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  1. Hey guys... I just picked up a semi stripped 300ex for the motor and a few other things. I know some of y'all like to put the 300ex rear hubs on for a wider stance and a 4 lug. I have those and also the rear caliper and a good bit of other things. Would be cool for a build or if you'd have plans of doing disc brakes. Let me know if y'all would be interested. Just shoot me a message with an offer and we could go from there. I just sold my 70 due to way to many projects right now so I can't use them, sad I know.. Thanks.
  2. Lol! Wish it was that easy Andy! With my luck the tank and exhaust is probably shot. It's missing the hard to come by exhaust plate in the back to. I need to swing by and take a closer look at it I guess.
  3. You think some money could be made on it? I have no intentions of restoring this year model and any bike I build will have a motor bigger than a 70. As for it having a title would be a joke to even ask. People just laugh at you when you ask about titles on the older trikes on.
  4. Have a 1974 by the house for sale for a $100 firm. I've always wanted a 73 as a resto project but never found one. Anyways, do you guys think this one is worth messing with or maybe even a pick up and part out just to make a few dollars? My dream is to eventually build a suspended " atc 70" with a Trx 125 motor. Not exactly a cheap or easily accessible bike to piece together lol. All input is welcome and I have included a pic. Thanks!
  5. Sooo late summer here we are! Any updates on the progress? Thanks!
  6. Thanks man! I guess I'll just pull the head light off and sell her for parts locally.
  7. Come on guys, I know somebody has to have heard or maybe even tried this.
  8. Hey guys, I was recently given a 1980 atc 110. Well it is pretty much a rust pile... Was left out for years an the exhaust is rusted off about an inch away from the head. So yeah you guessed it, she's froze up! I would kinda like to put it in a 70 but don't feel like messin with it unless I could switch the pullstart and stator over to the newer 110's with the cdi's. Any of ya'll did this before? Just wondering what all I would need to get and if it's worth it. I know I'm looking at a top end job already... Thanks a ton!
  9. I remember bidding on those forks. I had the highest bid, till the last 4 seconds. . Great looking build though man!
  10. Here's another A+ for sale for those of ya'll who haven't seen it, clean bike. Also, they have a "custom" douglas 10'' rim for the front if anybody wants to go bigon their wheel set up. A+= http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Full-suspen...795262QQptZATVs Douglas= http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/New-Honda-A...sQ5fAccessories
  11. Hey guys, I recently joined the forum and have been trying to learn a few things about modding out the 70's. This forum has been quite helpful and seems to have a good group of people plus loads of info . I just picked up a 1980 70 that will be a 90% murdered out 110 monster when I'm done, I will probably have a few questions along the way but that will be later. Anyways, just found this set of paddles on douglas rims for a great price if somebody needs them, I don't. Good luck with the race to get em... http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/TRX70-ATC70...sQ5fAccessories

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