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  1. Still time to get this before the Funco Regatta!
  2. Funco built car with Vin. 500hp, big turbo, E85, 2.5 Subaru originally built by Outback (Outfront) and used in their ads. Has since been rebuilt by Gary at C&G. Electronic boost controller Mendeola 2D with all Weddle internals and Funco nosecone. Built by Wright Gearbox Rugged Radio car to car, and intercom with Bluetooth PCI Raceair for the 2 front seats King bypass shocks 33" Baja Pros in front All New CV's from Outfront, New fuel pump and filters, New clutch slave cylinder. I have owned this car for about 10 years. Second owner (if you don't count the week that onanysunday had it) Only used once or twice a season at most. Has not been to the dunes since Thanksgiving 2018. Comes with loading tires but will fit in a Weekend Warrior with the paddles. Car is turn key, need nothing. Ready for the Funco Regatta $36,000 Please call or text for more information or with any questions. Car is located in Garden Grove Mark (210)998-9349
  3. I found the one I had sent you a message about. It does basically the same thing you did without having to tap the block.
  4. That's not the case in some counties that have adopted a policy of not performing late-term spaying, at least as it pertains to dogs. There is also an ongoing fight to pass legislation that would put this into law statewide to conform with the no-kill movement. I know we are talking apples and oranges, but it is relevant if the state is willing to give the rights to life to animals and not give it to humans.
  5. What I don't get is, if a stray dog or cat gets picked up and taken to the pound, and it is determined that it is pregnant, they don't go in and abort those animals. That would be inhumane. They let them live and are given a chance at a good life. How is it that the same morality does not apply to a human being?
  6. What about the proposed ban on all hands-free devices while driving? Whats next? No talking to people in the car while driving? Maybe a singing ban?
  7. "Anti-Kavanaugh protesters swarm Capital Hill" How come there isn't any counter protesters supporting Judge Kavanaugh? Oh yeah, most of them are at work on a Thursday afternoon!
  8. Best quote from Lindsey Graham "Boy, y'all want power. God I hope you never get it,"
  9. WOW!!! That thing look awesome! That new Raptor body looks amazing. Great looking truck. Congrats.
  10. They were great. They disassembled the shocks the same day and called me with a quote. Very reasonable and quick turnaround. I think they carry more then just what is on their website.
  11. Try http://accutuneoffroad.com (424) 377-0808 They are in Carson CA. They did a few shock rebuilds for me a few weeks ago.
  12. RIP Marty!!! #legend
  13. One more vote for Jim at VIP. He did the frame upgrade on my Warrior while he was at RV Doctor. I could not have been happier with the level of service he provided. Since then there is no one else I would trust with my trailer. I had it at VIP in November having the roof resealed and a few other things. While there he noticed that my suspension hardware was in pretty bad shape. He was able to replace the worn out components at a great price, and still get it back to me on time as promised. You just cant beat his level of customer service.
  14. I replaced mine before the start of the season. The guy at Kartek said they were King Kong spindles.

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