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  1. I have a 2007 TC....5 speed manual. Limited addition # 1633 of 2500 w/ 44815 a few weeks ago miles....yes mileage is correct have all receipts to prove. New front tires, brakes, battery, new head and taillights (old faded from sun)...Current registration this month till 2021. .................$5800.00.... Located in San Diego
  2. Defiantly the best balanced quad, always imitated but never duplicated. When I got my 89 I got with Mark Leager and up this a-arms and swing arm on my bike along with works shocks Excalibur +2 axle, hubs, Anti Vibe steering stem, along with a Port and Polish from Duncan Racing , Paul Turner mid rang pipe, cool head, 2 stage reeds, carb work etc. . Was a great dune machine. Did a complete frame up rebuild plus a bunch of other mods for my wife when I got my first banshee.
  3. I don’t think the issue is with the sand flea’s is with every swing dick that wants to be a “Desert Rat” now that is cool. Walk into your local dealer and finance 35K, then you are in the sand that weekend. They are more interested in their stereo system, and LED Lights than the desert culture. Just look around, admittance is the first step to recovery. I agree with FortyFour get a real whip. We have same problems in PA, every dear season the City Folk want to hunter. They soot at people’s livestock, near house, and have “accidental shootings”. Not saying..... if that is not how you were raised you can join, it’s a culture. If you want to be a part of it …. learn it…. Just my .10 cents
  4. My mentor once told me. Chris people are like crabs. If you take a bucket and put in a dozen crabs with a way out ( rope, ladder etc.) non of the crabs will get out. This is because they keep pulling /dragging each other down. If you put in a few crab in the bucket they will get out. Thus surround your self with the correct people and amount. RIP John Stowell
  5. My 1999 F350 dually w/37" I went with 4:88 with a gear vender. Had Camping World install, they have a grandfather agreement that they are even cheaper than Gear Vender. Then you get the membership and save more. Gear Vender was the hot set up, gives you 1/2 gears and ad additional over drive.
  6. Neil Peart, by far the best drummer ever. Watching him live the drum stick were just an extension of his hands…..mirror effortless….RIP
  7. Looking for a KEP Honda Flywheel for 2004 Odyssey 3.5 for a 9" clutch w/ 228 mm Pressure plate KEP p/n 20026421
  8. I have made a tool from a cut 930 that will allow you to set max and minimal lengths ( any length) to the axle and check plunge through the complete travel. If you are using 930 you can barrow it. I'm in San Diego and work in Perris
  9. A little off the topic: But I'm sure other are wondering? So like many during the off season time to get the trans done through (4 season on it) While the engine /trans is out. Honda 3.5 w/ 2D wanting to send the 3.5 out to get upgraded. My first 3.0 was built by Tim Beal, Carl did my throttle body and ECU on my 3.5, and is retired. Don has his business. Don wont sell just the 3.2 heads. Have read about putting a 3.7 intake on and RL or TL cams ( more top end) vs. MDX cam will give more lower end. There are some JDM guys mixing 3.2 blocks , 3.7 and RL part . Brandon has helped me with spare parts, tech info etc. Not really wanting to run 100% race gas What up grades? Who to send it to? Looking for someone that has a recipe that is proven, ( reliable /dependable) not just throwing parts at it. Thanks for the input.
  10. I just had my FB3000 at  RV Doctor in  Lake Elsinore.  for roof repair, solar, awning, and gel coat polish   They did a great job no issues. Fast and a fair price. They told me that Warrior Life Styles was bought out by  a bigger manufacture.


    RV Doctors has a lot of their  items  from when the  went out of business


    Any thing with the Warrior  related is  a joke. Got burned with the extended warranties, repairs  when the went out of business. Running a Riverside  third world sweet shop. 

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