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  1. hondajimz

    Two Seat Sandcar Length

    Good luck with that. I don't think too many long travel 2 seaters are under 13ft unless they are motorcycle powered. My 2 seat AlumiCraft is right around 15ft
  2. hondajimz

    WTB - 15” beadlock rims

    Check Race Dezert.
  3. hondajimz

    A few pics from Olds Saturday.

    Any better pics of the YFZ 3 wheeler ??
  4. hondajimz

    Bought a 2019 F250 Powerstroke

    Beautiful truck. You will love everything about it except the small tank and the fuel mileage. These are towing beasts but suck diesel like a vacuum.
  5. hondajimz

    Bike Bandit San Diego

    What's wrong with your current tank ?? Guessing a leak somewhere. Can you plastic weld it ?
  6. hondajimz

    2006 Sandwinder LTX 4 Pro

    I'd gladly take the trailer for 1500 after the car sells. lol My buddy had a sandwinder and it was a good car. GLWTS
  7. hondajimz

    WTB 33x10.50x15 tires

    Best bet is to check Race Dezert
  8. hondajimz

    Sandrail Modern Transformations

    Absolutely best looking SCU I've seen.
  9. hondajimz

    1970 Chevy ground up build thread

    The dual headlight core support is GMC . Chevy is a single headlight .
  10. hondajimz

    1970 Chevy ground up build thread

    You sure that's not a GMC ?
  11. hondajimz

    2006 Dodge 4X4 Quadcab Big Horn Diesel

    When was the trans rebuilt or should I say how many miles since rebuild ?
  12. hondajimz

    Mobile RV Service in Riverside

    Call Mike (909) 600-9206 or Jim (951)-492-8981 These are referrals from Justin Miller RV. He said he's busy and these are guys he's worked with in the past and recommended.
  13. hondajimz

    Too many deaths close to me...

    So sorry to hear. Condolences to you and the families.
  14. That is absolutely one of the best for sale ads ever. Sorry to see that you need to put the toys up for sell and wish you luck.
  15. I have had zero issues with handling/sliding since I switched to this set up. I drive my car in/out of the trailer and couldn't be happier. My car originally had 16.50's on a 15x14 rim. I went to the 33blaster on a 15x7 rim and love it. I would think you should be able to find somebody in camp with a similar set up that would let you swap for an hour to try them.

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