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  1. That sucks because they don't have a lot of power to begin with. 😀
  2. Drove to Salt Lake City on Friday and back home yesterday. Had to deliver a car. Staying on the couch today and watching movies.
  3. Congrats Clay. Beautiful car.
  4. Dumont is open. Going there next Thursday.
  5. Watched McMillions last Sunday. The story of the McDonalds Monopoly game scam.
  6. We were going to Jawbone on Thursday. Group decided to cancel but a few of us are going anyway. Eff this BS. I'm not buying into the hype. They can arrest me if they want.
  7. Whatever you do, don't go to Glamis in that thing. Ranger Hermes will throw you in jail for no front plate. haha. Hope the oil leak is a simple fix. I can't stand when they drip and I'm sure you are the same.
  8. A friend of mine just started a new business and he might be able to offer you a good deal. Since he is new I'm not sure if he's a dealer yet with Douglas wheels. Might be worth a shot. https://theutvshack.com/?fbclid=IwAR353qLYmbmRP91-O8xkCeS0ztCuTUay_tOTIAFvpcJQypJGlMGUsLGzBBA
  9. I would guess Amazon but not sure. Check with AngryButtCrack and Spodeboy. They both just bought them.
  10. Reminds me of a video posted here a few years ago. The guys from UAE driving their Rzr 800's and rolling every few hundred yards.
  11. Happy birthday young man. PS yourself a gift from me.
  12. I blame it all on the NFL. It's almost as fake as wrestling now. When big money is involved, any sport can become fixed.
  13. I have heard 2011's were supposed to have issues but so far mine has been great. I'm right around 210k and going strong. Hope I didn't jinx myself. Good luck with your new truck. She's a beauty.
  14. I've owned a 97 OBS and a 2000 Super Duty. I thought they were the best trucks ever until I got my 2011 6.7 It had 187k on it when I bought it and paid 18k. Was completely stock until I added wheels/tires and lift. I'm in it 21k and too be honest, you couldn't give me another 7.3 after owning the 6.7 If this goes against the topic I will delete my post if you want me to. I just think that you can get a good used 6.7 for less than you think if you look hard enough.

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