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  1. Thank you very much. That helps me with my decision.
  2. I haven't done this in a long time so here goes. I would like to see if anybody can PS out the lime green and replace it with white(body panels. I will replace the seats with all black). I'm getting a new cage and looking to change up the whole look while the car will be apart. Thank you in advance to anybody that participates in this request.
  3. What the hell did you buy now ?? lol
  4. Congrats to him on a well deserved retirement and best of luck to your nephew entering the PD.
  5. Look forward to seeing the transformation. Now is a great time to CeraKote the shocks to match the new powdercoated arms. lol
  6. Eat a couple shrooms for some really nice colors ....😎
  7. We're riding to Florida in 2 weeks. You're welcome to join us.
  8. That is hilarious. I almost spilled my White Claw 😎
  9. That is bad ass. Trying to think what I could have him make for me.
  10. Did I accidentally log into Facebook ?
  11. For some reason I don't see the majority of pics. Congrats on the swap. I too swapped a Northstar for LS and it was totally worth it.
  12. Installing the comms in the helmet is so simple even I can do it. If you prefer the Simpson helmet, just order the motorcycle kit from PCI and install it yourself.
  13. Out living life and saying FU to all this Virus BS. Spent 18 days at Dumont last month and wrapping up 6 days in Gardnerville NV today. Going home today and getting ready for my 1 day of work tomorrow and planning the next adventure.
  14. This is why we need term limits. This POS has been screwing us for decades just like all the other politicians.
  15. Are the deposit's refundable or non ? If they are refundable, then what the hell, maybe I'll jump in as well.
  16. If it's anything like Polaris, they will just use the customers for testing.
  17. I interpret that to giving the HOA the finger
  18. Excited to see these come out. It will raise the bar and force the others to step up their game. The only negative for me was the comment that buying the speed key will void the entire drive train warranty. That is a little disappointing.
  19. Spent 18 days at Dumont this month. Brought the dirt tires and discovered hundreds of miles of trails out there. Got home on Sunday just as it was heating up. Around 100 when we left.
  20. I paid $1.89 at EZ trip yesterday. Hwy 5 and stockdale hwy in Bakersfield. Same price at Chase diesel further north at the Harris ranch exit. My local neighborhood price is $3.45
  21. That sucks because they don't have a lot of power to begin with. 😀

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