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  1. THAT!........................ And they park like douche bags.
  2. I can't wait till this goes to court.
  3. Disney's newest attraction...........Urban Land
  4. Very nice. Thanks for posting. Enjoy your stay.
  5. Being in Tucson, I'm not as concerned as most of you are about the immediate effects of a major California E.Q., but we're not immune to the long term effects nor are we immune to a natural disaster here. I have a plan. I'll be at work. My wife and kids can protect themselves. They're capable (that was part of a long term plan that began 36 years ago and is still in effect today). At work I protect infrastructure and the people who make sure the infrastructure is running. I'll be there for them. None of the people I work with will "bug out". I'll also reach out to Davis Monthan AFB and other local military who are deployed and can't be here to protect their family. I won't be hiding or hoarding. You're plan may be different depending on your family and work situation, and that's ok with me. I have stuff. You need it? Just ask. Don't try to take it by force. If you do, you won't be needing it any longer. I effin' hate thieves and a piddly ass natural disaster is no excuse, in my book, to start acting like an azzhole. Continue being normal. Help and protect people until they show you they don't deserve it.
  6. We had kids BECAUSE we were riding. One was a combo boat/ATV trip to Lake Powell and Coral Pink. Damn, 9 months later, sh!t got real. That was just an excuse to buy more stuff. Shopping a new RV is a real crap shoot. A well respected and well reviewed dealer in your area is a good starting point once you've narrowed the brand. Good to ask questions on this forum. Sorry, the only Forrest River owner I know didn't keep it very long. I don't think he had trouble with the unit, he focused on other hobbies and left the dunes. I can't think of anyone who's owned any RV long term and not had to deal with warranty issues or some sort of dealer or dealer contractor crap. Not saying they are not out there, I just haven't met any yet. Welcome to the site and good luck.
  7. Thank You, Slappy!
  8. Well..............OK then. You guys win. Let it be whatever you want. Sorry about the right turn in a very cool thread.
  9. See how you think? It was a white mini-skirt with a belt.
  10. Do ya'll think we could get the Rangers to keep the starting line groomed?
  11. That's a nice looking coach. Were you able to find it in the bunk house floorplan?
  12. Will do. Summer in Parker has been getting too hot for me. We "summerize" our lake stuff in June and head back in October. Usually stay in a house on the river but this year we booked some spaces at Pirate's Den Resort. Maybe you'll even have your toy hauler by then. The Desert Bar is not an off-road ride, it's a dirt trail destination ride with a really eclectic bar at the end. It's only open October thru April, Sat.-Sun., noon to 6:00. With Arizona's UTV friendly vehicle laws, it seems like every other vehicle along the Parker Strip is a SxS. One of our good friends, a Tucson/Parker resident, knows the area trails really well. http://www.thedesertbar.com/
  13. https://azoffroading.com/arizona-trails/presidents-choice/ Just for you, Phoenix7, if you didn't already know this area. Explore it after the summer heat goes away and take a ride out to the desert bar when you finish President's Choice. We just returned from Parker, but we were on the water, not the rocks. We'll go back in October for water and some off-roading.
  14. That Caddy reminded me of this Volvo. Hope it works out for you. Thank God it's got an air freshener in it.

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