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  1. What we need is a good Ghost Camping thread.
  2. Are you signing out of this thread, or are you signing out of your build threads? I kind of feel like I checked out a copy of War And Peace and the library called it back before I had a chance to finish it. I, for one, would like to see how your project turns out. Been following it since the day you took delivery. I'm only good at two things. 1. Making a little over minimum wage. 2. Having a plan to save up enough to buy a car. Here it is. It works for me. I didn't build it. I'm not even a Bad Ass Driver. Whatever you do, good luck and dune safe.
  3. Good plan. The facelift turned out great.
  4. Very cool. But the Democrats be thinkin'...................
  5. Some people learn from their mistakes after they're released from the hospital and complete physical therapy. Others ask in advance and avoid the helicopter ride and debt crushing medical bills. Rule #1.....build it so it's safe and nobody gets hurt. I took the Rule One short cut. I had someone who knows what they're doing build it for me. "A man's GOT to know his limitations." I think that's Dirty Harry. Anyway, the pics I'll post are, I think, where you started and about where you are now. I've been watching from the sidelines and I've really enjoyed the game. Rooting for you to finish successfully. You pretty close to starting it up? You better post a video................
  6. Yep. As you found out, that's usually the culprit for the condition you described. One solution that I've heard of is to remove the hold down clamp before it has a chance to rub the hole in the line. The screw that secures the clamp comes loose and the rubbing begins until the symptom surfaces. Engine bay fire is the worst case scenario.
  7. Not in the Imperial Sand Dunes.
  8. A friend's mother took these when she happened by filming, I believe on Route 66 in Arizona.
  9. Oh, Hell. This thread is even over my head. I just had to look up what an AP Class, PM and FEA are. Guess I'm just a DA.
  10. They are, and it is. But when your trailer becomes disconnected from your tow vehicle, the controller's 12v power is lost so there's a need for a 12v power source on the trailer in order to start the braking action. That's either the house battery, or if the trailer isn't equipped with one, a smaller 12v battery usually mounted on the tongue in a small black box near the break a way switch, which when pulled, completes the circuit. I've only owned three enclosed trailers, but that's how they were set up. All three had house batteries to run the 12v lights and power jacks. One also had the small battery on the tongue dedicated to the break a way. Otherwise, it's a cool idea to pull the plastic and complete the circuit if it won't drain the battery.
  11. Yes sir. We just had a local increase in storage fees and new (unreasonable) rules. Paying for indoor storage has reached the point of diminishing returns, even with the added security I feel it provides. Really wish we had added on years ago. Had my crystal ball plugged in and everything. I saw this coming but didn't react. I'll follow socal's advice and..........
  12. All good ideas. We store most of our stuff at a "secure" indoor facility in Tucson and a limited access indoor facility in Parker, AZ. Even with that, the azzholes can figure out a way to get at it, and they know it's low priority with L.E. and prosecution or jail time is almost zip in the event they're caught. It's all insured. Storage rates have gone up. Now we're at $16,000 per year in storage fees alone. This is the real Sunshine State, even though Florida called dibs. It's important to us to keep our stuff indoors so it doesn't turn into a pile of dust. We plan on building a second motorhome garage at home. Our contractor says he's available starting late October, so we're in the cue. 2900 sq. ft. if we can afford it and the HOA allows it. Rockwood, or anybody else who's in the know...........What GPS tracking units really work and give feedback that you can react to?
  13. Dbart might have had some free time on his hands.................but his work is much better than that.
  14. And she's wavin' bye bye while they drive off with you...........
  15. I watched the video. Looks well done. I saw the TMW LS RZR at the SSSS, that looked well done and cool too. Money and practicability aside, is it a RZR with a sand car engine and transmission bolted on it, or a sand car with a RZR body bolted on it? Identity crisis. Girl or Boy? Which hill will it use? Will our government protect it's rights? Is there going to be a parade down sand highway?
  16. Very interested to see how this turns out. I installed a front receiver on my daughters 2003 F-350 also (Putnam). You're right. It's a PITA. I don't think the designers account for the extra spacing caused by the width of the steel stock at the mounting points. Grinding and a floor jack got everything aligned and kept the spacing of the front bumper consistent with the wheel wells and front grille. All the gaps turned out to be about 1/4" wider. (Her front bumper is FoMoCo stock). These receivers pretty much delete the running/fog lights so I'm undecided on what to replace them with and how to mount so they don't stick out so far. On a side note, I was surprised to see that these receivers have a max winch rating of 9000lbs. Seems like a lot.
  17. Meanwhile.....................over on rzrforums.............
  18. He jumped his dad's RZR over a canal?
  19. This wing was attached to his car when he ran from the Po Po and drove through our fence. But, Hey! He got a new passport photo and free room & board.
  20. Well. Since you brought it up. I put in one of those super efficient pumps and it runs 24/7/365. Every 4 years it's on 24/7/366. Any idea on how much chlorine I should be using?
  21. Good point. For the GD.com members that aren't familiar with this: (this is Arizona's version) The felony murder rule holds that a killing of a person occurring in the course of, or in the immediate flight from, the commission of the following crimes is considered murder in the first degree:[2] Sexual Conduct with a minor Sexual Assault Molestation of a child Terrorism Marijuana offenses Dangerous drug offenses Narcotics offenses The use of minors in drug offenses Drive by shooting Kidnapping Burglary Arson Robbery Escape Child abuse Unlawful flight from a pursuing law enforcement vehicle A person convicted of murder in the first degree faces possible sentences of life imprisonment or, when aggravating factors exist, the death penalty.[3] the offender, and also the offender's accomplices or co-conspirators, may be found guilty of murder.
  22. If this is who's serving the warrant, that might actually work!

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