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  1. How is the real impact, day-to-day, to me and millions of others, actual access to water out of our taps, not the real issue, to me and to the original author of this post and his question? I would argue that the subsidiary economic impacts to the average-joe resident in the West as a result of this issue is less impactful than mortgage interest rate increases or supply chain disruptions. So the “issues” all revolve around my actual access to water and AZ’s ability to continue to develop land and grow economically (AZ’ economy is largely based on this). With that said, there is absolutely a real surface-water scarcity issue within the CO river basin that will impact businesses and individuals in a non-uniform manner, I’m not denying that. All users of the CO River basin are going to be impacted, but not uniformly. The lion’s share of CO river users are agriculture based (although Ag also has the highest priority and will be impacted last). My understanding is that 80% of the CO River water used in the US is Ag and that 80% of that water is used for feed crops like alfalfa. My point in my original response was that as an AZ resident within an Active Management Area, we’re not going to have our potable/urban use wells run dry, which is how I read the original post question. The economic impact to agriculture will be lessened by water reducing practices such as drip irrigation and a switch to lower water using crops. Ag has got to get its chit together as it is a monster draw on a finite resource which they are WAY over using (not sustainable even in non-drought conditions). CA and AZ (to a much lesser extent) farming is a huge component of our Country’s food supply, but it can be done much more efficiently from a water use perspective and that resource is just one part of a global network of Ag resources that will naturally adjust as supply is constrained in one geographic region. Also - as pointed to in another post above, we need to stop allowing the exportation of pelletized alfalfa out of the Country. That’s a defacto exportation of water out of the Country and is being allowed to occur in AZ in non-Active Management Areas in a manner that is totally unregulated because of AZ’s oversized State Legislator influence from rural areas and the fact that Ag was hugely influential in the writing of State Law early in AZ’s existence as State. The unregulated pumping of ground water for inefficient flood irrigation alfalfa farming has to throttle down. Anyway, I think my position is well thought-through and well informed, as I’m in the subdivision development business and spend tens of thousands annually on water attorneys and other water resource consultants as it is an integral part of my business and as such I keep myself extremely well informed.
  2. Congratulations!!! I love my stacker. It’s got almost a better tool supply and shop area than my garage! Must haves for me are: good ramps to get over belly-lift cross members when loading/unloading, a sink (mine came with water and pump, I added the sink), air compressor, awning (I spend all my time back at stacker and not at RV so that’s where you want the shade), good battery set, inverter and solar panels, whip holders, bins to organize stuff, G rated tires and tire air pressure monitors (stacker is so far back, assuming you’re pulling with bus, that flats will tear chit up before you notice deflation). I also added a tool box on the front for easy access to hitch stuff and tire change tools and jack, wheel chocks….
  3. Why would you put a golf-cart squishy CVT transmission on any badass high performance vehicle? I own a couple SXS but there is no way I’m giving up that third peddle and banging gears over 500hp
  4. I can’t speak for NV but in AZ’s densely populated areas, Phoenix and Tucson included, we have the most regulated and dependable water resource assurance process in the Country, with all new housing developments (and since like 86’) of scale going through a rigorous compliance process that proves that there is at least a 100 year supply of water for all new homes (there are many large vacant parcels on the outskirts of town, particularly in Buckeye where land owners have been unable to prove this up). Phoenix sits upon a vast aquifer that is the basin to which a massive portion of AZ drains. The Salt, Verde and Gila river basins are not in drought and supply both the PHX aquifer in general and through dam and canal diversion to water treatment plants that serve our potable water needs. The Colorado River basin is in extreme drought. Some AZ agriculture, particularly the Pinal County Ag, which took lowest priority CAP water rights in exchange for reduced rates, will be cut off from the CAP (Colorado river water) and will then start once again draining that aquifer (not same aquifer as metro PHX). ADWR has already cut off new development from using ground water in the Pinal AMA for 100-year certificate purposes. CAL has much bigger problems. It relies on the Colorado river basin for much more of its water and only has 25-year certificate regs. Water right transfers from Imperial Valley Users Association (largest allocation of Colorado River water of any entity) to San Diego and elsewhere are at risk. Ag wells are going dry all across CA for a decade. CA has way over used its water, AZ has not (generally and in PHX for sure, but not for rural AZ where Ag is prevalent, many of those areas have over withdrawn acquirers but almost all of those areas do not get CO river water and are thus not really part of this “Crisis” discussion, those areas have just over used and may/are experiencing dry well conditions). Due mostly to Ag use. Phoenix in fact is using less water now overall than it did in 1980 (when it had 1/3 of current population) through retirement of ag land to housing which uses on average 1/3 of water that flood irrigation farming uses. Yes the main Phoenix WW treatment plant pumps much of its effluent to Palo Verde generating station, but that may end due to rate increases deemed unaffordable to Palo Verde (they are looking at alternatives) but even with that, that water treatment plant is just PHX (takes flows from portions of few other Cities) but there are 20 other treatment plants in the Phoenix metro area, all either pumping that water or settlement basin leaching that water back into the aquifer or using it to supplement potable water in landscape irrigation. Existing and and brand new communities in Phoenix or Pinal or Tucson or Prescott AMAs are absolutely fine for decades. Other parts of State are not as well regulated, but AZ is “gold standard” for consumer protection of water reliability. I’m not worried. Although I do plan to install fake grass on at least my front yard as I have about 15k sq.ft. of turf irrigation at my home that consumes over 100,000 gallons each month in the summer and I expect my already 5 tier water rate bill in Scottsdale to increase substantially in future, even though City is saying they’re not going to do that… Price of water will likely go up. Scottdale uses like 85% surface water right now, so as CAP rates go up, bills will too. Another little know fact is that AZ has already “banked” a massive portion of the CO river water that has been delivered to AZ to date by putting it into massive settlement basins in Harquahala, Phoenix, Tucson and Pinal, recharging and increasing water in those aquifers (Harquahala basin is only aquifer in AZ that can be “legally” pumped and transferred to another basin and is up stream of PHX on CAP path and is in the middle of nowhere and has zero development potential; will be monster water resource to PHX in future, hasn’t pumped a gallon towards PHX yet but all in the works (deep pocketed investors lobbied to put this in the law when CAP was built and AZ was required by Fed to establish its “gold standard” laws in 80’s in exchange for Fed $ loan to build the CAP (investors purchased land along the CAP in Harquahala with their ground water rights and/or also then bought CAP water cheap when it was plentiful, “basin’n” it into aquifer and “banked” surface water in the aquifer for future pumping back into the CAP for down stream delivery to PHX, Pinal and Tucson…))). For those who don’t know, CAP is Central AZ Project which is hundreds of miles of a massive concrete lined canal and pumping stations and coal power plat (retired now) necessary to deliver AZ’s allotment of CO river water to PHX and Tucson.
  5. That Load is not properly secured…
  6. Thank you for the advice! You got me hooked on “could have much better”! Can you give me a parts list, just main components, to dial it in like you suggested? I’m thinking the sub boxes are super important part of this; need thick and dense press-board, sealed boxes (not plastic fosgate boxes), custom built to go under seats (which BTW, space is surprisingly plentiful under the can-am seats, unlike RZR), but I don’t want to spend the time building those, so reference to someone that can provide that would be sweet (let me know if you disagree that’s important). Happy to pay you for your time too if you really want to dial me in on parts list (just research/expert info, I can install, unless you’re in PHX?), given you do it for a living. Now I’m thinking I want to rattle the bolts off it! Lol. Install a bass amp dial to make it bearable while in it, but twist that up and make it slam!! Hahaha
  7. Hello duner friends!! I just picked up a 21’ X3. Super low mile, mostly stock machine. I want to put a rocking/pounding stereo in it and would like some advice as to what really sounds good. I’ve got a thumper sub in my rail (1000watt single 10” in solid box molded into Extreme car, rattles your brain) and good loud/good stereo in my RZR (single 10” sub in box between/behind seats) and would like same nice/loud bass thumping thing in the new car. I have head sets in my rail and sweet stereo and use both (love the feel of the bass pounding while hearing audio through head sets), so my plan is to do both in X3 as well so appreciate any comments to that end. I see that Rockford Fosgate makes a 2x10” under seat plus nicely mounted fronts, plus hanger back speakers for like $5k. That’s the route I’m thinking and can install myself, but wanted some opinions on whether that’s good/bad system or if for $5k I should be going to SXS stereo shop for better or…. I’m located in PHX area (Flag in summer) if stereo shop is your recommendation; not willing to travel far for install. Thanks for looking! Any advice will be appreciated!
  8. Here’s my LS3 set-up. Modded the “in” and “out” fittings to go to compression fittings. Also upgraded pump to Edlebrock on recommendation of Kevin McMullin, you can just swap guts out on that pump rather than whole thing.
  9. There used to be a great thread in this. Normal HP (400-ish or less) likes lower pressure in paddles (10-15), high HP, big cars bends the peddles back at throttle, lays the tires flat open-ish. So big HP requires higher pressure on the paddles. I run 12 in the front on both my cars, 15 in the back on 400hp turbo Honda (to save on de-bead cuz I always let friends drive that car, should be 12) and 18 on 650hp big, wheelie machine car. Lower pressure in the big car makes no difference in wheelie grunt, higher pressure gives it lift on flats, 3-4 gear when nailing it.
  10. These are tough times and I understand the pain being experienced by many. So I’m ready to do my part. Anyone ready to dump their sweet race gas powered 1000hp+ rails and/or 1500+ torque pushers can bring them over to my place for discount cash offers anytime you’re ready! Lol!! J/k, but for real… gas $ ain’t moving the needle for me… LET’S DUNE!!!!
  11. Update??? This bad-boy has to be close to completion by now.
  12. No problem. Let me know if you need pics of anything in particular, the car is at my house.
  13. J35 with single side mount turbo and intercooler. I think this set-up is a little low to the ground but hasn’t caused any problems.

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