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  1. Hmmmm.........you may have stumbled on to something there, dbart.
  2. I run my pool filter 24/7. Even in the winter. All dogs go to heaven.
  3. My God, JD. How does that not violate the First Amendment?
  4. Pirates Den is on the Arizona side near the Parker Strip. It's below the Parker Dam that separates Lake Havasu from the Strip. It's not bad. If your stuff is street legal you won't have any problems getting to some decent riding areas on the Arizona side. There are rules in the resort, but not too strictly enforced. Be respectful driving your off-road stuff thru the resort. If your dirt bikes aren't street legal you can come across La Paz County S.O. or DPS. Hook-up's provided, reservations recommended. Everything's on the Pirates Den web page.
  5. Maybe you can clear something up for me. HID's. The only experience I have with those are on my sand car. They're Baja Designs. It's not very long, but they take time to get to full brightness. Is it the same in an automotive swap application? Do they take some time ramp up? Also, is there a driver you have to install when you convert? If so, does that driver get very hot?
  6. I just replaced all of the factory interior lighting on our 2003 F-350 and 2012 Ram 2500 with LED bulbs (even the sun visor mirror lights and third brake light cluster & license plate lights). Not too difficult and sourced everything off of amazon. So far, I'm happy. When it comes to the headlights, I believe Squatcher and I'd be careful. Amazoning LED headlights using the "Make sure it fits" application might be risky. I believe headlight reflectors are designed to reflect halogen, xenon or LED, and replacing one type of bulb with another could even decrease the efficiency. I'm planning on calling Headlight Revolution and asking questions about my specific vehicle applications and what experience they have with LED's for those. http://headlightrevolution.com/ Look at their numerous You Tube videos to get an idea on LED choices. Beware. If you ask an expert for advice, be prepared to pay expert prices. If you just want cheap $hit, it's everywhere on the internet.
  7. Yes Sir. November 25, 2016. Tragic. RIP. He was giving 15 minute flights over the dunes to friends in a camp. This was the last ride of the day. There's a thread here somewhere. Anybody know how his passenger is doing? I believe her name is Laura. I have a family picture that came off of a Facebook page when it happened, but I won't post it now out of respect to her privacy. I hope she has made a full recovery and the family is back enjoying the dunes.
  8. Does this Stormtrooper outfit make me look fat?
  9. You do great work Air450. That Funco Can Am caught my eye. Thanks for the pics.
  10. I KNOW! That Darwin guy is everywhere. Couple days ago I saw a guy who looked like he was taking a cell phone pic while he was driving his truck on the freeway. Go figure.
  11. Yeah, but...........if he's talking about the second article onanysunday linked, it's a bit better than the first. Other than the egregious error of posting a picture of a Can Am Max under the heading of "A dune Buggy." Freekin' amateurs. Wait. What? The dunes aren't in Arizona?
  12. Double tap, and a head shot. Best wishes for a Happy New Year too.
  13. https://tucson.com/sports/arizonawildcats/man-accused-of-stealing-terry-francona-s-world-series-rings/article_d881185b-e862-5e9b-a2ff-29f01f544ae9.html I absolutely put most of the blame on our justice system and the lack of funding that would allow it to keep these jacka$$ thieves incarcerated for a significant period of time.........like forever. Too many liberals fighting for the rights of criminals to the detriment of victims, and in the worse case scenario, the victim's survivors. I linked a recent story that occurred in and around Tucson, where I live and WORK for a living. He's a $hithead that should've been eliminated from society a long time ago. OK, OK. Rant off. Soapbox put away.

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