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  1. @ 6:57 a.m., Tuesday, February 29th, 2028. Sorry, can't predict the wind or lake conditions this far out.........but "It could happen."
  2. Halloween wouldn't be "special"...............it'd just be like every other day of the year.
  3. Oh, Hell.............that's how they do it in Mexico. Those guys must've just cleared Immigration. Be careful. They might leave some rebar exposed so you don't have to pay taxes on a completed project.
  4. Looks good, but what is this? Looks like it could put your eye out, Ralphie.
  5. We used to party twice. Now we're all asleep by the time the New Year hits New York.
  6. I completely agree. I've never worked in the industry so I don't understand how some design elements get overlooked/ignored by the factories. There must be a good reason, but I just don't get it. If anybody can pick $hit apart, it's me. I suffer in silence as far as the Web is concerned, but my friends and I can give each other an ear full. Plenty of nice newer stuff out here I'd like to have, but nothing so far that would get me to trade off our X-3. The Can Am certainly has some shortcomings, but nothing that can't be fixed with aftermarket $$$. Well. I guess almost everything can be fixed with aftermarket $$$.
  7. Just my opinion, but we're in the period where the best overall SxS's are now being cranked out by the manufactures. It'll only get better if the government doesn't F it up. For the Kawasaki, twin cylinders, 68" width and speed limiter aside, this ain't a bad addition to the sport. I like the way they incorporated the Airbus A-320's wingtip fence into the design. According to Airbus, should cut fuel usage by 4%. It seems the consumers in this sport are seldom completely happy with a new model/addition. We pick everything apart. Good times to be into SxS's.
  8. I had the same experience with both of my Rhinos. Congrats on the new ride.
  9. Your parents could have just picked one up from an AT-AT Mill.
  10. It may not be a stop and go ticket. Consider the possibility you'll have to correct it before you can move it. IDK........I'm not a commercial vehicle enforcement cop. I've known a few, and they can make life miserable if so inclined.
  11. So sorry. You're young, were feeling good and hopefully in good shape to fight it with with the least invasive form of therapy. Good luck! I hate it when my wife runs my life, but she's been running it for the last 35 years and I'm still here, have most of my teeth, so she might know what she's doing. This is expensive but important. When our regular HMO M.D. went boutique (MDVIP) he invited us to come along. $1500/yr each. It includes an annual complete physical with extensive blood work and what seems like unlimited access to your doctor.........he handed us his personal cell # and said "Try the office first, and if I'm not there, call me. 24/7/365. It's really like having a personal physician. He had 6500 patients as an HMO doctor, now he and his partner have 600 patients each. I believe he invited what he considered the creme of the crop to follow him to reduce his work load even more. What's my point? Annual physicals are preventative maintenance. It's no food from 8:00 the night before and a couple hours of your time the day of. Easy. Every one of us should be getting one. Glad your wife helped you catch this, whoopsadaisy.
  12. Looking at the deformation of the plastics, the crush of the cage, the sand coating the oil like substance on the right rear of the bed........Hell.......even the frame looks bent right at the rear of the drivers door, I think that was a pretty substantial "roll over". We've all seen the pictures, stock SxS cages seem to fold like a cheap suit. The Laws of Physics never take a day off. There's a pretty lucrative aftermarket out there making stronger cages for those of us that spend $$$ on SxS's. Those pictures are making me rethink my decision to run the stock X3 cage. Thanks for posting onanysunday.
  13. They lean to the left...................sooooo..............they may be home.
  14. Right. Even though I'm happy with what I have, and not in the market for a sand car, I read every add just to keep up with the market. The "Too much to list" adds always cause me to hit the back button...............yawn.
  15. Hope they didn't make it out of Oak..........................
  16. Can site sponsors be DOTM? If so........................ I nominate @SEAN@WEDDLE for September. He's one of GD's sponsors that consistently gives technical information in an attempt to help other members solve any transmission issues. It's always good info that expands on the topic. Here's one example, from today, where Sean's trying to help Critchy solve a shifting or clutch problem: He rang me up this morning, I gave him a list of things to do. Just to add to the content of the topic, I told him the following: It's best to check all external items that could cause this issue before pulling the engine. If he is confident that he got all of the air out of the line and is still getting a soft pedal, next step would be to check the master cylinder for bad o-rings or scoring in the bore that would allow fluid to pass and not hold pressure. If the master cylinder is in good shape, then he will have to pull the engine and check the slave cylinder mounted inside the bell housing. These are very simple parts and can be serviced in less than 5 minutes, but it takes hours to pull the engine. It is possible that the slave cylinder o-rings are bad and are allowing fluid to pass, but there would typically be some DOT fluid leaking out of the bottom of the bell housing. While the engine is out, he will need to take the clutch apart and inspect it for damage. If he was slipping the clutch a lot, it's possible that the discs are warped or material transferred so they will always be grabbing, no matter how far the clutch pedal throws. Something else I just thought of while typing this up that we did not cover over the phone is the pilot bearing. A bad pilot bearing in the crank/flywheel can make it feel like the clutch is not opening up as the input shaft is still turning with the crank. The pilot bearing and throw out bearing should always be replaced anytime the engine is separated from the trans.
  17. People like this should be purged from society before their idiocy takes out some innocent bystander. I like Toyota trucks, but Home Depot rents real trucks for cheap that would make it much safer to get that load to his job site. Cheap bastard.
  18. From the OP's description, I'd second indianjoe's guess. OP's description of the sound is exactly what mine does (130,000 mi, box stock). Towing up a grade, in the Arizona heat, exacerbates it. Hope that's all it is.
  19. I agree. Ran into him putting through the Parker Keys on my PWC. Very personable.
  20. The quality of your add and the look of this car reflect that. Good price too. GLWTS!
  21. Gosh. Selling stuff is hard. It's a nice sand car. Maybe you'll get more interest out of our crowd if you ask for "Roses".
  22. So............................What? Did you sign a confidentially agreement?

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