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  1. Those interior doors look really tall! What's the height on those?
  2. That is an awesome picture! How many planes took part?
  3. Looks like an advanced version of my pressure washer orbital tool. Yours is probably a bit more powerful lol.
  4. Great Duning music. ***Maybe the worst music video ever***
  5. Portishead - Self Titled 1997 Some of the best...melancholy music since Alice in Chains or Silver Chair.
  6. Is that machine to give traction for landings?
  7. The time lapse was awesome, just hoping to see some photos of everything up close. No one took pics??
  8. They are escaping LA and moving to Tennessee!
  9. Ok pics or it didn't happen! Missing y'all from Fort Campbell, KY.
  10. That’s a great offer, unfortunately I’m in TN these days. I do appreciate it though.
  11. That is awesome. Was going to look at one recently for $700 but the listing was gone immediately lol

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