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  1. Is that the one Sand Bam built ? Love all white cars. GLWTS
  2. What is the difference between the ASA raffle for the Ghia and a private party conducting a raffle ?
  3. The kit comes pre-programmed and you can change the setting yourself. I believe you can program between 28-32in tires. Their kit is bad ass and the only one I would consider.
  4. For that kind of money, why not just buy a Raptor 250 ? If the only difference is the motor it doesn't make sense to me. You'll be selling it to upgrade to a 250 shortly after they learn to shift/clutch,etc.
  5. This is the only picture I took all day. I spoke with the owner of Jackson Racing and the turbo is supposed to be available beginning of November IIRC.
  6. I attended but only managed to take 1 stupid picture all day long. Sorry I can't add any value but Tatum and Funco had a few nice cars. I may be mistaken but the only SCU I saw was Pennywise's car that he is selling. Each year there are fewer and fewer rails.
  7. Brought back some good memories. RIP Ric.
  8. Too friggen hot to walk around and see everything. I don't think I saw the SoCal Chassis works car mentioned. Anybody have pics ? I've been to the show like 10yrs in a row and the only thing that still blows me away is the price of food/drinks.
  9. You said it much better than me. Perfect advice.
  10. Wasn't this Yummy's 3 wheeler ? I recall his 3 wheeler matching his sand rail.
  11. Now I hurt my neck checking out her boobs. Should I get an attorney ?
  12. They're probably drinking White Claw too.

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