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  1. Yeah............that fee was from our fine Governor. It'd be nice to blame it on another state, but it was Ducey's way of creating yet another tax without doing it the way it's intended to be done. I think the $$$ previously used to run DPS were diverted to something else (roads maybe) and now we pay a "fee" to run DPS. Luckily, our legislature has some sense and has removed it, but not until after 2020. His fee freaking doubled the yearly license fee on ATV's..............from $5.00 to $10.00. Life ain't fair! I bet SANDPSYCHO's 97 Ford will be less than 45 bucks per year to register...............plus the PS fee. Our daughter's 2003 F-350 was $55.
  2. 3hp....................Pssshhh. Try 5. It'll run all night with the extended tank. 🎶
  3. Not sure of the process, but not all florescent ballasts will run LED bulbs. I have 48 that I need to switch out. Cheaper just to buy all new complete fixtures w/ LED already installed. I'd be interested if a GD member knows of a cheaper way to switch over.
  4. Sure. I'm positive I like this dune buggy........even though some might consider it "cookie cutter". Thanks for asking.
  5. What we need is a good Ghost Camping thread.
  6. Are you signing out of this thread, or are you signing out of your build threads? I kind of feel like I checked out a copy of War And Peace and the library called it back before I had a chance to finish it. I, for one, would like to see how your project turns out. Been following it since the day you took delivery. I'm only good at two things. 1. Making a little over minimum wage. 2. Having a plan to save up enough to buy a car. Here it is. It works for me. I didn't build it. I'm not even a Bad Ass Driver. Whatever you do, good luck and dune safe.
  7. Good plan. The facelift turned out great.
  8. Very cool. But the Democrats be thinkin'...................
  9. Some people learn from their mistakes after they're released from the hospital and complete physical therapy. Others ask in advance and avoid the helicopter ride and debt crushing medical bills. Rule #1.....build it so it's safe and nobody gets hurt. I took the Rule One short cut. I had someone who knows what they're doing build it for me. "A man's GOT to know his limitations." I think that's Dirty Harry. Anyway, the pics I'll post are, I think, where you started and about where you are now. I've been watching from the sidelines and I've really enjoyed the game. Rooting for you to finish successfully. You pretty close to starting it up? You better post a video................
  10. Yep. As you found out, that's usually the culprit for the condition you described. One solution that I've heard of is to remove the hold down clamp before it has a chance to rub the hole in the line. The screw that secures the clamp comes loose and the rubbing begins until the symptom surfaces. Engine bay fire is the worst case scenario.
  11. Not in the Imperial Sand Dunes.
  12. A friend's mother took these when she happened by filming, I believe on Route 66 in Arizona.
  13. Oh, Hell. This thread is even over my head. I just had to look up what an AP Class, PM and FEA are. Guess I'm just a DA.

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