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  1. Many yachts have a fuel scrubber/polisher that consists of a pump and 1 or 2 of the big Racor Fuel Filters that they run the pump constantly after refueling. This will clean out the algae/water and other dirt from the fuel. Many long range boaters fuel in some of the worst places you can imagine. And as stated before use a GOOD fuel additive and Stabil Fuel Stabiliser if you don't use the fuel quickly. https://www.taylorpowergenerators.com/diesel-scrubbing-fuel-polishing.html https://www.eecnet.com/solutions/data-center-generator/diesel-generator-fuel-cleaning
  2. Kennedy can put a new hub in yours if it is one of theirs.
  3. Send the old one to Kennedy and they will put a new hub in it pretty cheap.
  4. How long is it from the ball to the center of the axle and from the ball to the back of the trailer?
  5. I have a pair of Gen4 Douglas Beadlocks available in the parts for sale section with the 5.5" backspacing.
  6. Get the sag right then worry about the valving. It does sound like your valving is way to stiff but get the springs right first. My car with the beam was about 800 on the front and I ran a 100/150 10" each. I had 4" over Tweed arms. If you have shorter arms you will need even less spring. Valving doesn't hold the car up springs so. Valving slows done the movement of the spring only You should have 25-40% sag from full extension to ride/static height. The rear of my car was about 1250 and I ran 250/350 on the springs but that will depend on the mounting points of the shock. Fox and King are really good at getting you in the ballpark spring wise. They will need measurements of shock angle and dimensions of pivot to shock mounting points as well as corner weights but they are a great help.
  7. Drill the bolt heads and safety wire them. Also never reuse bolts that have come loose. The threads wear from the vibration of the bolts on the harder CV cups and makes them not hold the torque. On my car I safety wired them from day one and never had one come loose. * years on the same bolts and CV cups and never a problem. Just my 2cts worth.
  8. I just used a simple tube peg for a dead pedal.
  9. I did mine in 2014. Best upgrade I ever did next to hyd P/S.
  10. I have a nice pair of 14.50x15 #2's for sale. Give me a call 626-201-2584
  11. I ran it on fuel and oil lines for 9 years with 2.5 Turbo Subaru with a remote oil filter. Also for the return to reservoir only on my P/S system cloth covered stainless braided Air Quip for all of the P/S pressure lines. I had zero issues

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