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  1. You ain't hittin nuttin sittin in Park.
  2. Let's see the Alumicraft. Any updates.
  3. With belts being a concern, maybe you should try the new Talon and add the turbo. Never have to worry about belts again.
  4. Couple other things. You are way overpriced on your 2014 and if you really want it gone, drop the price. It will sell between 10-11k fairly quickly. Then sell your parts separately to recoup some addtl money. I recommend getting 5-6 ft whips and not 8ft. The cages typically mount the whips up top and 8ft isn't necessary IMO. You can get nice LED whips and LED light bars off Amazon. I don't picture you out duning much at night so no need to spend big money.
  5. hondajimz


    I was downright convinced the Ravens were going to be Super Bowl champs and couldn't believe they got knocked out by Tennessee. I can't stand the 9ers so at this point going with KC. I just hope the 2 week layoff doesn't kill their momentum.
  6. Consider Toys for Big Boys cage/doors and HCR boxed arms. The guys from Desert Whips facebook group swear by Coyne as getting the best price OTD. Utilize this email address to get a quote. DWVIP@coynepowersports.com
  7. There's a guy on here looking for an 091
  8. I take it you have no hydraulic levelers ? Glad you got out easy and had a good weekend.
  9. Bitchen trailer. Are you planning to coat the deck with anything or leave raw ?
  10. This is straight from the Dungey playbook and why I never liked him. Jett Lawrence just earned a lot of new fans including me.
  11. I'm guessing Lawrence was getting arm pump or something. He was close to losing it several times the last couple laps. Felt bad for him but he gave it everything he had. Exciting finish. I hope Ferrandis gets docked points or a position. I know they said tonight there won't be anything but that was some BS.
  12. Don't tell me we lost another duner to the dark side. You can't be choosing a Can Am over this bad ass Funco ....... GLWTS my friend.

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