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  1. They trade what is called "Dry Barrels" with each other due to a number of issues, i.e. they want their branded gas in Southern CA, but only have refining in Texas.
  2. I used to work for ConocoPhilips and concur with what L.R.S. stated. I had exposure to a lot of fuel dealers all over the US and many station use a blending valve for mid-grade fuel (one less tank in the ground). At the terminal where the delivery trucks are filled is where the additives are mixed. The same fuel for many companies comes through the same pipes to the terminal and stored in large on-site tanks separated by grade. Then depending on the delivery location the particular branded additive is applied. They use splash blending to mix it in the truck, although the trucks are nearly full to the top as a partially loaded truck can have issues due to the weight transfer in the tank. A lot of drivers will not drop the fuel into the ground if they can empty their tank's compartment. Lastly, as L.R.S mentions moister in the fuel is bad. Technically fuel and water don't mix the water is heavier and drops below the fuel. However the pump providing the fuel can pick up moister, so generally is better to buy fuel from a busy location so that the fuel does not sits in the tanks as long.
  3. I noticed when on the home page (https://www.glamisdunes.com/invision/index.php) showing the most recent posts, that the navigation indicator is not working correctly. If you page to the next set of conversations the page indicator at the bottom does not update. The page refreshes with the second page of topics, but the indicator still says page 1. Example Default Page 1, Highlights 1, and shows page 1 of 4. Page 3 now selected, topics changed but not the indicator. Still highlights 1, and shows page 1 of 4.
  4. That's a good question. Obviously it is enough for each respective vehicle, most of which probably have heavier front ends than most sand rails. If someone was really interested, I would contact their power rack manufacturer to find their requirements. Then get the specs for the pump being considered.
  5. If you just want to get rid of the pump on the engine you could try switching to something like Volvo's electric power steering. It would still use your hydraulic system just not the pump on the engine. They look similar to the one pictured below. I think they came on C30 2008-2013, C70 2006-2013, S40 2005-2011, V50 2005-2011. You can find used on Ebay for $150-$200. I think new maybe too expensive to justify.
  6. Found this on EBAY's WebSite https://www.ebay.com/help/selling/fees-credits-invoices/taxes-import-charges?id=4121 eBay sales tax collection Based on applicable tax laws, eBay will calculate, collect, and remit sales tax on behalf of sellers for items shipped to customers in the following states: State Effective Date Additional Information Minnesota January 1, 2019 Minnesota Small business exemption - Minnesota has enacted a small business exemption for out of state unregistered sellers whose taxable retail sales into Minnesota are less than $10,000 in the previous 12-month period. These sellers are not subject to the Minnesota marketplace tax laws, and eBay will not be collecting sales tax on these transactions. Washington January 1, 2019 Washington Iowa February 1, 2019 Iowa Connecticut April 1, 2019 Connecticut District of Columbia May 1, 2019 District of Columbia Nebraska May 1, 2019 Nebraska New Jersey May 1, 2019 New Jersey Alabama July 1, 2019 Alabama Oklahoma July 1, 2019 Oklahoma Pennsylvania July 1, 2019 Pennsylvania South Dakota July 1, 2019 South Dakota South Carolina October 1, 2019 South Carolina Prior to the effective date, you should continue to collect and remit tax in these states if required. Additional states will be added to this list at a later date. Once eBay starts to collect tax in the above states, no action is required on your part, and there will be no charges or fees for eBay automatically calculating, collecting and remitting sales tax. The collection process will apply to all sales, whether the seller is located in or outside of the United States. When a buyer purchases an item on eBay, and the ship to address is one of the above states, eBay will calculate and add the applicable sales tax at checkout. The buyer will pay both the cost of the item along with the sales tax. eBay will collect and remit the tax. Sellers are not able to opt out of selling items into the states listed above or opt out of eBay automatically collecting sales tax.
  7. I don't have either of these, but have looked at them both for extended coverage. Maybe the links below will help. There are lots of Youtube.com reviews. https://www.weboost.com/ https://www.surecall.com/signal-booster/cat/vehicle/ https://www.signalbooster.com/blogs/news/surecall-vs-weboost
  8. On West side, King Balancing 6729 57th AvenueGlendale Arizona 85301 (623) 934-3270 (623) 934-3279 kingbalancing@netzero.comAn AUTHORIZED ARIZONA DISTRIBUTER for 110 Octane Sunoco Racing Fuels 100 Octane Sunoco Unleaded
  9. Thanks OneBigJohn, that overlay nicely shows the difference, appreciate you posting the drawing. Good tip on the check Flip-Flop. I already have 934's with the 2d, so at least I have that much covered. I was debating about the double disk, I'm also going to swap my engine to an LS that will have about 500 hp at the fly wheel so not supper crazy hp. I want to run pump gas versus race fuel, which my car uses now.
  10. Sandpsycho, thanks for the input. I agree I don't find the searching very good. Doesn't seem to find anything if only 3 letters. Maybe there is a trick we don't know. Thanks for the drawing Scott, it will help me decide what needs to done to do an installation. Appreciate everyone's input. Richard
  11. Thanks for the photos BRINGENKAOS for the pictures helps provide a better idea of the space. Thanks for the info 1tonfun. I figured I was going to have to move my fuel tank and radiator up a little. My transmission is also pushed pretty far forward. I think my shifter connection is a couple inches behind the pivot, but it looks like it is going to be close. I have 934 midboards, but going to do some measuring over the weekend. After the notes that 1tonfun mentioned, your right 310kick, I may need to at the minimum get longer axles. Also will need to check/estimate the axle shaft angle, I'd rather not have to have the trailing arms rebuild to make them longer, that could lead to new shocks or changing the shock mounts. My current 2d is the newer DECO case, so I'm hoping the mounts would work. I just had the 2D completely rebuilt with zero trips on it, so was thinking if I sold it I could make up the different for a 4s swap. 1tonfun, when you were done with the swap, do you think you would have been money ahead if you would have sold your car and bought a different car with the 4s trans? Seems like I'm not seeing many sandcars under $40k with a better transmission.
  12. Hi, I'm contemplating swapping out my Mendeola 2d for a 4s. I'm not 100% clear on all the logistics and was thinking that someone with some experience doing this might be able provide some advise. Parts wise I would think I need the following, am I missing anything and are my cost estimate correct? 4s Trans, (Used $9-$10k) New Shifter ($300) Shift Linkage (cost ?) Gear Indicator (optional, $250-$500) New Clutch Assembly (~$500) Fab for Shifter ($250) 1. How much longer is the nose of the 4s vs the 2d? Maybe the better question does anyone know the distance from the edge of cv to the nose of the transmission. I want to make sure I have enough room. 2. I thought I read that the mount points of the 4s and 2d are the same is that correct? So I could reuse my current 2D mounts without additional fabrication? I know I would need the shifter mounts to be adjusted. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, Richard
  13. Hi All, Thanks for all the good information. I also when on Yahoo's radio-prog group and did some looking around over there and found that error_2 on the vertex is a incomplete data transfer back to the unit. I had ordered a cable a while back and was able to get the software today, so I was able to upload the channels. I think I have it straightened out now. Thanks for the suggestions and the help on the channel selection. I was thinking that on a busy holiday people would tend to get a lot of cross talk. Richard
  14. I have an older Vertex VX-3200 Race Radio that needs to be programmed. It shows ERROR_2. Does anyone know of someone that could help, I’m in the Phoenix area? I’m going to Glamis for Thanksgiving if anyone has a computer out there that can help. Also I need a little understanding of how car to car should work. Obviously you need to be on same channel as someone else and I see the pinned list of frequencies, but do you and the other car just pick one of the pre-programmed channels to use or is there some protocol to follow? Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Richard
  15. Hi Guys, Thanks for the info. Do you think there are any local chains that might have either the electrical silicon or that graphite, I'm located in the Phoenix area? Otherwise I'll just order some on-line. Richard

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