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  1. Not mine - but on Craigslist https://phoenix.craigslist.org/wvl/snw/d/dearing-funco-sand-car-800hp/6966508561.html
  2. Yes inthe desert we salvage trees from March to October - the growing season - I started my career working for the guy who was the first to box up the native trees and replant after project is done - started the industry of tree salvage all sounds about right John - we side box and let sit for 2 weeks min then lean over and bottom the tree - then it’s ready for transport the tree spader is an awesome machine but doesn’t have a good success rate here with the larger desert trees in my experience ill call you tomorrow for review of the project
  3. Is a good looking car! - this was my first sand car -was sold a while ago but is still out there in the dunes with current owner arch Stanton - on the boards - I believe he still owns it
  4. Don’t have pics of destruction but I turned my 3.2 v6 into a v5 on Brawley slide - renamed Bens hill - had detonation- running 10 PSI 50- 50 gas with 110 and 91 - was on the edge and probably didn’t mix the fuel right - was running like a bat outta hell up the hill right before it let go - then she pushed out smoke like a choo choo all the way back to road runner - she didn’t leave me stranded 👍🏻 It was my first real blow up / equipment fail in the duning experience - luckily I was a newby and unphased - would be much angrier if it happened now that I know how much it costs in my time and money and beer for my buddies and I to replace it 😂 but honestly was fun to learn about the why and how it blew - and it started me on the path to really wrenching on and understanding these buggy creatures all ended well as the car got a 3.5 with a better turbo bov wastegate headers etc etc etc Pics of car with new motor below
  5. Thanks for your well wishes yes he knows his stuff the torque hits hard in this car - as per the Dyno run - I will definitely be posting after driving - his work now with the Ls motors is pretty mind blowing as well - would love to have one of those too !
  6. Thanks for kind words bones - recovery is complete - had final post op appointment yesterday and am 100% healed - no restrictions on living full life with full activity - have a 2mil kidney stone in the left kidney - doc says we’ keep an eye on it - he’s not too concerned - he gave me the option to act on it now or wait and monitor - I’m going to take a break and fill the money coffers - another appt in 6 months to see if it’s any different car is essentially ready for dunes - oil change happening this weekend - next steps for any changes are add the front half of roof and install shifter the motor is a beast - looking forward to seeing what it’s like with some seat time - will run it and see how it fits me - if it doesn’t work for me the plan would be to pull and swap with LS - then set in garage for future project - because of the Duttweiler name history, tech, and knowledge that are in this engine - it makes it too valuable for me to let go of it at this point
  7. Thanks chizzle- yes Al told me of the other motor - lots of neat details on this car he spared no expense on the build - looking forward to getting back in the sand - on the fuel I was concerned about the actual 85 content in the E85

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