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  1. Thanks for the info, the KTMs do seem a lot slimmer. Also looking at the Husky’s.
  2. I have an older version of the top one. Definitely one of my most used tools. Going strong after 12 years with the same batteries.
  3. I’ve been looking at adventure bikes lately. You have a preference?
  4. Stuck in Fredericksburg VA enjoying the local spots. Namely J. Brian’s Taproom. Come here if you’re ever near DC.
  5. That is an amazing amount of skill in so many areas. Remind me to pay others to do this type of thing in the future!
  6. I bet you could do something like that with all sorts of video taken out there. Need an aspiring filmmaker.
  7. Ok that’s awesome! Gotta read the build now…
  8. Is there a requirement to register your guns in CA?
  9. https://ktla.com/news/california/federal-judge-in-san-diego-overturns-californias-three-decade-ban-on-assault-weapons/ I’m surprised no one posted this before. But the good news is, all you CA people’s can go find your guns lost in boating accidents.
  10. What would you start a 6 year old on? That’s what I need to find. I think a 70 is about right.
  11. Yeah I had a buddy that rode a 1000cc ninja and was a great rider. Ended up getting totally torn up riding a little pit sport bike in a parking lot. An auto 140cc has to do 40 mph or better. You’d need full leathers on hard surface!

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