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  1. Switch the bars and mount back to stock, see if it's still there........or if it gets worse and changes frequency.
  2. Does it have the HRC kit? Did it have the vibration before you did the mods? Congrats on the find.
  3. Harbor Freight imports wings now! "20% Off"
  4. The car & RV's look European. The sign behind the trailer indicates it's near a tour boat terminal in Venice. Go to Google Earth. Zoom in on buildings near the Venice canal docks. Look for identifiers (in this case the white domed walkway covers). Go to the 3D mode. Rotate the image until you get a definitive match (the 107 on the building). Take a screen shot and mark the spot. After I posted it and looked at MWB's picture again, I realized I was 2 spaces off.............................I suck at math too. I do think Bing has an app that compares and searches for like photographs or images. Never checked into it.
  5. Since you asked, my guess is Venice, Italy..........in the bus parking space that's circled.
  6. Bingo. And, he's a street crapper with a "service" animal.
  7. I do not believe people like that should ever be allowed to reintegrate back into society.
  8. Welcome. I left California in 1972 to attend Pharmacy College at the University of Arizona. I miss the coast, but there was enough here keep me interested. Finding a soul mate and raising a family cemented it for me. I hope you find the same peace I have.
  9. I'd like to see how that turns out. If your buddy doesn't mind, and you get some pics, post them up, please.
  10. No apology needed here. It was a good topic and I was pretty sure where you were going with it when I read the title and before, in your words, it took a turn for the worse. It generated a lot of discussion. Maybe I'll be one of the next guys you have to help in the dunes. Because.....................you know, most of the time, I'm in over my head. Thanks in advance.

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