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  1. Let me know what you find - always looking to improve the t brake response
  2. One sweet ride right there what turning brake adjustments?
  3. Rest In Peace Gil so sorry to the George family-
  4. Thanks GM it is! next for body is to add the front half of roof
  5. So sorry dale - you said it though he lived his life - really something to aspire to - and he lives on in you and your brother his grandkids - and the people he met and knew and touched -RIP
  6. Ride report finally got to drive this car this last Saturday - it’s a beast - at about 3500rpm the full 30lbs boost kicks in like a sledgehammer - wow - 795 whp is the real deal And it dunes great too - low cg and a ton of torque with the twin turbos - we had a blast in the tight dunes in buttercup installed an Albins shifter and that made a huge difference!! - smooth and secure the hp is incredible but the amount of fuel it uses is also incredible ! 15 gallons used up in a 2 hour dune ride and the flat out runs at camp will start the process to make this thing fit my budget - will dial back the boost - talked to Kenny and he thinks at 12lbs boost it will be fine on 91 - a huge step back in hp but at least I can afford it ??? Still working through how I want to set it up But I’m fairly sure I’m going to pull it back from 30lbs at least - I want the motor to last a while - maybe I’ll bring to 15 and keep it fun and not so thirsty - I’ll keep you updated all that said it was sure fun!!! - happy to be back in the sand IMG_2536.mov
  7. Overall width 100 inside width - bar to bar width 94

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