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  1. Sorry, Located in Spring Valley, CA
  2. The front sides have been polished but the rears are not. The paddles do not hold air long term but will definitely hold air over a long weekend in the sand, I have noticed over a couple of weeks they will be flat in my trailer. I know 1 is probably a leaky valve stem and the other might be leaking at the bead or possibly the sidewall of the tire as there is a small dime sized piece of rubber missing. The paddle is a #2 as shown in one of the pictures. 15x12 rim with a 4 in. backspacing I do not want to separate and will only sell as tire/rim combo. I will not be on GD.com again till Tuesday so the best way to reach me is my cell if you want to look at them or buy then this weekend. Thanks Tim 619-840-303six
  3. https://www.dumontduneriders.com/invision/topic/22234-091bus/?tab=comments#comment-261027 $3500 though.
  4. You might want to think about regearing and getting it to where your more duning in 3rd than 2nd. I did this and couldn't be happier. You lose top speed, but now I have more bottom end gears and enjoy the car a lot more.
  5. If you decide to split them up, I am interested in the fronts.
  6. Cool, I will see you there, I am camping with Pete. Thanks.
  7. Are you going to the dune buggy round up in Dumont in 2 weeks? If so I will take them.
  8. Has anyone checked out the RYLO cam? We use it at work and its a pretty cool camera. 360 degree filming, cost is comparable to GOPRO and editing is a breeze. You can track objects as they move around/split screen and so on.. Uses standard gopro mounting attachments as well. http://www.rylo.com
  9. I was in the National Guard at that time. Spent 2 weeks in glorious Crewnshaw. We lived in an underground parking lot. We had designated parking spots as sleeping areas (LOL). We patrolled the area at night, secured the stores and local businesses. The police loved us and didn't want us to leave. It was a scary time them, but looking back, I had a good time in the military.
  10. Another thing to remember- If your up for an auto renewal and don't need to take the test again, bring that form with you. If you don't, you will have to take the test. I went to the DMV in El Cajon and it was pretty easy. Made the appointment on line, it was 2 months out, got all my paperwork in order during that time.
  11. I know. He is licensed as well. Any issues- he goes to bat, not me.
  12. I have a 2 car garage that has a small leak, All these rains have shown me where its at. The roof has served its time, so I wouldn't mind fixing it. If you do side work, thats fine. I will even help out. The house has a small leak as well and I think a patch in that area would do. Shoot me a message or you can rach me at 619-840-3036 . Thanks Tim
  13. Jim Glanz in La Mesa, Been with him for 10+ years. He does my taxes, rental property and photo business taxes. Cost me like $250 for all of it. Edit 8383 Center Dr Ste G La Mesa, CA 91942 b/t Jackson Dr & Timken St Get Directions Phone number(619) 697-4649

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