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  1. You're not the only one. My garage is full..........er, bank account is empty, so I can't help you out.
  2. Glad your structures dodged the flames. Is there any inside smoke damage that needs to be cleaned up? The Ring videos looked terrible. I'd think you'd have to have a restoration company come in and de-smoke / paint the inside of the house. IDK.......I've never had anything like that happen where I've lived. Effin' arsonists should burn in Hell along with thieves.
  3. Ditto. Squatcher. He's a board sponsor and in the business. I called him last week about the dish on my motorhome. Easy to talk to. Very informative and took time to explain options.
  4. D'ju say "El Camino" Ha, Ha. Dad bought one new in 1969. In his defense, he ordered it from the factory. Super Sport, 396 with a close-ratio 4-speed. It was his first ever car with A/C. It was also his commuter truck. That lasted about 6 months on the 405 into San Fernando Valley. He gave it to me and bought a '70 Toyota Corona 4-door Deluxe. And, Oh Yeah, I took that El Camino to the desert. Slept in the "bed". Had it for a few months and traded it in on a 1970 LT-1 Corvette (no A/C). Still have it. Sheeee-it. Most of your dads weren't even born yet.
  5. Glad to know that after Pontiac $hit the bed, their Automotive Designers were able to find work..................
  6. So, Jscc............Google burped up the following quote: (Natural gas generators, as the name suggests, use natural gas -- which includes the propane used for backyard grills or the methane that utilities supply through underground lines -- to generate electricity.) Now understand, some times I have to drive in the slow lane, and this is one of those times, but maybe you can clarify this for me. Does that mean I can install a natural gas generator and have a propane tank for back-up for it in case of a disruption in natural gas delivery? Please be gentle.
  7. No Chit! That's about as close as it gets without becoming a huge loss. Good for you guys for thinking about Mary. Hope all is well now.
  8. Trophy Truck Science. That's what this is. I love it here.
  9. I'll believe Polaris is involved in this when I hear the NHTSA is involved and FCA issues a "Stop Drive / Stop Sale" bulletin.
  10. His 2019 website is alluding to "a comeback".
  11. "RZR For Sell" No lowballers. This is NOT a fire sell.
  12. Bad Ass! Keep the updates coming and enjoy this SCU.

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