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  1. I think eagle make some like it had them on my brown
  2. X2 on saw cut joints then but foam backer rod then secoflex the joints
  3. I would have to look at the build sheet on mine but I’m sure it’s close it dunes great don’t have to have more power but is always nice I believe mine is 320 hp Northstar
  4. I build shops every day mine is 42’x84’x16. And is my office and my wife’s salon and 42x48 shop but has 2 bedroom s with shower and two bathrooms
  5. I currently have a Funco Gen 4 2D with a Northstar Looking at Doing an LS swap I believe the RP is a 529 geared perfect for the Northstar dunes in all gears is the LS to much for that RP ( LS 2 500hp ish) what’s your thoughts
  6. Had a CBM LS3 425 w a 4.0 wipple and loved it zero issues great power. Now looking to build another similar motor with PBS trans
  7. Just trans mainly but will take opinions on both
  8. I would think it depends on if there coil carriers or shocks might need more information
  9. You whould be hard pressed to find anything in that amount of time to keep up with my Northstar

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