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  1. During an update, maybe two or three weeks ago, Robby said the radio and intercom would be a Speed Branded system. Yesterday I brought up two brands that I thought Speed might re-brand through a partnership; Rugged and PCI. Robby mentioned a third, Kenwood. They are still in decision mode was my take on what he said. He did say "When you order 2000 units of something, you'll be surprised how much the price per unit comes down." Then we talked about intercoms. I have a specific brand and model of intercom I prefer. Robby told me that based on my questions, I should buy exactly what I want after delivery and I'm capable of installing it myself. Then he gave me some installation tips to increase performance. Things that are general knowledge but he wanted to make sure I knew. In talking with another orderee, (Carboy), his take is that after all of this off-road technology that Speed has brought into the SxS world, Speed's not gonna exhume Radio Shack and put a Tandy system in it. We'll go ahead with what they offer and fly it. If it's not good enough for us, we'll take it out and install what we want. I can always mount the Speed radio on the garage wall next to my framed certificate for 500 shares of Lucent Technologies stock that constantly reminds me to get back to work on perfecting my Time Machine so I can go back and sell that $hit off at 80 bucks per share like my mom did. If you want more info. about the whole conversation, P.M. me and I'll call you.
  2. Well, congratulations. #135 here. The master number ends up on the panel (#736). Interesting development on this for me today.............I called Ginger at Speed to try and nail down the radio/intercom selection that they would install if you upgrade to the RG edition and I also had an El Diablo frame question. The phone didn't go to voice mail. It was answered by Sherrie (sp?) who said Ginger was busy but she could try and answer any questions because "we try to help each other out". So, after I asked the first question she says "Humm, let me see if I find somebody who can help you out. Can I put you on hold please?" After less than a minute holding someone picks up the phone and says "This is Robby. Did you have a question about our radios?" No BS. I glanced at the timer on my desk phone and I saw it pass 22 minutes while we were talking, and we still talked a while longer. Robby answered every question I had, added some insight into what he had said on the presentation last night and was very personable. He didn't seem rushed at all. If you've watched any of the updates on Facebook, that's exactly who I was talking too. For me, it was impressive.
  3. Now I get it. But I had to Google it. They're everywhere.
  4. He did say something about needing a dealer margin built into the price once the pre-orders were delivered. So I wonder, are all these $1500 pre-ordered SxS's going to be delivered with no additional "fees" other than freight, tax and registration? I got a lot of questions now. I was thinking delivery would be handled through a yet to be named dealer network. I personally would rather avoid a dealer if it's possible. It's getting really hard to find hand sanitizer, if you know what I mean.
  5. Here's a 65 mph right front blow-out that pulled me right off the right shoulder. I'd have scrubbed off speed on the shoulder but we were heading for a bridge over a wash. I almost cleared the collapsable end of the guard rail, but as Maxwell Smart would say "Missed it by that much." There was absolutely no warning..............except the date codes on the tires. Never again. $26,000 to fix the guard rail, $3500 to tow to the Tucson repair facility, $68,000 to fix the coach.
  6. He said "about 65." Thing was, it was the left front that failed and it pulled him immediately across 3 lanes of WB I-10, thru the median (it's 55' wide there but he traveled about 100' in the dirt and brush), launched the whole coach and Toad into the air when he entered the EB lanes and then it rolled over onto the passenger side just as it was leaving the EB lanes to do some more desert racing. Now........I don't recommend off-roading your motorhome at high speeds. Yet, I'm no rocket scientist either. I've done it off of I-8 near Vekol Valley under similar circumstances . I might even have the pictures.
  7. No injuries. He was westbound on I-10 in the curb lane near Picacho Peak when it blew. Crossed thru the two other WB lanes, then plowed thru the dirt median and went airborne into the eastbound lanes. Didn't even touch down on the eastbound side until he cleared the median (fast) lane. Medium to heavy traffic both ways. Didn't hit anybody and nobody wrecked avoiding him. That Toad was hanging on for dear life. He crossed about 1/4 mile in front of me. Everyone was going 80-85 mph. It was all I could do to pull over safely and get stopped before I got to the carnage. Blew both sides of the windshield out. He was hanging in the drivers seat by his (jammed shut) seat belt. Took two of us to "gently" lower all 250 lbs of him when we cut the belt. His wife was ok, belted into the front passenger seat. Their pets were all in soft kennels and also uninjured. The entire kitchen (pots, pans, utensils, knife block, toaster, coffee maker, paper towels, cereal, canned food etc.) emptied itself into the front seat area of the home as it was crashing and coming to a halt. Amazing they weren't hurt. Stuff a lot of us don't think about until we witness it. Especially keeping small pets contained and safe. I waded thru the mess to the rear of the coach to uncover the kennels. Looked like Midwest hurricane footage in there. Nice people. I'm glad they weren't hurt.
  8. Glad you got your problem fixed. I would pay attention to date codes on motor home tires. A blow-out can lead to bigger problems.
  9. 10615 Twin Lakes Parkway, Charlotte, N.C.
  10. See there. He's already up-sold at least two of us. I liked the info. in last night's presentation. Your summation is great. Thank you. I like the idea of a "delivery party" also. What a couple of us in Tucson are trying to avoid is paying some scum bag dealership set-up, ADM, pre-delivery inspection and DOC fees. You know the dealer drill. I hate it. We don't mind paying sales tax and reasonable freight costs, but I don't want to line the pockets of some sleeze ball corporate automotive dealership.
  11. When we bought a new 2018 RC model, the included upgrades were: door lowers, aluminum roof, real bead lock wheels with DOT approved dirt tires (Maxxis Liberty, not the Bighorns), an anti intrusion bar, a winch and Can-Am did something in the front differential that made it positive locking. Those upgrades were worth the difference in MSRP to me. All I needed to add were bead lock wheels with sand tires on them. First trip to the dunes, sand tires were late shipping so I just aired the Liberty's down and they worked fine. My experience with Bighorns has been that they work fine in sand also.
  12. Yep. Which is exactly what I thought when my 1977 YZ 400 and I showed up at Buttercup with a tent and 5 gallons of water in a single cab long bed 4 cylinder Toyota SR5 and two friends in 1980. I was right. Still a disaster in 2020. And, the disaster continues..................I'm ok being on the wait and see list. It's only been since Saturday at 1900hrs. I've already gotten my moneys worth. I would be a multi, multi, multi millionaire if I'd never spent any money on sand stuff, boats, Harleys, motorhomes or women. UTT #135
  13. Non refundable, but transferable. I figure a witches eye costs more than $1500. Worth it to be standing in line, anyway. I like to think I'm a realist. A lot of good points made in this thread about testing and a realistic delivery schedule. I hope he can make a reasonable timeline for getting these out. You look at what this might be, and I think it's worth it. Either way, we're still very happy with the SCU and X3 RC.
  14. Yeah. Me too. I was skeptical at first. After I saw the bush league video from the roll-out at the 2019 sand show, I thought Really, Robby? You can do better than that. Now, after knowing about the "UTT" for a couple of days, watching the videos and talking with cek, I think it's worth rolling the dice. I feel like I'm at Disneyland standing in line for Mr. Toads Wild Ride. I hope I don't end up on It's A Small World. I feel like I've done my part to stimulate the economy. I believe I'm going with the $1 Hell Key when it comes time to decide.
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