 2005-2011, V50 2005-2011. You can find used on Ebay for $150-$200. I think new maybe too expensive to justify.
  13. Found this on EBAY's WebSite https://www.ebay.com/help/selling/fees-credits-invoices/taxes-import-charges?id=4121 eBay sales tax collection Based on applicable tax laws, eBay will calculate, collect, and remit sales tax on behalf of sellers for items shipped to customers in the following states: State Effective Date Additional Information Minnesota January 1, 2019 Minnesota Small business exemption - Minnesota has enacted a small business exemption for out of state unregistered sellers whose taxable retail sales into Minnesota are less than $10,000 in the previous 12-month period. These sellers are not subject to the Minnesota marketplace tax laws, and eBay will not be collecting sales tax on these transactions. Washington January 1, 2019 Washington Iowa February 1, 2019 Iowa Connecticut April 1, 2019 Connecticut District of Columbia May 1, 2019 District of Columbia Nebraska May 1, 2019 Nebraska New Jersey May 1, 2019 New Jersey Alabama July 1, 2019 Alabama Oklahoma July 1, 2019 Oklahoma Pennsylvania July 1, 2019 Pennsylvania South Dakota July 1, 2019 South Dakota South Carolina October 1, 2019 South Carolina Prior to the effective date, you should continue to collect and remit tax in these states if required. Additional states will be added to this list at a later date. Once eBay starts to collect tax in the above states, no action is required on your part, and there will be no charges or fees for eBay automatically calculating, collecting and remitting sales tax. The collection process will apply to all sales, whether the seller is located in or outside of the United States. When a buyer purchases an item on eBay, and the ship to address is one of the above states, eBay will calculate and add the applicable sales tax at checkout. The buyer will pay both the cost of the item along with the sales tax. eBay will collect and remit the tax. Sellers are not able to opt out of selling items into the states listed above or opt out of eBay automatically collecting sales tax.
  14. I don't have either of these, but have looked at them both for extended coverage. Maybe the links below will help. There are lots of Youtube.com reviews. https://www.weboost.com/ https://www.surecall.com/signal-booster/cat/vehicle/ https://www.signalbooster.com/blogs/news/surecall-vs-weboost
  15. On West side, King Balancing 6729 57th AvenueGlendale Arizona 85301 (623) 934-3270 (623) 934-3279 kingbalancing@netzero.comAn AUTHORIZED ARIZONA DISTRIBUTER for 110 Octane Sunoco Racing Fuels 100 Octane Sunoco Unleaded

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